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  1. I appreciate it very much. Ill stick with master and upgrade only when it gets upgraded.
  2. Hello everyone, I have read the support docs a few times over now, but just want to ask to make sure that I understand what I'm doing and its the right way. Lets say I fork the Intersect Engine (Master) and its on my PC, clean and brand new. I have heard its not recommended to use the (Development) branch so is it appropriate to use the pre-release build to get the already working features? I get confused when I look at all the different branches. Thanks and I apologize in advance if this is a silly question.
  3. @Valentine Possible character hair customizations upon character creation? I'm trying to implement it myself now, but I think I'm doing it wrong.
  4. I'm leaning towards this to make a decent game. Currently messing around with it. Trying to remember Ruby. All the systems in place already! Love it.
  5. Joyce thanks so much for the clarification. Both of you opened my eyes to new things to check for in the future. Also on a side not, so I can upgrade from what I got to pre-release by following the developer doc instructions?
  6. Now I feel stupid. Thanks man, I didn't think to look in configs, only the actual source. For whatever reason though, upgrading to development is not working so unless people are using the closed version of 6.2 in the source, I guess I have to wait. I'm also only running 6.1 until 6.2 becomes stable so I forgot about that. Appreciate you!
  7. Hello everyone! Quick question. I'm going to attempt to try this out myself, but ill take any and all help on how to accomplish this. Lets say I have an NPC or an event that is a butterfly.....When it walks around in does its walk/fly animation but when it stands there its just still. How can I make a butterfly or specific sprite do its animation while standing still to give a more life like feeling?
  8. Absolutely love this! Any plans on expansions/bug fixes? I messed around a lot with this all day.
  9. I really like the events fully rendered now. Give me a better eye at adding stuff into the map. When do you think we can expect 6.2 stable?
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