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  1. I would like to trigger an event when the player has a quest and press the button to abandon that quest thank you
  2. Hello in programming when you use a condition you can use && and || to represent And and Or how can i use this same operations but with Conditional Branchs??? ejemp: Conditional Branch (variable = true && var2 = "hello"){ Do this }else{ Do other thing } if i haven't exlpain well please let me know
  3. how did you achieve the cherry flower falling???
  4. i'm interested in this solution but i don't get it well, in the event the condition would be if the animation is happening but that would allow to the player to fish even if he/she isn't beside the water, i'm correct?
  5. Ok thank you guys for all the answers i'll check which is the easiest path to achieve this haha
  6. oh, i would like to use it as an common event in an item, in that case i can't puta a condition when the player is close to the water?
  7. hello i want to make that the player can only fish when he is close to the water, how can make some kind of conditional branch to make this work???
  8. hello this is pretty cool i just wonder how did you achieve to make that you only can use the fishing pole when you are close to the water
  9. it works! thank you so much!!!!!! i'm so happy now
  10. Jc i have this problem i don't know what it is every time i try to open the editor this happens: Please SEND HELP!!! :'(
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