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  1. Graphics Intersect Showoff Thread!

    I only have a couple of screens, but my screens are from a DBZ fan game. Guess you don't want that?
  2. Rule/Moderation Changes & New Rules!

    Great, so I can't sell my Sonic fanfic anywhere now.
  3. Give your best advice on dealing with girlies or duderinhos here! Ill start off with my ez steps to getting a girl. 1. Shower 2. Smell nice 3. Wear normal clothes that FIT 4. Talk about things you enjoy and try to find common interests 5. Love thyself 6. Ask girlo's about themselves, everyone loves talking about themselves 7. Dont be afraid of rejection. Rejection is the first step to a bigger erection - Me 8. Dont be small dicked 9. Be good at oral, just practice on a peach or a banana or something, watch a load of porn 10. If you fail at any step, fake it till you make it. Lying about something enough will make it tru. That is fact 11. Clean your damn house, you filthy pig 12. Make breakfast 13. Get married and make mini versions of you. EDIT: APPARENTLY THIS IS NOT COMMON KNOWLEDGE, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN ACTUAL BED, NOT A MATTRESS ON THE FLOOR. FFS FEEL FREE TO ADD IN YOUR OWN TOXICCCCC (Or normal) advice
  4. Moderation Team Updates

    I demand a recount!
  5. AGD Gaming Nights

    Well QUIT your TOXIC behaviour and start liking it.
  6. AGD Gaming Nights

    I want to make an RS clan. Modded minecraft server Not on friday nights, since I have a life and go out with friends on fridays @Gibier, you can just pirate it and we open the server for pirated accounts. EZ PZ
  7. AQ Engines | C# & C++

    Sounds very cool! Would love to see some screenies of some of these features in action!
  8. Instances

    It's not that easy to properly. I'm quite sure the devs agree that instanced maps is a core MMO function that fits in the base engine. So they are looking into it. If it won't come, I'm sure it will come from the userbase once source is out. tl;dr
  9. Site "Upgrades"

    Yes! Next step to AGD replacing all of my social media PLS give me likes and smiley faces!
  10. :)

    Don't be bullshitting me with your memes son
  11. Sprites DBZ

    Nice work! Makes me want to work on sprites again, so thanks!
  12. Graphics Retro inspired graphics

    Cool stuff! Can't wait to see more! I do think the house looks a little flat though
  13. You can change someone's sprite with an event and with a transformation spell
  14. Maybe it's time to actually start downloading Intersect and see what it does..

  15. Consumable spell

    Maybe have the spell trigger an event that takes away the spell? Probably its best to use items for consumables anyways.