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  1. If you don't want them to re-enter, my assumption is you don't want this map to be accessible outside of the GvG event, right? so a standalone "instanced" event sort of? I know this is a little older but i'm interested in something similar, so I'll spitball for question #2 until I can actually try myself: Have whatever mechanism you want (key, text command whatever) that can only be used during your certain hours (there's a whole separate guide on how to do that by Weylon) When the event is triggered, set a player variable from 0 to 1, and a global variable from 0 to 1. I'd imagine you'd want some sort of "lobby" so guilds can organize ahead of the actual event. So from the above time trigger, use a wait for whatever duration until the event start, then warp them in or unlock a door/gate to the field with a global var. Set the global variable back to 0, preventing the lobby/entrance area on the event timer from being able to be accessed anymore. At the end of the duration of the GvG, set player variables back to 0. Add an event on respawn that changes the player variable back to 0, and maybe one for login that checks if its =1. If so, warp them out and set to 0. Some of my PvP event ideas include also group vs. group where each team has a variable counter for # of respawns; each death on their team respawns them inside still but -1 to the variable. Once that reaches -4 (assuming 4-man teams, I'd go to -4 to account for initial lives; should tell me when they're completely wiped) then the event ends. I have a ton of other work to do but now that i've done all this brainstorming I may take a try this weekend xD let me know if you've already done it and if you had any success/challenges!
  2. That's the thing. I've tried modifying everywhere I see random being used to iterate.. mapinstance for drops (i think), then player.cs where the stats are tallied up from equipment, no luck.
  3. Looking for pointers as to where i'd start messing w/ the source to adjust how the bonus stat range is applied. I want to make it a percentage of each stat's base value on the item.. for example: a weapon with 100 attack and 30 speed - I would like to randomize the roll by +-20%, so that the possible outcomes are 80-120 attack, and 24-36 speed.
  4. I'm trying to understand how paperdolls come together on top of our player entity before I start working on paperdolls too much and, notably, add some additional slots (i.e. back slot for capes/backpacks/wings) 1. What order are items drawn in by default, and where would I edit/view that? 2. I imagine draw order has to depend on direction your facing (so shields cover armor facing down, and armor covers shield facing up); where do I see/configure that? Thank you all! I know this engine has been around a long time, but i'm new and really enjoying using it. Looking forward to sharing more about my project in a couple months
  5. I'm hoping to use projectiles on weapons to accomodate adding unique spell effects to weapons, including melee ones. For example, a dagger that has a range=1 projectile that takes health from player each time they hit but maybe adds mana, or applies a dot to the enemy, etc. My problem is that this treats the weapon as a projectile and puts the entity's animation into a the "_Shoot" instead of the "_attack" that I'd like (for some reason, _weapon doesn't seem to work as I'd expect? not sure when _weapon even applies...) What i'd like to do is be able to assign to each item the appropriate attack state that the entity should use, regardless of what I set for those other values. This will also allow me to expand from only one _attack state (thrust vs. slash animations). I have no idea where to start though, looking for input / anyone who's done something similar!
  6. I'm also using LPC assets (entities/paperdolls, not tilesets). Were you able to find walk animations for bow, or are you stuck with just shoot as well? I'm debating spending time on creating the walk animations for one so that I can use that as a base for modifying for new bows, but i'm certainly no artist!
  7. That's awesome. If there's any chance I can sneak in on the private features still, I'd love to chip in and support. Really interested in the guild levels & associated functions!
  8. Yeah i'm working off of the latest unless one's come out in the last couple days, but I don't think there''s anything for guild levels or other variables that can be used (a point system would be nifty!) Ideally this is just a slowrolling side thing JC is doing and I can still jump in and help bring this to life xD
  9. Whatever happened with this? was just searching various guild functions.. i know this is old, but would love to see this stuff!
  10. Looking to commission an artist to draw up equipment that conform to the LPC character sheets https://sanderfrenken.github.io/Universal-LPC-Spritesheet-Character-Generator/#?body=Humanlike_white&weapon=Thrust_spear&shadow=Shadow_shadow&sex=male Specifics: - Looking for full "sets" of armor (head/chest/legs/feet) as well as weapons/shields. (do not intend to pay for partial armor sets, sorry) - Only looking for paperdolls for the corresponding animations from the LPC spritesheet: casting (row 1-4), walking (row 9-12), slashing (row 13-16). Not going to mess with the "thrust", may implement bows at a later date. - Will pay extra for recolor/reshades because while I could figure it out, I have plenty of other stuff to work on! - Typical RPG/roguelike, but open to let you explore your own ideas and creativity! (Below is more information about the project to see if it fits your niche) - Ideally would like a variety of assets to "fit" the class roles within the project. Project Information: Project name: Velodia Engine: Intersect! Current Staff: Solo currently. I have checkpoints along the roadmap that I intend to engage and actively recruit additional help. Utilizing LPC character sheets and the tilesets from Szadi Art: https://szadiart.itch.io/rpg-worlds-ancient-forest Roadmap: I have been working on architecture of game systems (equipment, class, progression, crafting, etc) and design. Moving into developing proof of concept for key components. After that, I intend to run a closed alpha from a community of 2d rpg gamers from my past. While that goes and I build a laundry list from there, I'll work on establishing hosting, website, etc. (if you wear hats in these spaces as well, feel free to mention/name-drop and I'll reach out closer to that time! likely will pay then as well). The vision I have for the game itself is an mmorpg that nurtures a tight-knit player community with a suite of events and feedback loops that let people pick their flavor. PvP, dungeon, crafting, theorycrafting builds, etc. This is a passion project that i'm putting my own money into because I find it incredibly fulfilling to world build and bring to life a world I envision based on my gaming experiences. Ultimately the goal is to bring the game to the niche 2D MMO market.
  11. Hello, I'm not sure why my first attempt didn't work; I had 64x64 sprites in a 4x4 frame (mimicked the format spritesheet default with Intersect). In trying to solve my first problem above, I stumbled upon the config to set the # of frames, and learned about the entity animations - so it ended up being a blessing in disguise that it didn't work for me for some reason! I've got it all squared away now; thank you both!
  12. Hello, I'm trying to conform some assets i've gotten ahold of to what the intersect engine uses. Particularly when it comes to entity animations, how do we know/set how big the spritesheets they use need to be? And can we change the entity size itself? for example, the art i'm using is 64x64, but even if I make a 4x4 grid of the movement animations evenly spaced (like a search told me should work), I get funky animations that seem to indicate the engine is trying to use 32x48 still. Edit: It seems like it was picking up blank space too much or something, because 48x48 seems to work fine. It'll be a terrible pain to manipulate these sheets to get them to spit out frames 48x48 as expected, but the entity itself fits into 48x48, it's just formatted at 64x64... not sure if there's an easier way that someone knows of.
  13. Hello! I'm wondering if it's possible to use exp as a currency once you've hit max level to exchange for more stat points or increase max hp/mp. If not for these things, then for other more straightforward things like a shop.
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