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  1. Brinx

    Concept Driemmo

    Good afternoon! I came across this engine a while back, and recently very interested in trying my hand at a very simple yet pleasant 2D mmorpg. My Goal with Driemmo is to be as simple as possible, yet have fun and entertaining game mechanics that set it apart from other games that have been brought with this engine. Gameplay: You're a Hunter ( well once you pass a Hunter Exam hah) This game will heavily rely on Chanting, these chant spells will power your character physically and spiritually i.e, Attack, Defense, Ability Power and even Speed. Based on a tier system these spells will be dropped from Bosses/Dungeons across Dreimmo. Of course there will still be the usual RPG equipment, but i want to keep it very simple. Weapon/Armor/Accessory. There is going to be an overworld to easily traverse the game, nothing will be level locked (except the chants) Areas will not be blocked due to low level or quest requirements, though quests will vastly improve your character in Experience and also sometimes aiding in giving juicy Chant Spells for your continued journey. I'll be posting here frequently, although I am actively working on this, i will leave it as concept for the time being until i have content to show you wonderful people, Thanks the stopping by and reading. I am very open to feedback regarding my plan, thank you! Need to revamp the whole GUI eventually.
  2. So Im thinking about having global items: Items/weapons/armor/etc that is unique and global, meaning there are single instances of them on the entire server. E.g: God Sword - the most powerful sword in the game, and only a SINGLE character can possess it at one time in the server. You could balance this by allowing a player to only have it for a specified amount of time, or 100% drop chance on death so if you happen to kill the player, you are now the owner. And if the player logs out with the sword, they have a certain amount of time before the sword dissapears from their inventory/bank. Is this unbalanced? Are there fundamental flaws with this im not seeing? What are your thoughts?
  3. Hello community! Sorry I use google translate. I present to you my beginning of project on Star Wars. I'm developing a new sprite and presenting it to you in this short video. An old video also shows the city Mos Eisley being mapped. Thank you for your future feedback
  4. PreRisen

    Concept BitTale

    How's everyone doing? Currently I'm messing around and getting a feel for the engine (not much coding experience but we all start somewhere aha) My Goal is to create a Simple Bit Arena type mmorpg with the Ascension game engine. The goal is to complete Floors in order to get down to the Vile Depths where your sibling has been abducted and taken hostage to. The games graphics will be pretty simplistic but appealing to look at. (PLANS) - Tons of floors to complete - Loot based game (meaning end game is loot driven) - Special Floors (Mini-Bosses) - Rebirth system (rebirth will give extra stat points per level, but harder to level) - Floors built around party play (although single play will be doable also!) - High level capping with a real feel of progression (Will start low and will expand with each X amount of floors added) - Enchanting system to help make you feel good about yourself (kidding but enchanting will definitely help player progression) - Self made soundtrack - Self made Tile-sets and graphics. Again, my goal is to create a fun simplistic game you can jump in and out of easily and have fun doing it. No massive maps where you have to traverse slowly and get lost. Thanks for taking the time to chime in and read my Game idea, Any ideas/suggestions are more than welcome, I'll also be creating a recruitment thread incase anybody is interested in helping out. Have a great day everyone.
  5. You wake up and head out to work on the farm, when you arrive, your boss says that the Mayor has called a town meeting. You then go to the town hall and attend the meeting where it is explained that overnight, the Museum has been broken into and the Sacred scrolls have been stolen. After the meeting you talk to the Mayor and he explains that the townspeople thousands of years ago believed that the Scrolls came from the Divine Realm, and that as such an important part of history, it is imperative that they are found. You offer to go find them. After searching, it becomes apparent that the scrolls are not to be found anywhere in town, so you go back to the Mayor and tell him that. He concludes then that the scrolls must be elsewhere, and that because it is dangerous to leave town unarmed, you're given a bow and arrows, a shield and a sword. You can then head out into the world. I plan to have 50 individual scrolls hidden in various places across the map, some in dungeons, some in mines, houses, forests...etc. When you find all 50 scrolls, the mayor rewards you with a medal for services to the town and the game ends with you and your friends having a beer in the local tavern. Economy - Coins can be earned by either finding them inside chests, are dropped by killing certain enemies, or you can sell renewable goods from your inventory in shops. Coins can be spent on arrows, health potions, and maybe buying a horse. During your travels you meet a few sentient creatures you never knew actually existed, like Unicorns, Dragons, Elves and Fairies. Edit: I think it might be a good idea for some scrolls to be hidden not just on the normal overworld, but also hidden in the overworlds of the near and distant past, and the near and distant future, in addition to some on other planets altogether. I have been giving it some thought, and maybe there could be a companion NPC who is an alien. He is helping to save the scrolls, because without you going back in time your civillization never existed, and without your civillization there wouldn't be a Galactic Empire spanning half the galaxy by his time. By helping you save your world, he is helping to save his own. The culprit who stole the scrolls is an evil alien from the future who wants to rule the galaxy, and he can only do so by ripping the heart out of the Galactic Empire and preventing our survival as a species. Fortunately, this is resolved when you teach your distant ancestors how to irrigate their crops from the local river (being a farmer you know all about this). But it does create a temporal paradox.... how were you taught if the bronze age people were not before that point? Basically you and the alien stop the evil alien, and recover the hidden scolls. So... does this sound like a good concept for a game?
  6. There is a nice humble bundel for game dev for 20 day : https://www.humblebundle.com/books/game-dev-design-graphics-mercury-books?hmb_source=download_page&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_1_layout_index_3_layout_type_fours_tile_index_1_c_gamedevdesigngraphicsmercury_bookbundle Do you guys have read some of these ? Are they ok to learn ?
  7. Game Engine: Intersect Story: In the spiritual plane a colony of Man established a tribe to become closer to the spirits of the Realms. They worship them, they serve them and in return gain power to harness the Spirits of creatures, allowing them to combine strengths. The Civilization of Man that was left behind formed Kingdoms and they wanted this power for themselves so one by one the Kingdoms Armies attacked the Tribe in the Spiritual plane and enslaved them in order to use their powers for war. The Story takes place ten years after the Raid on the Spiritual Plane and the Players will be playing as these tribe members in order to gain freedom, or possibly even joining the Kingdoms. No Content at the moment. Plan: Establish a base for the class system along with low level content. Why you should play? The game will be a PvE focused game with a large Class system. This class system will give you the basic MMORPG Class at the start but once reaching a specific part in the Story you will be given a random Spirit Animal that will act as a "Sub Class". These Sub Classes could change your primary abilities, add new ones or increase the effectiveness of your abilities with passive buffs. The focused features for the beginning of this game will be the large class system and the PvE content. The only thing that I have done is create a base for what I want to do.
  8. 2D/2.5D MMORPG Concept that I want to become a reality SOON! Some of you might know an MMORPG from 2001 named Mu Online. Which is a 3D MMORPG based on a mythical story of Mu Island (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mu_(mythical_lost_continent)). There were several games that were based of the mythical lost continent of Mu: Dragon Quest 3 Duck Tales 2 Illusion of Gaia Terranigma Star Ocean and much more For sure the most known and famous game is Mu Online, with hundreds of millions of players world wide (most players are from the east - Phillipines, Indonesia etc). Mu Online had very good mapping styling, monsters ideas, game-play path and mechanics of skills. I was thinking of remaking the Character/Skills/maps, events and NPCs of the Mu Online game, but into a 2D or 2.5D styled game using some good game engine. I am very eager to make such game. I love 2D MMORPGs and I love Mu Online (and also Runescape). I do not know which engine, framework, tools, etc... to use, but I will need assistance on that. I am not looking to being the "game owner" or the only one that might profit from it. It will be a total collaboration from all the team. About me: My IGN since 2002 is PraySword or Twins. I have first started playing Mu Online at 2002, and continued to do so until 2009. At 2003 I started playing Runescape until 2009 as well. I did play a bit of MapleStory from 2008-2009 but it was too "Asian" for me... At around 2006 I have established a private Mu Online Server which was super successful, I has 500,000 registered users in the Database (for sure many duplicates), but out of them I had stable 1,500-2,500 online active players at any given time. As a teen ager who made a successful private server, this earned me enough money to rent professional dedicated server, I paid for 3 full time community managers who were also content creators for game (which I implemented in the server). There was only 1% of coding to get this server up which included the website, and the mysql synchronization of database and website. Other then that, all other features which were added to the game, where just re-configuring sprites and settings which existed. Due to that I never learned to be a professional programmer, as I dealt with configuration all of the time. While I was running this server, I lived in the USA, and I already become of age to do military service, so I left everything, server closed and was 3 years in a tank brigade in the Israeli Defense Force. When completing my military service I opened my own SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & marketing business, and this is what I was mainly running in the past years. I do the SEO and marketing actions for companie's products and services. Other then that I am married, and live in central Israel Recently, and due to the Covid19 quarantine, I started to go back to my past hobbies, which was running games servers, managing big community of gamers, etc... So I am here to really find Devs that would like to work together on such project, or else I could join another's project and add my skills: Story Line Mapping Strategy Content Community SEO/ASO Marketing Social Networks Organization Let me know! PraySword
  9. As I'm no longer sure if I want to create this as a game or develop it into a regular story, I have decided to just post it as a concept here and share and get feed back about it. Below you will find the base premise of how the game or story will be about. I will also link in the WIP from years ago from when I was actually still interested in game development. Needless to say from then to know there have been revisions on names and other things. And here is everything so far. Original Game Topic (Not actual original but it is the first game post here. The actual original game post was made on a different site) Calendar and Year Information Characters Gods and Demons Races and Spoken Languages Regions/Cities/Towns/Maps
  10. Hello, I would like to share about 2 projects that I am working on at the moment, in the future there will be others. If you are interested in learning more about the projects, join the discord group, there I share all the progress logs daily: https://discord.gg/zhYReAA The projects are br, but if you have a good amount of people interested, I can do an English translation too. CDZ DBZ
  11. Using Intersect Engine Storyline: 50% A war that had raged between humans and demons for a 150 years was finally over. The four Kings, Rilnor, Gantel, Nintee and Thir finally rallied all of their Knights, Paladins, Mages and Monk's to slay the Demon King Together they reclaimed the four continents that had flourished so many years ago. After meeting for several weeks to discuss the future of the continents, they finally agreed to give one to each King. Together they put an initial to each of their continents and they would forever call their new world Riganthir. To be honest, my imagination is horrible. I am amazed if this ever sees the day of light. And i am the only dev for now! Map status: 5% Class status: 100% Spell status: 15% Item status: 5% Gear status: 10% Classes: The Knight, a solid tank to have in your group to help bring down the toughest types of enemies. The monk with their heals and stat buffs will make sure that your group is strong and healthy at all times Paladin is a hybrid between Tank and Monk, they have minor heals at the same time as they use 2-handed weapons. However, they dont have buffs. The Mage is what you always want in your group, his heavy dps and ability to move while doing so makes it the most viable class in game. Of course there will be tweaks and nerfs as we go along with each class. So this is what i have to show for now, hope it lures out some interest
  12. The Story: Long ago, when the world was dark and void. A God descended to the planet to create the perfect world. From the mountains to the rivers, this God had placed. From the creatures to the animals, this God had placed. This God created even the light, there is no darkness to be found, except that of His universe. This God created men, and women, but once men and women were created, this God found it hard to control His world. So He created Angels to help with the controlling of this world... Then there was a fight in the universe, for one of the Angels (which it's modern day name is the (Dragon King)) betrayed the God, and created deception which led to destruction in His world. Man went against each other, women went against each other, even the animals went against each other. God then cast the Dragon King away from the world and bound it with 6 Stones and placed each Stone deep inside the world's modern day Caverns and Dungeons; However when some of the other Angels learned that God had cast the Dragon King with 6 Stones, they had also betrayed God and descended to the world to gather the 6 Stones in an attempt to free the Dragon King. God can not allow this to happen because if these Angels get the 6 Stones and release the Dragon King. The planet will be consumed by the waters that he can call upon... So now; God has chosen many men and women, but only needs one man or woman, to get ALL 6 Stones at any cost, even if it means mass bloodshed in the planet. for all 6 Stones need to be given to God to cast another demon away. Will you be the one to get the Sacred Stones??? TD:DR Story God created 6 Stones to bind the Dragon King away from the planet which caused deception and destruction. God placed each Stone inside Caverns and Dungeons and now God needs all 6 Stones back... Will you be the one to get the 6 Sacred Stones??? The Concept: The Stones: Being that there are only 6 Stones in this world. Players will have to engage in PVP to take a Stone they need from another player to achieve getting all 6 Stones. The coding is already in place and it prevents ALL the exploits that I can think of... These Stones are not Items so they can not be bought/sold or traded, they will show inside the main GUI once acquired. Each Stone gives a player a specific power: This is a Spoiler so. The Engine: Highly modified EO 2.0 in VB6. Ambardia's server and client to be exact. The Graphics, Sound, Music: Right now; I am using Ambard's graphics for the most part. I am redesigning the UI because I am using Ambardia Reborn as my base so everything was wiped off the server and I'm slowly replacing what needs placed in the client so a lot of it is ripped and modified by me.. As well as Reiners Tilesets, and some other tileset resources. I have no clue what all is in here, as I've not really looked through it all yet. Sounds and Music, Probably Enterbrain and Blizzard tracks right now, I know I have some custom tracks in there. Anything else, I've no clue where they came from. The Staff: I still credit Ambard @ Ambardia Productions as I am using resources that I did not create, but I am trying to use as much as my own as I can, even though I know I'm not that great in graphical design. But as of right now, I am solo developing this. I might open for a small group of testers at some point (if anyone is interested, PM me.) I will let you know when I can use the testing via PM reply... Screenshots: All I really can show is some of the UI I have edited, as that has been my biggest focus, as well as the coding of the Stones. I have a small sample map that I just created because I got tired of seeing the black screen. The Future: Not even really thinking about it. I am doing this basically because I've been very bored and thought of a concept and went with it. I don't know how far it'll take me but I am accepting feedback and/or suggestions right now about this. I will likely be taking my time with development as I am known to burn out very quickly. I have re-done alot of the UI and the Stone codes within just 2 days. So, in-game content will probably be a slow progress to make sure it's all good and smooth sailing. I am solo testing until I feel confident enough to move this into an alpha stage: But be warned, it'll be quite awhile.... Completion States: Story: 50% Coding: 80% Stones: 100% Mapping: 0% Items: 0% NPCS: 0% Spells/Summons: 0% Animations: 0% Quests: 0% Skills: 0% Playability: 0% Thanks: Anyone who decided to TL;DR but still did. I love you. <3 Development Blog Updates: I won't be bumping this thread with updates so I'll just add any and all updates right here. TODO: ... I don't know when lol. Still need to update UI for Shop/Bank and Trades. I have to clean up the resources in my folders and remove items/spells/animations/sprites/sounds/music I won't be using. I'll have to start with the creation of items, as I have the items and item stats documented. Will have to try creating music and sounds... As I know I will be lacking in those resources the most. August 20th 2019 Updates: Finally fixed EO 2's Hotbar. The blt was fine, the problem was the fancy math in IsHotbarSlot(X,Y). When that just needed a simple Left = (32 * i) Updated UI's for Item/Spell description boxes. Cleaned up how imgbuttons were handled, unnecessary duplicate calls in each Select Case, instead of just calling them all invisible once and then just loading/unloading the picture box of which button was clicked. August 19th 2019 Updates: Got the coding completely done for the Stones: Meaning.... Players who stay logged in for over an hour will reset their inactivity state. Players who are inactive (logged out) for over 24 server hours will lose 1 stone per 24 hours of inactivity. These stones are placed back in the Caverns and Dungeons where they began. The stones are the main mechanic of the game and need to be available for all. Players will lose 1 stone per PVP death, that stone will be given to the PK'er. Players will lose 1 stone if they exit the game during the PVP combat timer. (UI changes which timer is on/off.)... These stones are placed back in the Caverns and Dungeons where they began. Players who have stones are able to be attacked in safe zones, but they can defend themselves once attacked, the pre-emptive strike is there for players that are trying to get the stones, yet there is no pre-emptive strike if the attacker also has a stone. Players get special bonuses for having each stone. The player who get all 6 stones are rewarded greatly by the God's as it is the end game for the conquest of all of the stones. All of the stones are placed back in the Caverns and Dungeons where they began, and this player does not need the stones any longer. I'm calling the Main UI done, I've spent more time than I wanted to on this... I just need to touch up the other GUI's.
  13. So I was using my old laptop today in the Uni lecture hall and I dug up some old battle systems I made when I was about 14-15. Judging by the fact I'm 20 soon, nostalgia is everywhere here. Here is a list of the battle systems in the video: Pokemon wild battle system with working animations and all moves involving damage and status effects coded! (I think I had catching and switching working too lol) Final Fantasy Tactics style battle system Old classic RPG battle system I thought I'd share what they were like with you guys, here's the video:
  14. Heyo! Its been a while. From the title i want to clarify that I know there are a ton of DBZ games around and some of you are probably tired of them, but hear me out Back in the days of Eclipse I made a concept of a sort of 2D "platformer-ish" dragon ball game called "Dragon Ball Tau" that was based around using LSW sprites (i love that artstyle). I managed to save two gifs from back then (they are from 2010 so at least 10 years ago lol): As you can see It wasnt truly a platform game because it lacked gravity and physics and it was just a matter of perspective (using sprites/tiles in a lateral way and a background image). But that game stayed with me all these years as a cool 'what-if' project to make one day. I think now is the day. Now that the source is out i've been playing a bit with the engine and im really liking it. I needed the source for this game mostly because i need to make a some sort of system of directions (4-directions is not enough, i need at least 6 with up-left, up-right, right, left, down-left, down-right) and probably a ton of sprites for airborn and grounded stances, so i was waiting for it to be released before starting heavily on this project. Now that it is out im having a bit of fun with it and im liking the capabilities Intersect offers from the ground up, amazing work there devs. Ive done this in a bit of spare time between yesterday and today, testing around graphics and animation/projectiles and also graphic tilesets: Wanted to share in case any of you is interested, and wanted to give some feedback ♥ Have a great day!
  15. Anterium Online Chap. 1. Enjoy the Ascension Overview: - Anterium is the name of the local planet where the game takes place, within the vision of the game there are five continents, with only two continents available to play in the first chapter. - In Anterium there will be no predefined classes, that is, the player will be able to use mixed equipment, use staff as his main weapon and equip metal armor, which in some games would be “Class lock”. - In Anterium the player will choose a faction, each faction has its continent, so the open pvp between different factions will occur. - In Anterium most of the maps are open pvp, with the exception of the big cities, the posts of the kingdoms and the maps conquered, the other maps have open pvp. Note: On the conquered maps this is a system where it will have a double interpretation, the map is conquered by the faction, however there are other maps on different continents that are destined for a certain faction, we can call this map Neutral, as it is as if it existed a treaty between the post and the enemy kingdom. - In Anterium, the intention is to minimally interfere in the players' actions, in this way we mean that within Anterium there will be multiple possibilities for player styles. The SG Soft Team (Sky Genji Soft) is concerned with serving all styles of players but without harming other styles too much. The player styles present in Anterium will be: - One of the great features of the project is to bring the sandbox world to the players, giving players maximum freedom to explore the whole project and its diversities. A little bit of the game's historical storyline A little about the available systems: Inside Anterium there is a server maintenance system, which is the means by which it will acquire resources to stay online; The first server maintenance system is the premium, which is a distinction between players who contribute financially to the project. There are two forms of financial contribution in the premium mode, the first of which is monthly subscription and the second is the purchase of the premium share. The monthly modality is almost self explanatory, to have access to the benefits of the premium player he will have to pay an amount every month (Note: it is not auto renewable, that is, every month the player must go to the store through the website and renew your signature). The premium action purchase mode is a “lifelong” way of accessing benefits, in this mode the player will pay a fee to obtain an item that is commercial within the game, this item will give access to all premium benefits for a single payment . Regarding equipment: Within the first chapter of the game, although we have several slots of items available, not all will be used at this time. We will have thirteen item slots, but only ten will be available: Fighting clothing and equipment: Accessories: • Specials: Team and plans: Team SG Soft (Sky Genji Soft) Plans:
  16. Hey, guys. I'm new to these parts and decided to create a thread to dump progress and stuff into. Right now, I'm just working on design concepts and framework. The goals of this project are to expand my logistical understanding of an online game, gauge reactions to my creative aesthetic and direction, and to serve as a piece of my portfolio. The only thing that looks good enough to show right now is the title screen, which I may end up changing now that I know a little bit more about customizing it in Intersect. Even still, I think it fits the overall theme that I've envisioned. If it wasn't obvious by the plot above, this game is going to be high fantasy with a tinge of futuristic elements. I'm not a great artist and that is the one thing that has impeded my progress, so most of, if not all, of the assets will be borrowed or modified in some way, with some of my own added here and there. Just a heads up, in case you recognize something. Title Screen:
  17. Note: This project is purely a concept, and I have no intent to begin putting the game together until I feel like I have perfected the vision I have for the game. This thread is mostly for me to have a central place for all of my ideas, to gain feedback and suggestions. Engine: Intersect BETA 6.1 (Tentative - I am hoping to just wait for Open Source) Brief Overview Grand Beasts is a game with quite an interesting story, and the entire game takes place underground (in a cave-level system), this location/world is called "Underworld". The complex system of caves will get more intense the further a player goes deeper into the Underworld. This game will be heavily based around a few main goals: Resource Collection, Government Roleplay (Kingdoms), Questing, and PvE. We will have PvP opportunities, but they will be mostly based on Kingdom relations (war, events, etc). Storyline The story of Grand Beasts takes place in an underground world that has many stages, or levels. Players begin in "The Commons" which is an underground village with Neutral relations. From there, players will begin forming the rest of their gameplay experience by joining a Kingdom and following the primary quest line. Lore The player enters the story, and the primary objective is to become strong enough to fight the Beasts that rule the Underworld in hopes to find the missing King to restore order amongst the kingdom. The player must focus on the primary quest line, as well as working on their collection skills to learn the secrets of the Underworld. Classes The classes are based on the primary groups of people within the storyline, but I would like to introduce more classes in the far future (Post-Release) as we expand the game. However, there will be four main classes upon release. Sentinel (Melee, Crowd Control, High Defense) The Sentinel is a melee class that uses crowd control abilities and high defense to battle. The recommended Mastery with this class will be Forging to create powerful gear to make up for their lack of range. Runecarver (Magic, Area of Effect, Unique World Interactions) The Runecarver is a magic class that can interact with Runes to create Enchanted Tomes (items used for every class to learn new spells). The recommended Mastery with this class is Enchanting to enchant powerful weapons. Veilguard (Assassin, Stealth, DPS) The Veilguard is an assassin class that uses an element of surprise and brisk attacks to fight their enemies. The recommended Mastery with this class is Enchanting or Alchemy to enchant powerful weapons or create strong potions. Virtuoso (Healer, Marksman, Execution) The Virtuoso class is a healer/marksman class with a powerful spell kit, and it is recommended to be on their good side! The recommended Mastery with this class is Alchemy to create strong potions. Kingdoms Upon completion of the Royal Quest, players will be allowed to choose between two kingdoms (we may add more in the future). Each kingdom controls certain areas within the Underworld, and can therefore teleport between those areas, interact with general NPCs (banking, general shops, government NPCs, etc.). Players can switch Kingdoms at a cost. Players will decide the fate of kingdoms through roleplay, as every 3 months a new King in each kingdom will be elected by popular vote. Kings can interact with certain settings within a kingdom, and help create the amendments/rules of their respective kingdoms. Neither kingdom is class based, and therefore will offer classes no added benefit. However, certain kingdoms will have quick access to certain collection areas, and would be beneficial for certain masteries. Runic Kingdom The Runic Kingdom primarily rules over territory with high Rune concentration. Last Order Kingdom The Last Order Kingdom primarily rules over territory with abundant resources. Masteries Masteries will be a good way for players to pass time when they complete their Daily Tasks and need a break from questing. Masteries will give the economy a special feel, and let players specialize in a certain area within the game to create exclusive items through their masteries so that they can sell them to people without that Mastery. Players can only master one skill, and will be chosen by visiting the specific Mastery NPC. Players will complete a very long quest line to Master certain skills, but once they do, they can create pretty much anything as long as they have the resources. Masteries are not the same as resource collection (mining, rune gathering, etc). Forging Forging allows players to use mined ores to create and forge powerful gear for each class. Forging is recommended for classes with low range, otherwise they'll be putting a lot of their money in purchasing strong armor. Forging must be done in a Forge. Enchanting Enchanting allows players to use runes and other resources to create powerful weapons and enchant them. Enchanting must be done at an Altar. Alchemy Alchemy uses resources to create special and unique items that cannot be bought such as potions. Alchemy must be done at an Alchemy Bench. Teleportation Teleportation uses Runes and Geo-Essence to create Teleportation Stones which can be used to teleport almost anywhere. Geo-Essence is very difficult to obtain, however, so it is recommended to only go this mastery if you know how to obtain it (it's a secret muahaha). Agility Agility is a mastery that actually doesn't make items, but gives the player a huge advantage when it comes to getting places. Players with this mastery can use special map interactions to get places faster, or to actually get to places not normally accessible to other players (these areas will not be areas that are required to access, but may be helpful such as more resources). Special Items Explained For my sanity, I have created a list of special items that are explained. Team & Current Plans Team: Updates: Plans: I really appreciate you checking out my game concept, and I really hope through feedback and some effort, I can turn this into more than just a concept! I never want this game to be exclusive, so as long as you like what you see, there'll be no need to apply for things like closed access. As soon as I finish what I want to be the initial testing phase, it'll be open to everyone who wants to test the game out. Please, please, please share your suggestions and feedback. I am someone who heavily relies on the ideas of my community, so it helps to hear the opinions of others. I really want this game to be unique and fun, so help me make it that way!
  18. Im not sure if i was supposed to use concept as my prefix but i really wanted to show this off . this was done by one of my moderators for our closed alpha which is coming up shortly! the slime king is going to be one of the first team bosses in the game
  19. A small demo of a 'Summon' spell created with Common Events. Features -Summons a Swarm of NPCs to attack for you. -Plays sound/animation on cast. -Despawns Summons after a certain time. Flaws -Summons are kill-able after they engage an enemy, and will attack player if attacked. -Summons do not follow the player, instead wander around and attacks the closest enemy target. Demo: https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/ascensiongamedev/filehost/927417a311553c380ec727438b65c47a.mp4 I will continue to improve upon the spell as the engine updates and release a tutorial when it's finalized. Any suggestions are appreciated!
  20. Português English Screenshots Créditos para/Credits to Celiannas Tilesets Kyrise(Softwood UI 3.0) Eric Matyas for/pelos BGMs Obrigado por verem Thanks for view
  21. Hello, I've been working on my project World of Adea for quite a while. While i originally only intended to only do mapping for fun whenever i felt like it, it ended up as something i wanted to finish/be playable, while there's quite a bit of content playable for Adea i felt there was something missing. Since i originally used it just for mapping since that's what i enjoy the most, i had zero plan or thought behind what i was creating. Intersect has also come a long way since i started doing anything with it, with those things combined, i felt Adea was rather lacking in player progression, balancing, zones, etc, just over all simply put. So a while back i started ripping some tiles from games that (there are rips by game rippers, but they're just raw sheets) and editing them myself to make them fit to a 32x32 grid. It has taken many many hours.. Not just to make them fit, but to edit pixels since they're not intended for a 32x32 system. From what i can tell, tidbits of graphics from these games have been used over the years, but not the parts i've customized myself. A part from this, i also dabble in pixel art, i've made a few of my own item paperdolls, and monster sprites. They can be found in my Adea thread. An important aspect that i will completely ignore for now, and possibly change in the future, is how i do paperdolls. I made them overly complicated, adding 'attack' animations with the movement frames. I will not do this now, and instead just use the movement frames for attacking. This will also allow me to use more sprites, change them easier (since i used a modified sprite as my base sprite), and also use bows/ranged attack weapons. With that said, I've decided to put Adea on the shelf and move on to a new and more well planned project. So before i delve into my plans for a game that i will spend most of my game creating time on, here are a few sample screenshots of the graphics mentioned above: https://imgur.com/a/fjQjy0q To start with, any projects i've made over all my years of game developing has just been raw mapping and some combat, never created a thought out story line. I intend to change this, by combining a base story, and then individual stories depending on the class you pick. Now, to be clear, there is a base story that everyone starts out with, but that quickly branches for each player. I've never been a fan of the 'great story line' where your path is laid out in front of you, with few deviations. What i've been thinking goes a long the lines of this: After character creation you discover you are part of your countries army, which is in the process of beginning an invasion of a neighboring continent. After you set sail, and i was thinking some type of short event movement controlled intro here, you land at an island a ways out in the ocean outside your target destination. This zone acts as the tutorial zone. You gain a few levels, during those levels you get to do a few simple tasks gathering provisions for the rest of the journey, to have the player acquaint themselves with the various schools of attack(melee, ranged, caster), and then set sail again for the mainland, however during the last stretch of ocean there's a massive storm, which sinks the entire fleet. You then wash ashore and start working your way inland, discovering a village (which is just outside Nusst, the capital of the continent). Nusst controls the entire region and most of the continent. There are outposts in every village/town to enforce rule, protect the citizens and collect taxes, etc. They also serve as quest hubs. Once there, the player decides it would be best to try to blend in, claim you are from a distant village looking for work, and thus you start your journey. Here is where it starts to branch off. I will include some elements from Adea, such as the class advancement system etc. Same with how i intended to create story lines. Each class will be given a quest chain that 'never ends'. It's purpose is to be able to further your class and have a type of goal, this quest chain is partially gated by content level, with dungeons and such being included in the quest objectives. This part includes whether you wish to work your way up the military ranks of the ruling nation or not, meaning you can freelance if you so desire. One of the things that will further your choices even more, and this part is not fully fleshed out (see below about organizations) is factions/reputation. Apart from your class quest chains i've put together a neat little idea, and that is organizations and factions. One thing i find is lacking in a lot of games is the villain groups. WoW does this excellently (or did, i haven't played the later expansions). So i've decided to take a page out of their book and implement that into my game. You can expect to have frequent encounters with: The Jade Alliance - These guys are a bit of a mix between all type of characters, bandits, outlaw mages, sellswords, and the likes, that banded together under one banner. They often raid supply houses and supply convoys. Western Trading Union - A group of excellent smugglers, thieves, and mercenaries united together to safely steal, ship, and sell various materials and resources. Excavators Company - The excavators company is a shady group of wealthy people who hire workers to excavate and plunder the land for resources. This group often works together with the Western Trading Union. The Southsea Raiders - A fearsome fleet of pirates who regularly attack and capture unprotected vessels out on the open sea. They also have a strong presence along coastlines and many harbors. Apart from the villainous type of groups, i've got plenty of good groups and organizations planned. While the groups mentioned above are mostly for player progression combat and quests, the good groups will serve as quest hubs etc. Features/ideas I intend to implement line by line: Fully open world Bounty System Encouraged World PvP Different Zone types with individual rules And all the usual jizzyjazz games nowadays has As you might be able to tell, i'm not much of a storyteller. Just not my strong suite, i'm rather unsure about the direction i'm headed with the game in general, but over all i'm quite satisfied and think it will be a lot of fun if executed properly. That is why i made this thread, since I work alone it is difficult to see if an idea is decent or not. So, based on the short idea and ideas i've posted, any thoughts? I'd love some feedback Worth noting, since i have a general outline of what i want to do, i've been developing and mapping for quite some time now, but i've halted enough so that i can still implement changes to the ideas above.
  22. Tutorial for system: Not posted or worked on my game in a while due to starting my new job, but now I'm settled in I have jumped back on development. Today I have been messing around with a few new concepts which I have got working such as "Hunger / Thirst System" and a "Lift System" for my game, which I will disclose more late on, for now I just want to show off my "Lift System" I made: https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/a58c6c76386b9421958fa3337aba5509.mp4 If people are interested in how I done this I can make a video / tutorial Let me know what you guys think. Ignore the mapping, just placeholders for now until I add more detail...
  23. SO, here I am, mapping every region, starting in red/blue ofcourse Warning, humongous image xD
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