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  1. Anyone know what Dash 2.0 is gonna drop?

    1. Gibier


      I dont know, but from my source Dash 2.0 will be include in the next windows 10 update.

    2. Gibier


      So i updated windows 10 and it doesnt have Dash 2.0, so maybe for a next update?

    3. Oddly


      maybe next time.

  2. Oddly

    AGD Interviews, part one: Dashplant

    This got really dark really quick. >> Actually hoping on a part 2
  3. (image)

    1. jcsnider


      Thx dude 

  4. Oddly

    What did you get for Christmas?

    I got a glass boot, and a bottle of bailey's, so ya boi got to drink bailey's from a shoe. Parents got me an art piece from a local artist with some art supplies.
  5. Oddly

    [FIXED] Client is NOT working

    @jcsnider @Damian666 Isn't this post in the wrong section?
  6. Oddly

    It's possible create a server without using port ?

    You keep saying "without using port" and that literally just does not make sense. I think you're talking about port forwarding, and that your problem is actually that you don't know how to port forward properly. Is a guide to port forwarding explained. If you think you're having problems with this. Port forwarding is a router configuration that defines forwarding rules for your network. So basically it tells your router which machine to forward network requests to when packets come in. Without this step, your network has no idea what to do with incoming network packets. This is absolutely required by basically any server hosting application. Sometimes, disabling your router's firewall just simply isn't enough because port forwarding is more than just a network security configuration, it's a network routing configuration.. Edit: Also just reread something jc posted about having multiple routers. this is insane. but like, if you can't modify your network layout, you're gonna have to make port forwarding rules on each individual router. So you'll have to tell the router connected to your modem, to forward packets to the router connected to your other route. then tell the router that's connected to your computer that you just forwarded to from the router to forward packets to the hosting pc. Edit2: So I'm going out of town this weekend, but when i get back on Sunday, if you haven't figured this out, i can help you set it up if you join my discord server. https://discord.gg/szADqTM
  7. Oddly

    Create a Vicious Rumor about why the source is not out yet

    The source code was actually written with a red crayon in a spiral notebook, making a digital copy is too much work.
  8. Can we get some F's in the status section please?

  9. Oddly

    The story thread

    next, will shock you.
  10. Oddly

    The story thread

    The exercise machine broke.
  11. Oddly

    The story thread

    One day, he decided
  12. (image)

    Made you look. lmao

  13. Oddly

    The story thread

    named Hugh Jass.
  14. Soup Item in Dash B6?