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  1. I see that there is still a bug that has been in force for many updates, it is dealt with in the craft window, the item to be crafted is not indicated if you pass the pointer over the names of the lists, they can only be if you pass the pointer in the white space on that line.
  2. Thank you very much for the answer, what I did to make it fluid was to take a quick burst of photos, they stayed as 32 background but it works really well that way.
  3. Hello, sorry, I saw that now you can put an animated main screen background, how is it?

  4. In these latest updates I could see that now you can put an animated background on the main screen, how is it done?
  5. I see there is a bug in the craft list and quest screen, hovering over each item doesn't select it, only hovering over the blanks next to it.
  6. Hello, a question, does anyone else experience the guild bank on 135?

    1. Neeknog


      I'm not a dev, I believe this bug was addressed though.

  7. I hope it can be fixed soon, I see that the only thing that fails is the guild trunk and that the paperdolls do not change color only the image of the item.
  8. Will they fix with another update in 135 the guild trunk thing?
  9. especificamente con las pruebas que hice puedo decir primero que es exactamente, entro y si no abro el baul personal, entonces el del clan me saca del juego, si abro el personal primero y despues el del clan no me saca del juego, pero si salgo y vuelvo a entrar, hay que volver a hacerlo, el nombre del clan no aparece cuando abre el baul del clan y tambien, cuando lo abre si no abriste el personal antes, ves algunas casillas del banco del clan con un pequeño cuadrado rojo y luego te saca del juego. En este momento no puedo adjuntar fotos ni videos porque no estoy en casa y el servidor está caído, pero los dejaré en cuanto pueda, pero lo que acabo de escribir es exactamente lo que sucede.
  10. I see that in 135 there is the error that it does not read the clan chest, it reads the personal chest and takes you out of the game when you try to open it.
  11. One question, when 8.0 comes out won't the data we now have about our players in mysql as playerdata work?
  12. Thank you for the work and love that you continue to put into this, it's wonderful! I'm looking forward to many more improvements that I know will come very soon!
  13. any type of spell, it doesn't matter what it is if 135 is published I will try it now
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