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  1. Hi bro, I have this asset it's really good, my sprite is 3x bigger than a standard engine, I don't know if that's what you really wanted to know, any questions call me on discord. Embedded Video Link
  2. Hello, you have to enable auto rotate in Projectile, and disable it in animations.
  3. great job thanks for sharing, i will test this is 100%?
  4. Nick


    Hello dear @Mimus, I have a question about the running system, can you add me any discord or can you pass me yours? Nicki # 2229

  5. Nick

    Comunidade BR

    Opa mano blz pode contar cmg vamos crescer juntos , o grupo do discord já está criado agora so divulgar na comu para os novos que chegarem tmj @Koji
  6. Hello wesley vc tem discord?

    1. Weylon Santana

      Weylon Santana

      kkkk Weylon, tenho mas não uso, me chame no facebook.


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