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  1. Greetings dinogame fans -- your friendly neighborhood devteam (okay, it's just me...) here again to give you an update on progress with A4C. We've been getting a lot of good feedback from players and making progress on implementing some new maps by (and hopefully well before) Feb 28. That said, some people have reported some login issues -- most of which were able to be resolved by messing with settings on antivirus software and running the app as an Admin. Some were more tricky, but if you continue to have login problems we encourage you to reach out to us, especially on this very forum, so we can address the concern and have record of it, allowing other players to reference it. New things coming soon. Thanks for playing!
  2. Age of the Four Clans FAQ Page Before posting to our Q&A page, we kindly ask that you peruse our list of frequent questions. We'll intermittently supply more frequently asked questions as they come up. For now, here are the most popular ones: Is Age of the Four Clans Free? Is there anything to buy in-game? A4C is not pay-to-play in any way shape or form. In addition to being totally free to download, we have zero in-app purchases, so there is no way to trade money for power ups, unique skins or other perks. We may look into aesthetic things for Patreon supporters in the future, but we will never run on a pay-to-play (or pay-to-win) system. How long has Age of the Four Clans been in development? The original game concept goes as far back as 2007, when the original developer (and current solo-developer) was experimenting with a 3D MMO system. The next incarnation, Age of the Four Clans proper, came in 2015 as an 2D MMO, changing engines frequently until landing on Intersect version 3/4 in 2017. In 2018, the game moved into Beta and Beta 2.0 was released later that year when we secured hosting with Intersect Hosting Solutions. The game stayed online but remained in a static state for the most part, over the course of a year. In 2020, A4C was updated with Intersect's version 6, and brought with it new UI, easier networking, better stability, and the promise of new features! We look forward to moving ahead from here and are eager to expand our little world! Who is developing Age of the Four Clans? Dawn, AKA Chordsy Kat, AKA Coffee Raptor, is the game's original developer and current solo developer, working under the EVOLV name. She has worked on several games in the past, but A4C was her first successful plunge into a networked game. Along with being a programmer, Dawn is a veteran art director and illustrator, whose art has been featured in publications, worldwide -- most notably for Archie Comics, IDW, and her own Gloryhound Network. You can see Dawn's in-progress GitHub portfolio, here and her Artstation account, here. What other games is EVOLV working on? You can see our other projects as they are developed on our Itch.io page. Can I be a Tyrannosaurus/Pterosaur/Brachiosaur/Ferret in Age of the Four Clans? I'll pay you!!! At the moment, Raptors are the only starting race available to players. We are, however, VERY interested in bringing in further options for species, classes, and more to the game. As this is developed, we'll be happy to let you know! Can I be an Admin/GM? At the moment, we are not accepting applications for administrators, but that will almost certainly change in the near future. Keep an eye on these pages for updates! Can I help you code/write music/do art? We are currently not looking to hire anyone for these positions, but that may change in the future. Keep an eye on these pages for updates! Is the game up right now? How do I know if connection problems are on my end? We have enjoyed 90+% uptime since moving to Intersect Hosting Solutions. For the most part, the game runs by itself and there are failsafes in place to restart Intersect should it crash. Very likely, the game is running and you're going to want to check your firewalls/network settings, if you don't see a post here specifically citing downtime.
  3. Please report bugs or issues with any game features by asking a question on this page! Before posting, we implore you to visit our Features page, where you can also find some known bugs and information about what is currently implemented versus what is being worked on. Keep in mind the following etiquette when reporting a problem, to assure the staff can easily assess and fix the issue: Title your post appropriately: "Character Stuck on Laur'Iza Field" is better than "I'm Having an Issue" Let us know the what, where's, who's: What happened? Where did it happen? What were you doing when it happened? Don't give out your passwords/usernames: You probably already know this one -- We already know who you are. Keep yourself safe! If someone posts an issue you know the answer to, you are welcome to post a solution: If this becomes an issue in the future, we'll nix it, but the AGD community has been traditionally very helpful when it comes to helping others in-game, so we're more than happy to hear input from other users if a dev (EVOLV) is not present! Don't spam: We'll get to you. Use thread bumping in moderation. Looking forward to your input!
    Just updated Age of the Four Clans, in development since 2015, to Intersect 6. What a great, great update. So far, things look amazing, editing is a breeze, and customizations implemented by the team mean I spend less time with custom scripts. Kudos, devs! It's a winner!
  4. You can indeed run Intersect on a Linux-based private server. You will have to do the editing, however on a Windows machine since the Intersect Editor does not work on any system except Windows. I did this for a year with my game and it worked, fine. I just uploaded new versions from my Windows desktop to the Linux server, as necessary. Basically, here are the steps: Create your game. Upload your game server to your Linux server: Usually, this means you will put the game in a ZIP file Upload the ZIP file to somewhere on the web. Use WGET to retrieve the file Use the Unzip command to extract the files to your Linux main directory Make sure Wine is installed on your Linux machine Using Wine, open intersect client.exe Your server is online Hope this helps.
  5. Since you guys are a flagship MMO for the engine, might I recommend changing your IDB Engine link to Intersect, which also has a page? This way, your articles can show up on both the Nightmare page as well as the Intersect page, and people following either will be notified of your updates. Intersect on IDB: https://www.indiedb.com/engines/intersect-engine
  6. Free to use - I made these for A4C and don't think I ever shared them. Good for monsters, creatures, or anything you like! Set them up 3x2, obviously No need to give me credit - only if you want to/have space in credits.
  7. Just got caught up on this news. How very sad and we can hope she rests in a place with no pain. Wonderful tribute, Sky.
  8. The thread above is one of many discussions on this subject. You can absolutely utilize some sort of encryption when source is available, but there will always be a chance that people will access your files, regardless. Read through some of the treads on this forum about encryption and maintaining proper ownership of intellectual property for a long answer... Short answer - yes you can protect it, there will almost always be a way that people can get access to your files if they really want them, regardless, but game development is so inherently difficult and more than the sum of its parts that it shouldn't keep you up at night if someone takes your art and attempts to make a game of it. tl;dr: If you wanted to steal an artist's painting, you'd need to do more than just swipe their paints.
  9. EVOLV


    Nice tidbit and definitely looking forward to seeing more!
  10. EVOLV

    DBZ Renaissance

    Nice layout, Gib! I like the idea of having everything at the bottom. You have given me something to think about with my own layouts. Kudos..!
  11. Looking really good! I'm excited to try it, for sure.
  12. Really cool. I'm going to launch the beta of my game on this version, end of next week. Things are working nice and I'm especially excited for all the work you guys did on events!
  13. EVOLV


    Was able to replicate this in my own game and can confirm projectiles act like grappling hooks against blocked spaces. I would post this in bugs.
  14. This looks really great - the graphics, the layout, and the concept are all stand-out. Glad you picked it back up again!
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