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  1. Not dead. Just busy. ;)

  2. In Memory of Lumiere

    Just got caught up on this news. How very sad and we can hope she rests in a place with no pain. Wonderful tribute, Sky.
  3. Test run of A4C Beta begins today! And by today I mean... hotfixes all weekend, most likely. ;3 Let's break stuff!

  4. The thread above is one of many discussions on this subject. You can absolutely utilize some sort of encryption when source is available, but there will always be a chance that people will access your files, regardless. Read through some of the treads on this forum about encryption and maintaining proper ownership of intellectual property for a long answer... Short answer - yes you can protect it, there will almost always be a way that people can get access to your files if they really want them, regardless, but game development is so inherently difficult and more than the sum of its parts that it shouldn't keep you up at night if someone takes your art and attempts to make a game of it. tl;dr: If you wanted to steal an artist's painting, you'd need to do more than just swipe their paints.
  5. WIP Starhaven

    Nice tidbit and definitely looking forward to seeing more!
  6. Quest Title bug in first map block ??

    Looks to me like your acceptance of a quest is causing an event named 'Quest Zihirli Sinekler Start Event" to *move* to the block where you are having the problem? Long story short, I am not convinced this is a bug. I think JC's answer is correct -- specifically on the *event* called "Quest Zihirli Sinekler Start Event", not the NPC which spawns it, you will need to check the 'Hide Name' checkbox. Also side note to your event -- where you have Conditional Branches setup to handle giving different quests to different levels, I would discourage you from setting the offers this way unless you mean to give different quests all at once to characters level 15 and above. It may also give you a looping error, since Conditional Branch is essentially an if/then statement. It would be odd for a computer to interpret a character as level 10 or above ELSE they are 15 and above. Since a character level 15 is also above 10, I think the event would never offer the 'Ilk Buyuk' quest, as it would determine the condition 'is level 10 a d up' fulfilled on the first branch, whether the character was 10 or 100, and end the process thereafter. Hope that makes sense! A better way to do it would be to set Spawn/Execution Conditions for level 14 or *below*, then a new *page* and that quest for level 15 or *above* etc.
  7. WIP DBZ Renaissance

    Nice layout, Gib! I like the idea of having everything at the bottom. You have given me something to think about with my own layouts. Kudos..!
  8. bossrinley.png


    Finished adding faces to the class upgrades. Got 3 "bosses" working. Gonna add some player switches to allow people to take on bosses in the arena at higher levels... not a ton more hard stuff to do, really, before Beta.

  9. Classic Hero Maker v0.1.5B

    Looking really good! I'm excited to try it, for sure.
  10. Intersect Beta 4.2 Released!

    Really cool. I'm going to launch the beta of my game on this version, end of next week. Things are working nice and I'm especially excited for all the work you guys did on events!
  11. Projectile

    Was able to replicate this in my own game and can confirm projectiles act like grappling hooks against blocked spaces. I would post this in bugs.
  12. Closed Alpha Ruinic - Competitive Dungeon Crawler

    This looks really great - the graphics, the layout, and the concept are all stand-out. Glad you picked it back up again!
  13. How to make a Level Up event?

    You can do that, as Kibbelz has said, in the Common Event Editor. Go into that, then: Down in the left hand side at the bottom, select "Level Up" as your trigger. In the Spawn/Execution conditions button, you can choose 'Level is'... Then 'Equal to'... and input '10'. Then you will write what you want to display on the player screen or chatbox in the commands field. You can also run a Conditional branch directly in the commands field. which checks if the player is 10, but those can get messy if you want multiple level up events. If this is specific to the player's class, which it seems to be, I would add another Spawn/Execution condition of 'Class is'... then select "Adenturer". If you want to get right to the point, you could even do 'Show options' to be prompted to change class, directly. However you do it, hope this helps.
  14. good.png

    Can confirm Intersect 4.1 is handling lag issues (brought on by my inability to write an event properly) better than any previous version of the software. ;) 

  15. Intersect Beta 4.1 Released!

    Congratulations! Can't wait to dig in!