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  1. buu

    How to Add Equip Slots Full Length?

    Probably the most straight forward way to do it
  2. buu

    Looking for a pixel artist

    I actually made some progress, I'll post a game thread later tonight
  3. buu

    Heroes Apocalypse

    this looks pretty lit
  4. buu

    Equipped Item on Conditional Branch

    My answer was more of an alternate solution, should have clarified
  5. buu

    Set bonus

    Is it possible to add a set bonus? For example if a character has a full set of a certain armor, they get a stat boost.
  6. buu

    Equipped Item on Conditional Branch

    You can do that through the even editor. Have a switch set once a person picks up a certain item and bam
  7. buu

    Separate Text in Character GUI

    You could find it in Client/Resource/client_strings.json on line 72.
  8. I'm sure this was asked before but I tried to search for the answer with no results. Is it possible to add more character animations? For example, a run animation or an attack animation.
  9. buu

    Snow tilesets

    Yea I found some online https://finalbossblues.itch.io/christmas-graphics if anyone needs
  10. buu

    Text color

    Intersect>Server>Resources>colors.json file. You can edit all the text colors in the game
  11. buu

    Snow tilesets

    Anyone have some decent snow tilesets for Intersect that I can use (I'll credit ofc)? Much appreciated
  12. buu

    Intersect Security

    Molebox just packs the files you want into the client, like you said if someone really wants to break in, they can.
  13. buu

    Intersect Security

    You cant really encrypt without a source but you can try to pack your client with something like molebox.
  14. buu

    Rebirth Fantasy Online

    Was this made with intersect?