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  1. Can I create a forum for my game? where they can use their account to login, register and change passwords
  2. nvh

    Player rankings

    Thanks very much. it is definitely Helpful for me
  3. Can I create a table player ranking in the game?
  4. thank you. but that article I have followed should have errors
  5. I want 12 equipment slots. Can you send me the file you edited
  6. https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/20209dfbe3bf82374dcabe94c05736cd.json
  7. I only added 3 items in the config "eqiupment" area. Correctly spelled but corrupted
  8. so beautiful.. so amazing if it is my pet
  9. nvh

    error sever

    this is a error ?? this is image drive
  10. How to change size of animation character
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