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  1. WIP

    Gib, Im excited to try this game. But wat?
  2. Graphics

    Second is about hundred times nicer
  3. Mayweather vs McGregor press conference in 2 hours boyyssss!


    Dont miss out

  4. Bullshit. Where is my mod powers?
  5. Mapping

    Lol, was it really necessary to necro the thread for this? Anyways, might as well give some criticism. The river looks unnatural with the 90 degree angle. I know it's nature and it's supposed to be random, but the trees and foliage are messy and the map is too cluttered, maybe try to make groups of trees instead of spacing them apart like this. The rocks or something in the river look out of place. im missing some variety in the trees, only two trees is not enough IMO. Those are the things that spring to eye immediately to me. Good luck!
  6. Looking for Work

    Team SherwiN all the way!
  7. Looking for Work

    Get outta here, I used that Insect or something of yours, total waste of money
  8. Need Help

    First time Kibz posts in months!
  9. Very nice work @EVOLV! This is exactly the type of post this forum needs! Bookmarking this for myself and for future questions about the quest system. We are in need of more quality guides like this!
  10. Please support me!


    I set up a gofundme so I can buy a DBZ figure. Can't buy it myself because my gf said she will break up with me if I bought another "doll" what a bitch.



    1. Kasplant


      Instead of money, please lend me your energy to tell my bitch gf to shut up

      I can do what I want, it's my allowance, don't have to spend it on ANOTHER root beer float Debra

    2. PandaCoder


      Someone has been watching Everybody Loves Raymond.

  11. I believe if you press Insert a panel pops up. I don't know if you can ban/mute/kick/spawn items from there though. If not, Im sure it's planned to come eventually
  12. Just put an /s so all the autists can understand you're being sarcastic
  13. WIP

    Wooo more DBZ games! Awesome you got flying in with the event system! Good luck Gib, looking forward to more. My only big point of criticism is the tiles, are they subject to change?
  14. Cool. Me too. Try Google or pay people here to make them for you
  15. Does he have the same tileset as you do?