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  1. Hello. There was a need to give some items to individual players. Money or gifts. Not for quests or tasks, but for useful messages on the forum or in the chat. How can this be done? For example, can I somehow choose or write a player's nickname and give him items?
  2. The text is not fully visible in the admin panel.
  3. Restoring the original fonts files worsened the situation. The translation into Russian is lost.
  4. I changed the language to Russian. Translate
  5. Restoring the file does not change the situation.
  6. I lost the admin panel text on version How to get it back?
  7. Serton

    Global quest?

    Thank you for advie!
  8. Serton

    Global quest?

    Can you explain it point by point?
  9. Can someone explain how to make a global quest? Kill 25,000 NPCs or collect 10,000 items.
  10. can I add a new vital? I tried, but I couldn't do anything. Help me, please
  11. Есть такой вопрос. Вот я хочу добавить в игру новый показатель жизненный, к имеющимся здоровью и мане. Можно ли это как-то сделать? сталкивался ли кто-то с этим?
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