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Found 29 results

  1. The Bunny Gamer

    Concept Steal Randomiser Spell

    CONCEPT You can use this spell on your opponents and then you both a random deck of items OR you place both your and your opponent's items into a pile and you basically shuffle it and get half of them each You have to credit me for using this lol
  2. AlexandreKayle

    Concept Rain Tale Online

    Hello guys, so today i will releasing the first teaser of the game i am making, i hope eveyone like it ! This teaser shows some extra equipment and paper dolls, The extra equipment is : Gloves/Gauntlets Rings Amulets And will have a slot for capes too. and the convencional shield and sword ^^ i hope everyone like it, i will release some more information in future, will take a time because i'm working in this game solo, and don't worry, i don't want help, i'm fine. put your feedback below !
  3. So basically the higher level you get, the more guilt you collect from killing enemies and you get much weaker. This also applies to enemies if they kill a player!!! This means that pros and noobs can actually fight because pros have the skill and noobs have the advantage You have to credit me for using this lol
  4. Dima Kozyr

    Concept Chronicles of cyberpunk: Awakening

    Hi! In my previous post I told about my game Chronicles of cyberpunk and here I will post updates about the second part of this game Chronicles of cyberpunk: Awakening. This is an independent game, you don't need to play the first part to understand what is happening, since there will be a brief retelling of the events of the first part in the beginning Unreal Engine Working on it sincye January 8, 2017 (and the first part was released on January 7) twitter instagram
  5. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What is Oriya Online? Oriya Online is a classic 2d medieval game. More than 5000 thousand years ago there were 2 races of the races of the demons and the race of the gods. The race of demons were terrible monsters without any feeling with the mission to reign the kingdom of Oriya. Until one day the whole race of gods made a very powerful spell to seal the demons. _____________________ Nowadays a group of hidden Demons have managed to remove this seal. The race of the gods no longer exists. There are 4 races now. Humans Adventurers Elves Devils The adventurers are humans who died in the other world and were invoked into this world to fight the demons. These adventurers have been selected one by one and each one has incredible power yet to be discovered. _____________________ In the world of oriya there are 4 different types of powers. Water Fire Nature Light The adventurer (player) when he reaches a certain point will begin to be able to choose his spells. The player can choose a type of power and will evolve to make that power even stronger. The player can only choose. If you choose fire for example all your spells will be fire type. To find out what happens in the rest of the story you will have to join the kingdom of Oriya. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Oriya Online Servers and Status: European Server - Main Server Coming to Pre-Alpha soon. NA Server - TBA SA Server - TBA _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Some systems that you will find in Oriya Online: House System Craft System Party System History Gear System World Boss Events Every Week Fun and Fun History PVE PVP Arenas PVP Events And much more. Some images of our website: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Join the Kingdom of Oriya Now! Discord: https://discord.gg/HMA5dpZ Website: www.oriya.phgames.eu
  6. Hi everybody, As a game developer who works with pixel art spritesheets but who don't know how to use programs like photoshop properly, I always had the same problem when I wanted to change the color pallet of some spritesheets: I had to change the color of each pixel of each sprite of the spritesheet. That is so annoying, so I decided to develop a program which could do that for me. When I started to design the program I decided that it would be great if everyone could use that program, even if you have 5 years old, and that's what I did. Of course, I did it using Java as it will be easy to use no matter the OS you have on your computer. I called my program "Changing Pixel Jutsu"(from this momment, CPJutsu). It is so easy to use: You pick a picture, you click on the pixel to select the color you want to change(you can manually add it by writing the rgb values), you write the rgb values of the new color, you click on the "¡ ¡ ¡ C H A N G I N G P I X E L J U T S U ! ! !" button and it's done. When you've finished, you only have to save the picture. I think I couldn't make it more easy to use. Also, it is so light and fast, and no progress bars when opening it or when working with it! My program isn't finished yet(I want to add more functionalities) but I want to know if it is easy and comfortable, so I need some people to test it and tell me what they think about it(will send a google form link or something like that with questions). But, as this is only a prototype and I don't want people downloading it yet, I've protected it with a few firewalls so only people I want to will be able tu use it. Also, there is a method for me to know who have sended it if I find a download link, so please don't be bad. I'm not a very rich person, I won't give money to the testers, but they can keep the testing prototype to use it whenever they want before I release the final version(it works right now, I'm using it when working with my spritesheets actually). So, if you are interested in giving a helping hand, please pm me and I will tell you what I need and I'll send you your copy. Thank you!
  7. So I was using my old laptop today in the Uni lecture hall and I dug up some old battle systems I made when I was about 14-15. Judging by the fact I'm 20 soon, nostalgia is everywhere here. Here is a list of the battle systems in the video: Pokemon wild battle system with working animations and all moves involving damage and status effects coded! (I think I had catching and switching working too lol) Final Fantasy Tactics style battle system Old classic RPG battle system I thought I'd share what they were like with you guys, here's the video:
  8. XanderDee

    Concept Character Concept

    Hey guys, I use to go on freemmorpgmaker.com about 5 or so years ago. I love what you've done with the site and the engine. Good to see some people still around from the old site. I'm planning another game now that I'm older and have a better (not perfect) understanding of coding. Ironically I've been looking at C# and C++. I've been working on this concept. I Photoshop for a hobby still so it's not perfect lol. I've attached my original images I used. The character is a Cyborg. I'm planning on incorporating it into my game once I announce it.
  9. My content has been deemed too negative for this venue, so I shall be removing it. Bye...
  10. Hi guys, and thanks in advance for taking the time to read this and eventually helping me with it First of all, i never introduced myself to this little and joyfull community - and i don't plan to do so right now, i'll probably make a topic later, so let's set this matter aside and get into the main topic of concern : as you might have guessed, i'm here because i stumbled upon the Intersect engine while daydreaming about making (at least) my own oRPG, one that would - of course - revolutionnize the way you play (MM)ORPG. So here i am. Well, i'm probably not good enough to make the next WoW-like hit right off the bat but i like to (modestly) think that i might have some original (if not good) design ideas. Either way, i'm currently playing a bit with the engine, and despite having done a fair share of research on the net, i'm having quite a dilemma about one of my main features. In my game, i'd like to give the player a big (big ! about 90% of the game content) area (a forest, actually) to explore, with many many many secrets (zones, npc, events ...) to discover : yep, exploration would be the main focus of the game. I know it would lead to problems later on, like players finishing the proposed content too fast or such, but that's not the point. I'm facing something more like a level design problem, and without further ado here is it : should i map the forest like a ""real forest"" - that is, with space between the trees, possibility to go everywhere, no real obstacle but bush/thorns or the occasionaly gully or river ... you got my point. The downside is that the visibility will clearly be really low, but i'd like the player to get that "omg i'm lost in this big ass forest" feeling. On the other hand, should i map with a more ""classic"" feel in mind : "wall" of trees, dirt paths (or not, but the way is somewhat indicated), kind of "rooms" of forest ? The player is more used to this kind of environment, the mapping will be easier, i could lead the player where i want to with correct level design & the visibility will be obviously better but that's not what i want to achieve (because players will memorize the way/each rooms) and i think it would fit less in the eerie atmosphere i'll be trying to set. I'll be glad to hear what you think about this. If you have question, feel free to ask Thanks a lot, guys, really, this community seems amazing ! And the engine is way too great for me to describe
  11. I was wondering what you guys (and more generaly what nowaday ORPG's players) are fans of. I think that it could be a good topic to give ideas of what the AGD community are more likely to enjoy, and might give inspiration for anyone passing by. So instead of asking it here and there, I decided to create this topic with a small multiple answers poll : What kind of style and genre do you like the most / would you like to see more in ORPG games ? There will be a couple of pre-generated answer in the poll, but I encourage you to add anything that might miss in the comments down below. If you could also explain your choice(s), that would be even better ! I personally love Medieval / Steampunk genre. Having some anachronism laying around, with technologies that are yet to explain but available through use of artifacts and good old engineering powerd by coal, steam and lava. I'm not a huge fan of magic in the other hand, but it can go well with my previous choices. I do understand people have a thing for Dragons and other similar creatures, although I find it cliché and stereotipycal to use in such games. I tend to avoid them as much as I can. And you, what is your opinion ?
  12. Firstly, i'd like to say that this is my first time making a post like this, so excuse me if i make grammatical errors and what not. What's the game about? RHG is a tournament style animation battle between 2 animators and their unique stick figures, basically whoever's animation was better would win and some would even make their battles canon to their character(etc one of them called FLFFL{ALFA}lost his arm in one of his battle and since then he's been only using one arm). This game is similar but you don't need to animate anything and theres alot more than just battling for glory. The players(stick figures) have some freedom to explore and travel around to become stronger however they choose to become so, whether by doing quests, hunting other players, NPCs and other things. The game would be designed to make you choose what you want to do instead of holding your hand for 90% of the time. Story? You're at the age in the stick figure community where you'll be able to become a gladiator, a gladiator is assigned tasks, missions and also participate in tournament battles against NPCs and other players. You can choose a general stat path where you want your character to be in (whether it is fighter,mage or tank and so on) then you'll be able to assign your own stats freely each level. There would also be alot of customization elements that would make your character unique like different skill setups, clothing and weapons. Thats pretty much all i have at this point. For staff, it's just me alone which you would realize after seeing the only few screenshots i have at the moment What has been done so far is basically just placeholder stuff to make it a viable concept(If that makes any sense), i have a stick figure character sprite that could be alot better but since there aren't much stuff from rpg maker regarding stick figures i had to improvise and modify one of the existing rpg maker ones and just made it plain black. The style of the map i was going for was like a moba styled one, where you have a base and then you go out into the wilderness,jungle and rivers until you find the next landmark and what not. The only weapon i fully made was just a sword to test the paperdoll and damage. There still needs to be a female sprite so i'm working on that. Classes are basically done but i think they may need better balancing as things go more foward. My plan right now is to actually get serious about this and make it into an actual thing, i didn't really have the motivation until realizing there aren't alot or any prominent mmo stick figure rpgs of this sort. I did have a playable version running and was using a custom character stat system but i didn't get enough forms turned it to actually make use of it so i just left it there. So in the next 6-7 days i'd make some changes to the user interface and actually try to make a presentable map and maybe a trailer of some sort? i dunno. I have alot of items and skills to make so i've been preparing myself and collecting alot of different ideas for skills that players would be able to use If you want to point out somethings to me and give me feedback and criticism i'll gladly accept it.
  13. XFallSeane

    Concept Numtopia Online

    Hello, i'm french, sorry for my english ! Numtopia Online What is it? Numtopia Online is a small ORPG developed with Intersect 2D. The game will immerse the player in the world of Melynnon. The story Two hundred years ago, the seven kingdoms of Melynnon were devastated by the great war against the evil forces called the Ne'Pry. A race using the magic of nothingness to control the elements of natures such as animals or other creature, which gives them a powerful armies. The seven kingdoms managed to lock Resh'zu into Todem's space. Todem is a huge magical fortress once fortified by the Kair. Resh'zu to successful find all his magic power and destroyed the space of Todem, two hundred years later he is back, and want to annihilate the world of the seven kingdoms. Peoples The people of Melynnon are numerous and all have a peculiarity of their own, it took a few months but now we have the name of each people, here they are: Kairi, Ill'Caris, Micathia, Helodyns, Aquavians, Moatis and Zornums. Each people will have their own characteristics and different style of play. Each kingdom will have a different specificity. The history of the seven kingdoms will be available soon. The gameplay Quest system PvP system Craft and skill system Friends and group system Navigation system by the sea Medias The links Our sites Our development blog: https://web-play.fr Our forums: http://web-play.fr/forum/communaute/numtopia-online/ Game Page : https://web-play.fr/numtopia-online/detail/ French Version : More information Road map: http://web-play.fr/forum/Sujet/feuille-de-route/ Logbook: http://web-play.fr/forum/Sujet/journal-de-bord/
  14. So I have been messing around with the idea of making a side scroller with Intersect. There are a few issues that I would have to find a work around for. One issue is jumping which I could just leave out and instead just have climbing as well as using the grapple stone feature. So far it seems the more I think about this idea the more I feel it might be possible. Any ideas and suggestions would be much appreciated so throw them at me if you have any. Here is a screen shot and a short screen recording showing climbing in action. The video is pretty choppy so keep that in mind. Video: http://recordit.co/l8vWWx4WwP
  15. Thedarkers

    Concept Illumina Project

    Hey guys, What you guys think about my new project. Here somes graphics that I made:
  16. So, I've been working on an engine as well, and for quite a while now--but I've never finished it, since I keep starting over from scratch. This time I was able to salvage a lot of the logic from a previous attempt, so I've gotten pretty far relative to the week or so that I've spent back on it now. Here's a video demonstrating my camera system; right now, my engine is not chunk-based, so when the camera hits the edge of a map, it will stop scrolling, and the player moves from the center of the screen. Eventually I'll make it work for chunks so you get an open world, but this is the first step in getting there: (Watch in HD so you can see the code--it will help explain what's happening, since there's no sound)
  17. Hi. For those of you don't know, I'm working on a game called Aegis with @Ghostly and @BiGG. We don't have a thread yet because we're working on preliminary things while waiting for Intersect's source to come out. Nonetheless, earlier today I was working on some lore/backstory for the game, and I made a zone overview for the game world. It's a pretty big image, so be sure to zoom in and scroll around to get a better look at the text. If you have any questions/comments/concerns/suggestions about the overview or the game feel free to ask!
  18. Here's my game concept, the art is completely original, made by myself. New HUD, new ARMOR and more! NEW NPC!! New DEVELOPMENT IMAGE!
  19. Since open source is not released yet, i've been writing down ideas i get on a whim in a text file. I'm pasting it here because this area is called "Show Off" and maybe you're interested.. maybe. *Hunger/Thirst/Energy system that drains from 100 to 0 percent over 10 hours. When maxing out your statuses, get up to 150% experience. When your statuses are 0%, only get 50% and start getting hurt. 0% sleep will knock you unconscious for 1 minute at a time, getting you back to 1% sleep giving you time to make it back towards the nearest town. *Each player gains a spell at level 30 called "Alter Ego". Allows you to transform into your alter ego for a minute. Each player is given a randomly generated looking alter ego, using the paperdoll slots. Ability gain is dependant on your stat build. *At level 50(max), each player is given a spell called "Last Words". A hardcoded spell that does different things depending on stat build, but always has a crippling effect on your character once finished casting, good way to end a fight if you're confident it will kill your target. *Adding rain to the engine. Rain can occur randomly but not more than once per two hours and not longer than 10 minutes at a time. Rain gives you a WET debuff, draining your status bars faster. Can be avoided by wearing an umbrella or raincoat or activating the mana shield spell. *The further you stray from safe areas like towns, the higher danger levels become. Each danger level number adds a number to the range of players you can attack works like the wilderness, but in a rectangle around safe zones. Add an integer to map data and map editor, so i can set danger level for each map. *Day/Night cycle. Nights are shorter than days since most aspects of it are negative. Some monsters spawn during the night that dont spawn during the day. NPC houses can be robbed during the night. PVP danger levels are doubled during the night from a maximum of 10 to 20. *Add a spell that has different effects depending on nighttime/daytime. *Add bombs that can break cracked walls, like Zelda.
  20. SO, here I am, mapping every region, starting in red/blue ofcourse Warning, humongous image xD
  21. Skaveron

    Concept The Wheel

    1. Premise “We are all just Cogs in a machine...” The Wheel is an enormous floating fortress, drifting around in the void with an ever increasing population of many different alien species. Most of them are outcasts and run-aways, some are survivors of doomed worlds while others are prisoners, unable to find their way home. The Wheel itself seems to have no clear origins, though many attribute the creation of the original fortress to an ancient, unknown race of engineers that vanished long ago. Over the course of thousands of years, The Wheel has gone through many changes and iterations, as new species discovered the fortress, often by accident, their spaceships became permanent fixtures of the station as their technology was integrated into The Wheel. Now the floating bastion is a hodgepodge of different alien structures, ships and tech all meshed together to create a strange, albeit functioning whole. The fortress is not stationary and it isn't direction-less either. Occasionally, ancient drives and engines somewhere deep within The Wheel fire up like a hiccuping giant and either steer the fortress towards some unknown destination or teleport the entire thing somewhere else entirely. As the fortress passes by habited systems, some of The Wheel’s residents take the opportunity to raid these planets in order to steal valuables and resources, and to kidnap slaves. So far no single group has been able to figure out of The Wheel’s full capabilities and several factions and gangs are vying for control over the ancient fortress, either through politics or through force. 2. Summary The Wheel is an online RPG with a heavy focus on Roleplay. Most of the game takes place in The Wheel itself, which is divided in to several different wards that serve as home territories for major guilds. To keep things fresh and dynamic, The Wheel 'moves' and as new planets become accessible others drift out of range, giving players new locations to explore every couple of months of so. The main focus however is a game of politics, influence and control. Heavily inspired by the Planescape setting (The City of Doors, specifically) and the likes of White Wolf RPGs, players with common goals can band together in Guilds or Gangs. Whether they want to gather wealth, personal power, political control, explore new worlds or unlock the secrets of The Wheel itself, that is up to them. 3. Art Style Considering the setting and potential mature themes, I feel the usual cartoony or animesque style doesn't fit. Instead I would like to go for a more 80’s inspired retro futuristic art style. For examples, see games like Hyper Light Drifter, Undungeon, Narita Boy, etc. 4. Mechanics The Wheel will not make use of levels and a limited sort of class system. Experience can be gained by defeating monsters and solving quests, though experience is more like an extra currency used to purchase Skills. Skills or a combination of certain skills will give a player access to more areas and interesting bits of lore and information, and unlock crafting recipes. Combat effectiveness of a character will depend on two things; Equipment and Enhancements. Equipment, although having a significant impact on a character's stats should be considered secondary, as all equipment is dropped on death. Things like rare and unique weapons and artifacts can be found, though running around with these in public has obvious risks attached too them. Enhancements will determine your primary play-style. Each character has five enhancement slots in which you can fit any type of enhancement (Mutations, Tech, Psionics & Manifestations), although not every class can use all enhancements of a certain type. Enhancements follow a certain thematic trait that grants a number of buffs, special abilities or attacks depending on the enhancement in question. For example, 'Plugs and Ports' is a Tech enhancement that allows you to access and hack terminals or defense systems. 'Acid for Blood' is a Mutation that grants you immunity to certain hazards, though also gives a character an Acid Spit attack. By mixing and matching enhancements a player can create a unique toolbox of abilities that fit their play-style. 4.1 Classifications Organics [Humans, most Aliens, Intelligent animals, etc.] Average in everything. Can use enhancements of all four types, but with limits. Flexible. Mechanicals [Robots, Androids, Holograms, AI, etc.] Slow, but increased physical defenses & hit points. Start with one rank in Engineering for free. Can use certain Tech enhancements that no other species can use but will never be able to use Mutations. Ethereals [Dimensional beings, Supernatural entities, etc.] Increased mental defenses. Largest magic/mana pool. Free ranks in knowledge skills. Access to all of the Psionic enhancements but can never use Tech enhancements. The Eldritch [Monsters, Slimes, Living Plants, Lovecraftian Horrors, etc.] Minor increased physical and mental defenses. Free rank in Forbidden Lore. Can never use Tech enhancements and only a small, limited selection of Psionics, however they have access to special, more powerful Manifestations. 4.2 Skills Skills are still subject to change as planning continues. Skills Related to Game Mechanics • Genetics – 10 ranks, allows discovery & creation of mutations • Bionics – 10 ranks, allows discovery & creation of Tech usable by both Organics and Mechanicals • Cybernetics – 10 ranks, allows discovery of Tech exclusively available for Mechanicals. • Engineering – 10 ranks, Creation of weapons, armor and other technological items such as drones and portable turrets. • Meditation – 5 ranks / 10 ranks for Ethereals, allows discovery of new Psionics. • Forbidden Lore – 5 ranks / 10 ranks for The Eldritch, allows discovery of Manifestations. • Chemistry – x ranks, creation of ‘potions’ and hypos. • Nature & Survival – x ranks, useful when scavenging & exploring planets Knowledge Skills (Used to gain more information, can be used for RP, or called by DMs, might also be called during certain events / quests) • Knowledge (The Wheel) – x ranks • Knowledge (Dimensional Theory) – x ranks • Knowledge (Universal) – x ranks • Knowledge (Physics) – x ranks 4.3 Enhancement Types Mutations Mutations are usually only available for Organics and The Eldritch. Mechanicals lack biological components to mutate and an Ethereal’s biology is usually too complex or too advanced to accept any kind of tampering. Although mutations can provide someone with amazing benefits, they often come with a draw-back in the form of physical changes, some of which might be quite gruesome. Tech Cybernetic implants, advanced prosthetics, brain stimulators, etc. Tech comes in many forms. General Tech such as weapons and gadgets can be used by anyone, although Tech Enhancements can only be used by Organics, generally in the shape of bionics and Mechanicals who can easily integrate new Tech in to their bodies. Ethereals have a hard time integrating tech in to their bodies for the same incompatibility reasons as with mutations and The Eldritch are simply too alien for common Tech to work on. Psionics In a broad sense, Psionics refer to any natural ability that can manipulate the world or even reality without the assistance of any intermediate tool or device. It is essentially ‘space magic’ though with alternating origins or explanations depending on who uses it. Organics and The Eldritch have the capacity to learn some psionics, though only the ancient Ethereal races can truly master it. Manifestations Also called ‘mantles’, Manifestations encompass Summons & Transformations. Examples Acid for Blood [Mutation] Usable by: Organics, The Eldritch Sabotage: Use Acid to get past certain barriers Acid Spit: Attack that deals damage over time Immunity to certain hazards such as acid damage, pools, traps etc. Plugs and Ports [Tech] Usable by: Mechanicals, Organics Allows the user to access computer systems for information and bypass certain electronic security measures. Force Specialist [Psionics] Useable by: Organics, Ethereals Force Shield: Increases physical defense by 10% Force Barrier: Summon a temporary impenetrable barrier Force Bolt: High damage projectile though with a long cool-down period The Specter [Manifestation] Usable by: Ethereals, The Eldritch Specter Form: Allows you to turn invisible for a short duration, increases your dodge chance. Summon Specter: Summons an illusion that deals no damage, but distracts enemies. 5. The Wards 5.1 The Greenhouse 5.2 The Labs 5.3 The Factory 5.4 The Hive 5.4 The Circus 5.5 The Gaol 5.5 The Market 5. Final Words I wanted to do so much more before making this post, such as have things written out in more detail and having more mock-ups for the different wards ready but because of work and other real-life priorities I have been slacking a bit. The Mock-up images are not final, and a few of them lack details I wanted to include and I'm hoping to spend a couple of evenings and weekends smoothing them out of time allows. Either way, I'm wondering about people's thoughts on this concept. C+C welcome.
  22. Hello, my name is @Weylon Santana and I work on my Heroes Apocalypse project. Heroes Apocalypse consists of an MMO 2D RPG created in the Intersect Engine and blah blah blah, all the shit that a lot of you must have read, according to the AGD page had 550 views. The question is not this, the question is "Why should you play my game?" "What have in my game innovative and different than other games do not have?" First think about the category of your game, mine is MMO RPG 2D, I would then have to play some MMO RPG 2D to be able to compare my ideas with what there is currently there, we could also say that there are subcategories like RPG 2D Top View, Open World, 2D Medieval RPG and so on. What would put us in a kind of competition with another game, realize that when we are creating a game and posting content in our topics, someone will compare our game with another game that already exists or existed, this is normal, as I know a lot of you have your games inspired by some other game, maybe you have played an incredible game and would have imagined what it would be like if it were done by you (which explains so many games of Pokemon or Dragon Ball Z), but why the hell do I have to play your game? Why the hell do you have to play my game? Heroes Apocalypse has in its planning a lot of content to try in many ways to affect you, believe me, I will try to do my best to destroy your psychological, I will bring questions about religion, of course, the religion of the game that includes Thirteen Gods, but will have a reality as the critical attitudes that people make in the name of religion. There is also the possibility of choices in the game, simple things like letting the person you love most die, or leaving children that once you helped die, who would you save? Yes, I will bring choices within the game that will affect the player, if you betray the King, believe me, you will never enter his castle again while the game is online. So far I have only seen in 2D Offline RPG, which does not fit my category, so it is not my competitor. Heroes Apocalypse will bring a war system, imagine you at the center of a war: NPC vs NPC, Player vs NPC, Player vs Player, and the country that wins will have numerous benefits like shops with cheaper prices, or the like, as well the country that loses will have punishments very difficult the life of the class that is born there. But this is in the distant future. Some of you prepare a closed beta, then open beta, then alpha closed and then open alpha and then release. I'll use a different system. Heroes Apocalypse is about Seasons. The First Season will have two classes and basic things, Season Two will have more missions and unlocked places and such, Season Three will have a new class, and so on. Always will be releases. I can only be crazy right? Tests are needed, as well as bugs need to be fixed, and will be with every change of season. Talking about the engine, the Intersect Engine itself puts some "cons" in our projects, like the static walk (up, down, left, right), there is no death animation, attack, archery, We can not add more slots in the character, or create systems that we want, not without at least making a connection of events and switches without size defined, taking the quality of what we expected from our game and among many other things. It sucks, right? But this is no task for @jcsnider, @Kibbelz or @panda. They are doing their best to give us a base, not to make an engine like you want, give up the idea of guilds or housings, there are millions of requests here? Yes, but it's not their job, it's yours, this is what will also give the special touch to every game made with the intersect, do it yourself or urinate money in someone's pocket to do for you, no more apologies in the engine why does not that still answer "why the hell am I (as a player) supposed to play your game? Your ideas do not answer that question, at least not all ideas, there are millions of games guys, millions, what are we going to give the different player? We have to think outside the box, have our own ideas or adapt ideas that exist our way to make it look new. Search what our competitors do not give and what we can give. In Heroes Apocalypse, I'll try to break the fourth wall, where you'll have to solve mysteries from inside the game, out of the game, on websites, images, places and so on, enough to solve normal mysteries like scooby and let's move on to the world real, is not just a game, this is one of my ideas that sets a simple MMO 2D RPG from my MMO 2D RPG. Is this all coming now? Of course! (not), will come in the future, God knows which season will come, but it will come. I try hard to think outside the box, I do not want it to be just a project, I want it to be "The Project" if not for you, than for many other people. I stopped doing it all for 3 days just because I found myself thinking about it, and now I've been able to respond. Have you looked at the AGD Inactive Projects session? You should be scared, so many ideas died there, people who gave up, have you ever wondered if your project will stop there? I hope this serves as a motivation, think the word "motivation", "Motive for your action", stop programming for a moment in any engine you are doing your project now and answer me here below: "Why should we play your game?" If I were to talk about everything I planned for "Heroes Apocalypse" that I can only create with the functions of the currently Intersect, personal, it results in 15 Word Sheets of pure writing and few tables, when the intersect source comes out, and God knows when it will leave, we can do much more with the Intersect. I want to make it clear that this topic is not about my project, but it is about all projects, this is a question for everyone, and for many times, not elaborating a good answer to this question or not thinking about that question yours game failure, I've done a lot in my project in the last few days, although I do not post anything here in AGD, I woke up early many days to mapping or plan, I ask for help when I need it, I search other projects to see what I can give of novelty, ways to get help for my project, I have studied, read tons of files, I have opened my mind to the new and try give to people a concrete reason why they should believe me. And I advise you to do the same, do not disregard your project, take it seriously as if your life depended on it and try in the meantime to have as much fun as you can. know that no engine, no graphics, no excuse answers: "Why should we play your game?" What I mean is, innovate, that's one of the main reasons why people seek to venture into games. Get new ideas, put them into practice, persist and show everyone why they should play your game. This is my "Because ..."
  23. THE STORY The Kingdom of Eltaris once ruled the entire world and created great wonders such as the Rebirth and Focus stones. Peace and happiness was a universal experience and it was a true golden age. Then a darkness came over the land and turned good people into monsters. They raped and pillaged their way through the lands infecting others and turning them. Some however proved immune to the darkness. Those left standing split into three Kingdoms and became embroiled in a cold war that has lasted hundreds of years. They fight to control the central lands which are rich with resources and one day the entire world. A new golden age of peace and prosperity is within reach. Which side will you choose to fight for? Or will you decide to start a Kingdom of your own? GAMEPLAY OVERVIEW Eltaris is a free 2D MMORPG being built with the Intersect Game Engine. The game features no class system and a limited quest based level system. Killings monster will not give you any experience points, only completing quests. That means no mindless grinding. Reaching a new level won't make you any stronger by itself, but it will open up new questlines that will allow you to learn skills. Skills will not be sold in shops but are quest rewards. The more skill quests that become available to you, the more combat and spell options will open up. This will give your character more choices in how you approach combat as you progress through the game, basically making you a more diverse player. But it won't necessarily make you any more powerful than you were when you first logged in. This is on purpose to avoid the newbie slaughter that happens in most games like this which only drives new players away as they have no way to counter a 50 to 80 level difference. 5 newbs in starting armor should absolutely be able to take down a single vet. I want the game to be more strategy wins over your typical stats win of most other games. More on how weapons and armor factor in a later section. All players can learn everything but will be limited by which skills they can use at any given time based on their Focus, more on that in the next section. FOCUS STONES Focus Stones will be located next to every Rebirth Stone in the world. While you can learn any spell and skill and acquire any weapon, Focus stones will determine which you can use at any given time. A limit of 10 at a time while in your hotbar during combat. Everything in game will have a required focus to use. You can change your focus at any time as many times as you want by visiting and clicking on a Focus stone. Your options are as follows.... EARTH FOCUS (TANK) : RARE ARMOR - STANDARD WEAPONS - BASIC HEAL/BUFF - BASIC MAGIC DAMAGE WIND FOCUS (DPS) : STANDARD ARMOR - RARE WEAPONS - BASIC HEAL/BUFF - BASIC MAGIC DAMAGE WATER FOCUS (HEAL) : BASIC ARMOR - BASIC WEAPONS - RARE HEAL/BUFF - STANDARD MAGIC DAMAGE FIRE FOCUS (MAGE) : BASIC ARMOR - BASIC WEAPONS - STANDARD HEAL/BUFF - RARE MAGIC DAMAGE THE POWER OF WEAPONS AND ARMOR As mentioned above there are only 3 types of weapons, armor, and spells in game. Basic, Standard, and Rare. Lets use weapons as an example. All basic weapons in game will basically have the same ballpark of damage output. All standard weapons would have twice as much damage output as basic weapons. And all rare weapons would have twice as much damage output as a standard. This same formula applies to everything in game. This means the a Veteran player fully decked out in rare gear and at max level, you would have about 4 times the damage output and armor defences as a brand new player in basic gear. Hence my comment in the previous section about 5 newbs taking down a vet if they wanted to. I have not worked out all the details yet but It should only take a player a week or two to train up to rare in any single category. But it would take as long as a year to max everything conceivable option out. STARTING OUT IN SAFETY Players will choose one of three Kingdoms to fight for when they begin the game. Depending on their choice they will start the game in one of three cities. These cities and the lands and the villages around them will be complete safe zones. These areas will also be full of skill quests and item quests which will introduce players to the lore of the game. Players can freely travel between all three kingdoms, which are located around the coast of the main island. But depending on the Kingdom your bound to, shop and Bank NPCS will not interact with you. And consignment NPCS will charge a heavy markup. There will be some black market dealers who will deal with you but expect to pay a heavy markup. Best to shop in your own kingdom. This area of the game will also feature fun things to do for a player that has no interest in RVR or PVP combat. There will also be arenas that you can practice your hand at PVP without the risk of losing anything. FULL RVR GAMEPLAY The center area of the island is where the blood will be shed. Many small keeps will be located through this vast area and feature some of the more valuable harvestable resources to craft into better armor, weapons, and items in game. The deeper you go inland, the better they get. This entire area will be RVR and you can attack or be attacked by players of the other two kingdoms. This area will feature full loot AND EQUIPMENT drop on death. Equipment has a LOW chance of breaking and becoming unusable to the person who loots the corpse. This is to feed the player driven economy. The keeps will be surrounded by powerful guards that will protect the players of the kingdom that controls it. To take the keep for your side you will have to fight your way through the guards, the players, and kill The Lord Commander of the Keep. Upon his death the keep will belong to your Kingdom and it's guards will respawn to protect you and yours. Keeps will feature everything you need to restock and craft and get ready for adventure. There will also be questlines that when completed will allow you to switch sides and join another Kingdom so you won't be stuck with the choice you make when you start the game.. I can smell the dirty traitors and spies allready. LOST CITY OF THE ANCIENTS Within the RVR lands you will come across the once great capital city of the Ancients. Unable to use the Rebirth stones, death is final for those still alive with the Darkness so their numbers have dwindled. While they can reproduce to increase their numbers they are reaching extinction. But even after hundreds of years of dwindling numbers they still control this lost city. What amazing ancient knowledge forgotten to time might be within these walls? Who is brave enough to venture in and find out? This area is also RVR and it is highly recommended that you bring friends. Anything less is certain death, from other players or the Ancients themselves. With darkness came great power. This is also the home of the Guild Master so those wanting to lead will have to venture here! FULL PVP GAMEPLAY Ships and sea monsters will make up a vast ocean full of smaller islands. This entire area will be unrestricted PVP with full loot AND EQUIPMENT drop on death. Equipment has a HIGH chance of breaking and becoming unusable to the person who loots the corpse. This is to feed the player driven economy. Each of these smaller islands will also have two keeps for you to take, but you won't be taking them for your Kingdom, you will be taking these keeps for your guild. The resources that can be found in this land are the very best and rarest, and they can be used to craft the rarest and most powerful items in game. Those who control these resources will have attained great power. Do you sell them and become rich? Or do your hoard them and become feared? CONSIGNMENT VENDORS Items labeled as basic can be purchased at any NPC vendor in the kingdoms. Items labeled as standard or rare can be crafted by gathered resources and sold exclusively by players who set their own price. Players can list and sell their goods at any local consignment vendor. These vendors are local and players need to travel to their location in the world to buy and sell their goods. There is no global market. Consignment vendors will charge a 10% tax to all locals within the kingdoms and a 50% tax to those who are loyal to other kingdoms. Consignment vendors in PVP areas will have their tax rate set by the guild that places them. That guild will get all the revenue. RESOURCES, BANKS, AND DIRTY PIRATES The game has 3 resource types to gather. Basic Resources are used in crafting everything and can be found anywhere in the relative safety of the kingdoms. Standard Resources are used along with Basic Resources to craft better weapons, armor, and items than those that can be purchased in NPC shops. These resources are located exclusively in the RVR areas. Rare Resources along with Basic Resources are used to craft the best weapons, armor, and items in game. These resources can only be found in the PVP areas. If you want to keep those resources safe from looting banks are a great option. All banks will be local throughout the game world so if your want something in another area you will have to physically move it there. Players gathering resources in far off lands can use nearby banks to keep their riches safe while they gather and hunt, but don't expect any ability to access those once you head back to the safety of the Kingdoms. Don't like to gather resources you say? Become a dirty pirate and let your victims do all the menial labor. If you can find a pattern in the movement of goods, your sure to build a fortune unrivaled. GUILDS ARE NOT FOR THE WEAK Do you think that you have the leadership skills to lead your people to riches and glory? Well sorry, your going to have to prove it first. To start a player guild your going to need a guild deed FIRST. And to get that your going to have to go on an epic quest. To successfully complete this quest your going to need help from your friends. Not only that, but your going to have to be organized in order to pull it off. When others see a guild leader walk into a room, they will be impressed, because you my friend have done what few others have been able to do. You are to be respected! So seek out the Guild Master in the Lost City to begin your epic quest to glory. Guilds will have the ability to control keeps in the far off PVP areas. They will with luck and hard work control the flow of Rare Resources. But to protect your new Kingdom your going to need numbers, can you win people over to fight and die by your side? We will see.. THE WORLD OF ELTARIS So I have been working on this map guide for my game to make the job of creating the world easier for me to do. None of this is set in stone and things will probably change a lot once I get in the editor. But it will give you a pretty solid idea of how the game world will be laid out once everything is done and ready to go. The 3 PVE areas shown are the 3 different Kingdoms. Each will have a big capital and 9 smaller villages serving as quest hubs. You can also see the 20 keeps located within the RVR zone that you will be taking for your Kingdom. And on the ocean you see 10 PVP islands each with 2 keeps on either end. Will you share them or take both for yourself? You can click on the map to view the full size. It's going to take me months to build all this out but I have done it before so I can do it again. PREMIUM CONTENT AND THE FUTURE This game will always be free to download and play for everyone who wants to join in on the fun. But running a server and paying developers isn't free. While we are using a wonderful game engine with lots of features there is many changes that need to be done to accomplish our vision. So there will be premium content available for those who choose to support us. Just to be clear, none of this content will give players any kind of advantage in game. This system will created and added after the base game launches. More details will be announced around the game's launch. We are targeting a Summer 2018 launch but that could change. Since the source code has not been released yet I am focusing my time on planning out the map (which you can see a draft of above) and the way in which the various game systems will work. I have a pretty detailed plan beyond what I have posted above but I'd rather not share everything publicly. I will be using this thread to answer any questions and post any important updates on my progress.
  24. Doctor Who

    Concept Mine&Slash | Unique ORPG Game!

    t -------------------------------------- EN Hey Welcome to the presentation of Mine&Slash, Mine&Slash is an ORPG based on Greek mythology. In Mine&Slash you are an Hero in investigation of Power of God, you have to brave 100 floor of the Divine Purgatory to be a God! At the last floor you have to fight with the god where you have allegiance. But you have RPG classic features too like evolution of you player, Guilde, faction, commerce etc... All of that with a constant evolution! For brave the 100 floors of the Divine Purgatory you have to upgrade your player with many features for be more and more powerful! -------------------------------------- FR Mine&Slash est un ORPG hack’n’slash créer sous, Intersect dans un Univers basé sur la mythologie Grecque. Dans Mine&Slash vous incarnez un héros en quête du pouvoir ultime pour cela vous allez devoir gravir les 100 paliers du purgatoire divin et affronter le dieu auquel vous aurez voué allégeance. Vous retrouverez aussi tous les rouages d'un RPG classique comme : évolution du personnage, Guilde, faction, commerce (achat revente, échange) tout cela avec une constante évolution. Pour pouvoir passer les 100 étages du Purgatoir, vous allez devoir faire évoluer votre personnage sous différents angles pour être assez puissant pour terrasser les différents monstres qui vous barreront le passage dans votre ascension. For English go on: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hack_and_slash Dans un hack’n’slash , le but est assez simple, vous incarnez un joueur qui est en quête de réussite et de gloire, pour ce faire il va devoir terrasser des monstres qui gardent un trésor. Une fois que vous l'avez battu, vous allez obtenir son trésor et donc évoluer pour ensuite terrasser des monstres encore plus forts que le précédent. Cela se résume une action infinie donc l'objectif et de devenir de plus en plus fort pour combattre des monstres de plus en plus coriaces.
  25. Hello! Before you continue reading, I have not started on this and am merely collecting thoughts on an idea that is brewing in my mind and on my fingertips. For a long time I have been studying two languages and have always wished there was more resources to use them. I live in a very southern town in the Midwest of the United States and anything other than English is considered offensive, and thus do not hear my target languages unless I am in class or online. I often find myself falling off course playing video games when I should be studying. But why not both? "Monty, you are dumb." I know, I know. Been a crazy dreamer since the day I started thinking but I think it is a concept that needs to be discussed and debated. I will be upfront when I say this concept will never be able to be achieved alone. As of right now I am only fluent in English and can speak a moderate amount of Norwegian. If this concept is widely received and agreed upon, a large amount of work will need to take place to find a linguist team willing to share their knowledge. The Concept I'd like to officially start this post with the concept I already have in mind, but would love different concept variations along with feedback on mine. To even say "Language learning MMO" is crazy. For starters, to get the game going there would need to be a massive amount of people. And there are great odds that within those Mass amounts of players, there will be players who want to learn different languages. So how do we make a game that allows a lot of players, all at different skill levels in their target language, to play together and have fun? Do we copy and paste WoW and just rename things in their language? Do we make it a chat simulator hooked up to a big box that says Google Translate? No, I was thinking something more along the lines of Final Fantasy Combat.... What? Omg a social MMO? Well I never. Yup, the old classic Final Fantasy combat. I got the idea when browsing Steam and saw some really cheap Japanese learning game where the Kana are the attacks and you make words or something. I didn't fully understand that game, but it gave me an idea for a game like this. So, what would it need to work? This took some thought, but after awhile I came to the conclusion that the game needed to be practical. Most people aren't learning languages to learn words like "Monster" or "Savior of Light" (Maybe they are... Who knows!) But the game needed to present their target language in a practical way. I am still torn between if the game should be used as a learning resource, or a practice resource. The two are very different and would change how the game would be played. I shakily say the game should be both. Level (Which is an indicator of where you are in the language based on a fictitious scale) scales with the time and effort you put into using your language(weapon). Players will start at level one and steadily work their way up by using their target language in battles. This is how players would achieve that: In battle where players will translate a sentence in real time. For example, you encounter a level 1 enemy. After selecting the attack command, a phrase in your native language appears on your screen. "Apple". A text box appears below and you must type the translation. For this example, Spanish. ">manzana". If you typed in the correct answer, the enemy will take damage. Selecting the magic command will do the opposite. Text will appear: Translate the following "mazana" . Then you have to type "apple" . The first time you encounter a word it will be already typed for you. You just need to hit enter and type it again. This follows the duo lingo approach. Bosses will have a unique fight, where players must cooperate with others to beat them. Imagine that game Keep talking and Nobody explodes. Instructions will appear on the Player's screen giving them verbs they should have learned up to that level. In town where players must solve riddles talking to NPC's and reading signs I can find so many hoops and issues with what I just listed, but my fingers are giving out and I'm about to go make lunch and would love to hear your comments on such a game. Would you play it? Would you advise I delete this post and hang my head in shame? Leave a comment and let me know what you think. If you have your own game concept related to this, comment it!