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  1. Oddly

    AGD Hunger Games!

    Dude, I forgot about these things, I used to love these Why is this accurate?
  2. Oddly


  3. Today is April 1st, 2019, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the fools are buying into to kasplant's shenanigans.
  4. Oddly


    How bow nah?
  5. Oddly


  6. Oddly

    A lesson in life

    A life lesson as told through chicken nugget. So Life is like chicken nugget. See, them chicken nuggies. Those are some good ass chicken nuggies. But the problem with life, is you keep trying to eat the chicken nuggies with this bitch: And you do this, because when you were younger, you were taught not to eat with your hands. it's quite fucking rude. You want a truth about these chicky nuggies? You'd be a lot happier if you just used ya hands. This has been a life lesson from the perspective of chicken nugget. thx.
  7. Shack sacks.

  8. Don't be a yart blaster.

  9. 404 status not found.

  10. Your meat flesh motherboard's on board memory contains more data than the rest of your soft, fragile human circuitry.


  11. Oddly

    How to Compile EclipseOrigins 2.0

    Shots fired!
  12. Your brain knows more than you do.

    1. Xeno


      And your brain knows more than your pecker

    2. Oddly


      Your heart knows more than your brain?

    3. faller-magie



      Wait what !? 

  13. Anyone know what Dash 2.0 is gonna drop?

    1. Gibier


      I dont know, but from my source Dash 2.0 will be include in the next windows 10 update.

    2. Gibier


      So i updated windows 10 and it doesnt have Dash 2.0, so maybe for a next update?

    3. Oddly


      maybe next time.

  14. Oddly

    AGD Interviews, part one: Dashplant

    This got really dark really quick. >> Actually hoping on a part 2