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  1. Gotcha fam: Kibbelz also worked on Intersect for a bit guys! He is one of the main reasons JC was able to create this engine all by himself!
  2. Count me in! (Once I got a game)
  3. Lol someone is lonely
  4. I'll start. I'm scared of everything with wings, but especially fucking chickens. Today I found this GIF and it's giving me serious anxiety, PTSD and triggerfeels http://i.imgur.com/WpKhtQO.gifv
  5. You won't win!
  6. Can I get mod powers to moderate @PhenomenalDev?


    Also I'd like mod powers to change @SPQR Panda's name to Rob the Panda

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    2. PhenomenalDev


      @Kasplant I actually think that's what he did also icon change yay! :P 

    3. Kasplant


      Did it for u phen xx

    4. PhenomenalDev
  7. More like: Congratulations @jcsnider and @Kibbelz for getting @SPQR Panda on!
  8. Awesome dudes! I have extremely high expectations of you and your work @SPQR Panda
  9. People don't worry. My mailbox is open and ready for your mail. Not saying I can help you with your programming questions though, but I do suck (at programming)
  10. Looking good dude! Very much looking forward too. If you ever get to a stage where most of the features are done, and you're looking for some help/input, hit me up!
  11. Post Malone is the voice of a generation

  12. Both. But I would work on getting 10 online before even thinking about 50 simultaneous players
  13. You can! If you have problems though, please post a new topic in the help section along with screenshots of your quest setup!
  14. Bamboozling vs getting bamboozled :( 



    1. PhenomenalDev


      Beanboozling vs getting beanboozled