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  1. Tks for it. How to make an plugin for other feature?
  2. I want to make an Plugin for maximum value 255 to Max Interger. Can i do it?
  3. How to add a item with name and mount? foreach (object item in items) { if (item.name == “gold”) { additem(item, 50000);} }
  4. Can I edit source in client? I think in source have X and Y when render sprite and paperdolls.
  5. MOUNT if (MyEquipment[13] > -1) //13 is pet slot. { Sprite.Y += 10; Paperdoll[0 to 11].diectY +=10; //sprite adding a mount will make the player taller } else { Sprite.Y -= 10; Paperdoll[0 to 11].diectY -=10; //remove mount } ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PET I came up with an idea that was to create a paperdoll (pet sprite), edit the client source and make it move randomly and follow the character. if (player.y -- ) { pet.y --} if (player.x-- ) { pet.x --} update () { if (random == 1) {pet.x++} if (random == 2) {pet.y++} if (random == 3) {pet.x--} if (random == 3) {pet.y--} if (player.x + pet.x > 10m) {pet.y--} } if (player.x + pet.x > 10m) { spawnpet(player.x - 2) it doesn't seem easy but i want a challenge I think code in here https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/blob/main/Intersect.Client/Entities/Entity.cs
  6. I think, u should't use autorun, if ur game have 1000 players online, autorun will make lag.
  7. local var: player variable, Each player will have separate data. global var: server variable, All players in the server are the same value. boolean: true or false (if true - do thing, if false - do a thing) interger: integer max value is about 2 billion ( if var x > 5000 (do thing) ) string: is a text. (var xxx = "I love u"). There are also local and global event lc event: effects on a player that is interacting with the event gb event: effects on all player (if player xxx interac with event (event add 100xp), all player + 100xp)
  8. It's hard to know because the log is not specific, wait for an expert to help you!
  9. tks. I did it if (Name.Any(char.IsUpper)) { Name = Name.ToLower() + "" + Id; }
  10. thank u. I have toplv online (auto) I will query with .db to create a top lv offline (manually)
  11. When user signup whit user name “IloveYou” and character name “Warriors” Server auto change “IloveYou” to “iloveyou” and “Warriors” to “warrios” Using ToLower() which file .cs for this feature?
  12. is there any way to fix it? {@“\command”, set method in here}??
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