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  1. I have been using this Engine since 2019 but canceled for a while due to busy studying. After a while working with almost all features of Engine. I want to ask, how does the engine validate movement & colison. Where are they placed in the source code? I want to know and change some things
  2. Version 1.0.0


  3. Tks for it. How to make an plugin for other feature?
  4. I want to make an Plugin for maximum value 255 to Max Interger. Can i do it?
  5. How to add a item with name and mount? foreach (object item in items) { if (item.name == “gold”) { additem(item, 50000);} }
  6. Can I edit source in client? I think in source have X and Y when render sprite and paperdolls.
  7. MOUNT if (MyEquipment[13] > -1) //13 is pet slot. { Sprite.Y += 10; Paperdoll[0 to 11].diectY +=10; //sprite adding a mount will make the player taller } else { Sprite.Y -= 10; Paperdoll[0 to 11].diectY -=10; //remove mount } ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PET I came up with an idea that was to create a paperdoll (pet sprite), edit the client source and make it move randomly and follow the character. if (player.y -- ) { pet.y --} if (player.x-- ) { pet.x --} update () { if (random == 1) {pet.x++} if (random == 2) {pet.y++} if (random == 3) {pet.x--} if (random == 3) {pet.y--} if (player.x + pet.x > 10m) {pet.y--} } if (player.x + pet.x > 10m) { spawnpet(player.x - 2) it doesn't seem easy but i want a challenge I think code in here https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/blob/main/Intersect.Client/Entities/Entity.cs
  8. I think, u should't use autorun, if ur game have 1000 players online, autorun will make lag.
  9. local var: player variable, Each player will have separate data. global var: server variable, All players in the server are the same value. boolean: true or false (if true - do thing, if false - do a thing) interger: integer max value is about 2 billion ( if var x > 5000 (do thing) ) string: is a text. (var xxx = "I love u"). There are also local and global event lc event: effects on a player that is interacting with the event gb event: effects on all player (if player xxx interac with event (event add 100xp), all player + 100xp)
  10. It's hard to know because the log is not specific, wait for an expert to help you!
  11. tks. I did it if (Name.Any(char.IsUpper)) { Name = Name.ToLower() + "" + Id; }
  12. thank u. I have toplv online (auto) I will query with .db to create a top lv offline (manually)
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