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    Just updated Age of the Four Clans, in development since 2015, to Intersect 6. What a great, great update. So far, things look amazing, editing is a breeze, and customizations implemented by the team mean I spend less time with custom scripts. Kudos, devs! It's a winner!
  1. Hey guys! I'm still here in some ways. It seems I have officially joined the ranks of solo-dev, these days, and that's fine. Been learning more programming, working on portfolio, and finished a demo for another RPG (https://evolvgames.itch.io/harmonic-odyssey-the-five-gods). Thought it might be good to revisit Intersect in its current iteration and give old A4C some attention in 2020.

  2. Always nice to have a tutorial. My suggestion would be to edit out the points where you are typing to limit the length of the video and get right down to the business of getting XP.
  3. Well that is definitely mutual, Sky. Too, I am glad to have had people following us for so long on this, especially since we really ran into bad times when two hosts previously dropped support for the server halfway through our "subscription" to them. It's fun to see a game with a dedicated following. There are guys on our forum who were there 6 months ago like nothing happened, and that feels good.
  4. I think we have a misunderstanding. It's not "all on you" and there indeed exists a possibility that this will be something that can be worked around in the future. But while you're waiting, why not make the most of what the engine offers right now? And how many times can you stand to hear, "it'll come later" when there is a viable solution to the issue right now? Intersect as it stands is really quite robust and I think you mistake my opinion as an attack against OP, which it most certainly was not meant to be. EDIT: I also want to make clear that I am not an employee of, or part of the Intersect Dev team. I am a fan who has used the engine to build my game. Any credibility I am losing for my advice is that of one indy game designer, therefore, and not Intersect/Ascension Game Dev.
  5. Edited OP to reflect the piles of new stuff we have added since Beta. Going to do an official "release" announcement on the website and FB pages, soon. The game is up and things are rolling smoothly ever since we got hooked up with Intersect Hosting so feel free to check it out and let me know if you run into errors or bugs, have suggestions, etc. Happy dinosaur-ing!
  6. You can indeed run Intersect on a Linux-based private server. You will have to do the editing, however on a Windows machine since the Intersect Editor does not work on any system except Windows. I did this for a year with my game and it worked, fine. I just uploaded new versions from my Windows desktop to the Linux server, as necessary. Basically, here are the steps: Create your game. Upload your game server to your Linux server: Usually, this means you will put the game in a ZIP file Upload the ZIP file to somewhere on the web. Use WGET to retrieve the file Use the Unzip command to extract the files to your Linux main directory Make sure Wine is installed on your Linux machine Using Wine, open intersect client.exe Your server is online Hope this helps.
  7. That GUI really sets the mood. Great stuff. Really liking the games people have been putting out, lately.
  8. You seem to have the right attitude. Sometimes, in working with a deliberately scaled-back system, you are going to have to get creative with your solutions. This is the essence of this program. You will be surprised by what you can accomplish once you find the solution to your problem, since the engine scales so phenomenally well once you have that singular solution. The walking/attacking animation system as it stands is a good example of this. If you notice, you can make a character's transitional walking stance very much mimic an attack stance with a little creativity. Also, you can add an animation, for a satisfying hit feel. Add a paperdoll weapon, and there's nothing saying your playerchara isn't striking his foe. And guess what? It probably took you minimal effort to sort all of that out in a program as simple as MS Paint, and you can move on to designing the next element. I encourage people working with Intersect to pay attention to these elements as they design their worlds. The constructs aren't so limiting if you stop thinking its limitations mean you won't be able to do something. Work with it rather than against it. Old RPGs are still satisfying to play for a reason. Best wishes!
  9. Hey all --

    As many of you who follow us on Facebook know, my daughter went through a series of hospital visits over the last [year] with a chronic intestinal condition which appeared out of the blue. We've been home and she's been well for a few months now, and slowly but surely I'm taking steps to get the game back online. Just took the leap of buying the small hosting package for A4C, right here with Intersect Hosting.
    [ UPDATE: You can download and try our Beta, here https://www.indiedb.com/games/age-of-the-four-clans/downloads/age-of-the-four-clans-beta-20 ]

    Things are looking up and I'm looking forward to getting back in touch with everyone.



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    2. Beefy Kasplant

      Beefy Kasplant

      Happy all is good with your daughter! 


    3. EVOLV


      Thank you so much! Great community we have here and I'm happy to be part of it after all that 2017 brought unexpectedly with our family. For anyone who doesn't know, my husband is my co-chair on our games, provides GM support on A4C and is the chief designer of our board games. We kinda take time off from "work" when this stuff goes on, and it's nice to have the community backing of this engine and its believers, specifically.

    4. SkywardRiver


      Good to have you back around man. Glad it all turned out okay with your daughter!

  10. Free to use - I made these for A4C and don't think I ever shared them. Good for monsters, creatures, or anything you like! Set them up 3x2, obviously No need to give me credit - only if you want to/have space in credits.
  11. Game auditing. Whee! Our tutorial globals are looking good, thanks to the latest Intersect patch's seamless install... Now all we have to do is make sure what was written for them still makes sense. ;) 


  12. Hey gang - Back to working on A4C after one of our devs left (amicably) to work on his own stuff. Went through a rough patch myself this summer, but glad to be back from the dead. ;)

  13. Quick update to say A4C's test realm is now running Intersect 4.7! We'll be updating the live version on DINOSAURMMO.COM this week!
  14. Not dead. Just busy. ;)

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