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  1. alright so the formula that looks at BlockingSlow is written so it can actually only add time; I tried a few different things with it but for some reason I wasn't able to have much success with re-purposing the BlockingSlow int. I just replaced the formula altogether with one that is the same as the normal move speed multiplied by 0.75. You have to do it in both the client and server entity.xs. This is what mine looks like now: However, in the midst of all that, my block now has decided to throw in the attack animation at the end of blocking for some reason (doesn't send an attack, just the animation) so I have to figure that out...
  2. You're definitely right, the bestiary would be poorly extensible. Even thinking of how to reduce it down to categories such as how many beasts, demons, etc. were killed would really be way more work then the value add from events I'd drive off of those variables. I do still like the idea of using the variables for the class specializations; I only have 5 classes with two sub-classes for each, and not every spell would be "upgraded", just ones that are associated with that sub-class. Professions feels reasonable too still; 5 professions that (in my head) i'd just need an exp and a level variable for each. It sounds like the problem with these applications aren't the integrity of variables though, which is good news! I'll just be mindful where I use them.
  3. well for example, talent trees is one idea; I was thinking something along the lines of a variable for each sub-domain within each class; i.e. rogue would specialize into assassin vs. scout/ranger. Those points would dynamically drive the strength of their abilities (effectively, replace what skills that player had with their stronger counterparts based on their specialization). Bestiary is another example; I think you're familiar with what Nightmare's done there; similarly, tracking monster/pvp kills long-term and driving access to features/content based on that. and professions levels: using player variables to track their fishing progress for example. Aside from database-wide events that result in me having to utilize a back-up, I don't want to have to spend any operational time troubleshooting/fixing individual players' cooking level that somehow disappeared, or bestiaries that either were freely capped out for some new player or removed from players who did the work. These might sound like a silly concern, but the reason behind my questioning is due to what I experienced after logging into Nightmare after a patch; every NPC in the game was added to my bestiary, where previously I only had NPC's I had killed. Fortunately my progress within each NPC was accurate, but i'm also not sure if their bestiary drives off the standard variable/event systems.
  4. my guess would be to edit here:
  5. yeah what i'm saying is if you find where int he source it modifies the speed for block you simply adjust that modifier the other direction so it adds instead of subtracts speed.
  6. Well there's a block function that is effectively useless for it's intended effect, does not mitigate dmg at all. It does however make you walk slower while "blocking"... SO, if you find where that's being used, you could probably adjust whatever the speed modifier is and repurpose it. If you want something like stamina or anything, you'll have to probably do more significant source changes
  7. Hi again - just looking for people's experience on player variables for long-term use. Thus far i've only used them to accomodate quests / events, but I'd like to do things like profession levels and skill/weapon specialization points, bestiary etc. I'm not sure if the projects that have implemented these used variables & events to accomplish them, or if they've addressed them via source; are variables for more fluid values reliable for long term storage of player data (relative to the reliability of any other player data inherently part of the engine, i.e. level, etc.)?
  8. Hello,


    I'm looking for an artist to help with paperdolls, particularly to fit the LPC assets freely available through OGA: https://sanderfrenken.github.io/Universal-LPC-Spritesheet-Character-Generator/#?body=Humanlike_white&weapon=Thrust_spear&shadow=Shadow_shadow&sex=male

    The free stuff available has some gaps in armors, shields, weapons etc. that i'd like to supplement. 

    This has been a solo passion project so far and so i'm not sure what information you'd want, but if you're interested and available, please let me know and we can discuss further! Thanks.

  9. How would we move something to these hidden slots when they equip?
  10. Not to anything I'd imagine is sprite related... I'll go through my git later I guess and see
  11. Hello, I have a sprite sheet that has 9 frame for it's walking. On 6.3 i had no problems once I figured out how to set to 9 frames, but since switching to 7.0, I've noticed after moving, my 2nd or 3rd frame of the walking becomes what it stops at when I'm no longer moving instead of the first frame. Additionally, after attacking it also goes back the wrong frame, but only after moving first. Id rather not set a ridiculously low idle timer to workaround; how do I set what frame my player is set to after it finishes moving?
  12. Today I added spell crit and melee crit as bonus stats, as well as spell leech vs. lifesteal. Considering a mana leech functionality as well because I think a more fluid management of hp/mp like you see in Diablo 2 is a good way to bring up how actively you play the game. I also did a lot of mapping and tinkered with psuedo-instancing via event editor. Need to get a VM spun up to test for sure but I'm feeling pretty decent about where it's at. Next i'll refine it to be more extensible to have multiple concurrent rooms available & explore how to get one event trigger to put you in whatever's available without breaking anything
  13. That's amazing haha, what a fun application of the projectiles!
  14. That's unfortunate! What did you run into that stopped this from working? seemed like you were on the right track!
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