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  1. yes it is! but i am making this because i want to use a 2.5D tileset which needs a lot of layers that's why i'm using photoshop to make more complex maps and then exporting them to intersect engine as images of 1024px X 832px
  2. i have a large map that i did in photoshop close to 30000px and i had to cut it to 1024px - 832px to make it fit in each rectangle, i wonder if there is a way to place the image as the entire map?
  3. thank you so much! i looked for it and yes that was the proplem!!! i change the IsTileBlocked void in Intersect.Client\Entities\Player.cs and change IsTileWalkable in Intersect.Server\Entities\Player.cs and set Passable = true; in Intersect.Server\Entities\Npc.cs
  4. i'm trying to make NPCs passables there is no check in the editor to make passable npcs the only way is entering the source but i can't solve how make an entity passable, Help!
  5. Hello! Worldofjimmy tell me that you are making a mount system plugin, i think that great! and i wish to know more about the project, Thank You!

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    2. Dagobah


      Wow that's amazing, when will be ready? and at what price?! 

      Also what are the Rendering offsets, is for many players, i'm very interested???



    3. Beefy Kasplant

      Beefy Kasplant

      Not sure yet about any of those things, it depends on how hard it is to port it to 6.2


      The rendering offset is to render the player higher or lower. Depending if they are on a big or small mount

    4. Dagobah


      wow, cool!
      if you can it would be very cool if a party or friends can ride the same mount

      i'll be waiting your amazing projecet to release!

  6. Yes that would happen and in the final i use an established option i use this condition: if (t.Despawnable && t.Base.Movement != (int)NpcMovement.StandStill) { //calling movement and attack voids } that makes all the NPCs that are established as Stands Still in its movement will be totally immobile even if you attack them, and the NPCs that are established as turn randomly or move randomly will attack and move with normality.
  7. hi! im trying to edit the npcs source, and i want to trigger an event when is attacked instead of when is death. https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/22fd93fb498ea5aca441d0728a463aeb.png
  8. Hi! thanks for your answer, i'm a developer and new in intersect so i think i can try to make something, where do you recommend me to start?
  9. i want to make something like this: Embedded Video Link i tought maybe as an npc, that follows the player or something like that, but i'm not sure what can be a possible option
  10. I already have check in two different clients and yes the NPCs are only releated with the player, if one player log out only the npcs that he has summon disappears, How can i releate the NPCs to the entire server? The boxes are NPCs
  11. How can i summon a npc and save it even when logout? i already made the summoning of NPCs but when i logout and login the npc that i have summon disappears
  12. ok i finally get it, i justa have to enter the source and edit in this path: Intersect.Server/Entities/Npc comment the call to void TryFindNewTarget and AssignTarget in line 665 and comment the movement in line 754 this way no npc will follow the player even if is attacked by him if (tgt != null) { AssignTarget(tgt); } else { Check if attack on sight or have other npc's to target TryFindNewTarget(timeMs); } if (CanMove(dir) == -1 || CanMove(dir) == -4) { //check if NPC is snared or stunned statuses = Statuses.Values.ToArray(); foreach (var status in statuses) { if (status.Type == StatusTypes.Stun || status.Type == StatusTypes.Snare || status.Type == StatusTypes.Sleep) { return; } } Move((byte) dir, null); } else { mPathFinder.PathFailed(timeMs); }
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