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  1. Looks like it hasn't changed. maybe max is 4090
  2. I want to increase the size bigger, because I have created a lot of new stats. thanks
  3. Can you help being non case-insensitive in character naming? if “jeonheemi” exists. Will not be able to order “Jeonheemi” or “JEAONHEEMI”
  4. if one day there is a new feature on (ex: ver 7.2 or something), can i update?. because I thought it would conflict because I coded many things
  5. how to download latest version ? for dev
  6. [Solved] replace weapon.StatsGivenStat[7] to [(int)Stats.ChiMang].Value()
  7. I have created 3 new arrays, I want to combine it with the value in StatBuffs[] 1. I creat random var 2. From editor (make value) 3. Damage with StatsGiven[7] ex: StatsGiven[7] = 0. Random(StatBuffs[7] = 100) But when attacking, the Armor Penetration rate is still 0
  8. currently you need the code to do it or you can create multiple copies of the server and then host it in different regions
  9. in this code. How to add my stats (armor penetration, dodge) to random conditions like this this code in Entity.cs (https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/blob/main/Intersect.Server/Entities/Entity.cs) if (Randomization.Next(1, 101) > critChance) { critMultiplier = 1; //when random is not Crit. critMultiplier *1 } else { PacketSender.SendActionMsg(enemy, Strings.Combat.critical, CustomColors.Combat.Critical); //when random is Crit. critMultiplier *2 and show text } "critMultipler" from Formulas.cs (https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/blob/main/Intersect.Server/General/Formulas.cs) public static int CalculateDamage( int baseDamage, DamageType damageType, Stats scalingStat, int scaling, double critMultiplier, Entity attacker, Entity victim ) pls help me. thanks you my progress
  10. i figured it out, but how to call the value (character stats) like "Critchance"
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