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  1. It’s crazy to share something like this for free, thanks a lot
  2. In the editor you can change the start map and position for each class.
  3. I'm searching for a coder
  4. @Joyce would this work with the new animation frames? Can we do "Hair_ idle" for example?
  5. is there a way to make it idle differently with a weapon and without a weapon?
  6. The moderators are pretty lenient in my experience. Except damian. Bro let me go back to the chat box bro
  7. I think if you go into paint or whatever and resize them by % (like 200% for example) it should work.
  8. Lmao everything’s on speed even the cat
  9. Probably not but it still works
  10. Lookin for an artist
  11. Or you can just delete your player data.db file. The server makes a new one. You can buy a dedicated host and it works kinda just like a desktop.
  12. buu

    PvP Options

    Wouldn’t setting your map to safe instead of arena fix your issue?
  13. I think at a safe zone you could already move through players. For NPCs I’m pretty sure you can set it in the event editor for each individual one
  14. Everyone else with a dbz project should just give up rn
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