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  1. It has been 8 days since anyone has posted a status update. What are y'all? Dead?

  2. @jcsnider does Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?
  3. The one on top? Which squirrel gets the best nut?
  4. oWo What's this?

  5. They're only a mild high compared to their sister species, the Adult back rib. Why am I still alive?
  6. Yesterday. How many nerds does it take to screw in a quantum flux drive?
  7. I don't know. Has anyone seen my dad? He left to get cigarettes almost 25 years ago and hasn't come home.
  8. It was a trick question. Why does JC only one 1 shoe?
  9. Yes. What was Uyarr replying to?
  10. It's all in your head. Why does anything and everything exist?
  11. I don't know, I here there's a whole theory about it. Where did the time go?
  12. Damian Issued you a warning because you lathered yourself in Jelly and asked for support about it in the shoutbox. When will the source get released?
  13. It's simple, you ask a question, the next person to reply to the thread has to both answer your question, and reply with a new question. There are absolutely no rules to the questions you ask or the answers you give, they don't even have to be the correct answers. I'll start... How the hell do I talk to girls?
  14. @jcsniderGive me the sauce!

    1. panda


      DROP TABLE oddly;

    2. Oddly


      Why am i a whole table?

    3. Oddly


      Gonna be real with you, worried about your database design if each user is getting a table to themselves.

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