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  1. I would like to be able to put negative numbers into the bonus effect: cooldown reduction. Creating Cooldown Addition, I suppose. I know that weapons can do this, but I specifically wanted to do it with chest pieces. Thanks in advance, and if theres an event based way to do this I havent figured out, please educate me lol.
  2. Im looking or stuff that meshes well with the included tilesets, not sure where to look though.
  3. Wont let me DM you, but ive got the version of the engine, heard you would be willing to modify your map type editor patch, I just bought it on itch. :)

    1. Beefy Kasplant

      Beefy Kasplant

      Probably because you're a newer user!


      Very nice! Just try to apply using the docs provided with the patch. If it doesn't work still after that, you can go to the support discord (link in docs). 


      Probably easier troubleshooting than in here! 

  4. Where in the resource folder do I put fog for maps and pictures for the event system? Trying to make a spooky forest, and make my respawn system a bit nicer looking.
  5. There are not very many options when you select the shield equipment type? How do I know the %chance of a shield blocking successfully?
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