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  1. Oddly

    Create a Vicious Rumor about why the source is not out yet

    The source code was actually written with a red crayon in a spiral notebook, making a digital copy is too much work.
  2. Can we get some F's in the status section please?

  3. Oddly

    The story thread

    next, will shock you.
  4. Oddly

    The story thread

    The exercise machine broke.
  5. Oddly

    The story thread

    One day, he decided
  6. (image)

    Made you look. lmao

  7. Oddly

    The story thread

    named Hugh Jass.
  8. Soup Item in Dash B6?

  9. Make Dash 2.0 Great Again!

  10. We don't want B7 We just want the source

  11. We want a SOUP ITEM in B6!  

    1. Dashplant


      SOUP ITEM!

  12. d1xdldvhgcw11.gif

    1. jcsnider


      That’s......  thats not right...

    2. Oddly


      Yo, you weren't supposed to leak these nudes!

  13. Made a new art piece (image)



  14. Oddly

    Poetry Thread

    Trying some new literary devices I learned about recently reading poetry by Jim Morrison. ... Mother did you know, Your baby's lost Chase the gentle glow Which calls him home Wander through the dark Sweet child, life has left it's mark. A scar which can't be seen But eye shall always watch. Mother can you hear his shallow cries? Muffled by your deafening lies. Day by day time will fly, He sighs , "to which my mind shall get me by" And through the silence, Your love finds violence, Left alone, but never alone, Meet yourself, Sick child For it is only you who knows what you truly felt.