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  1. No. Why not just run the server locally?
  2. If you’re using what I think you’re using, you won’t be able to have more than like 5 players on at a time.
  3. i appreciate the offer and I've seen your work around the forum (which I think is actually really good) but I need a long term artist that's available.
  4. Bump. Looking for one long term. Inbox me please
  5. That’s my favorite PoZimon dude, Flarezorn!
  6. Really nice work from @Hatsuya & @AlexandreKayle
  7. That’s why I never pay before half of the work is done. I hope it all goes good for you.
  8. Bump. Again looking for an artist
  9. Can you send some example of your work?
  10. Bump. Looking for another artist 🤘
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