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  1. Cool. Me too. Try Google or pay people here to make them for you
  2. Does he have the same tileset as you do?
  3. Easy to add when source comes out. Wouldn't count on more paper dolls being added until source
  4. Fuck this. I want my money back!
  5. I was never quite able to port forward. Could be my own incompetence I know. So if this works it's pretty cool, nice work Phen. EDIT: There is a version 2.x.x version of uTorrent online as well, the version before the dodgy stuff. Not sure if that one has the UPnP though
  6. Graphics

    It looks awesome! But I can't help but feel that the piggy was supposed to be a rabbit until it turned into a pig
  7. It would be cool if buffs and debuff had different kinds of visual indicators: 1. An icon next to your vitals in your HUD showing which spells are affecting you. Hover or them to have the text show the exact effect. 2. An icon showing buffs/debuffs cast on a player or NPC. That way you can see if an NPC or player is debuffed or using buffs on itself.
  8. Looking real cool Zet! Do you have some template so I can take a crack at making some paperdolls too? Would be fun
  9. Looking real good! Would love to see more!
  10. Im thinking about buying premium. What do you think @jcsnider? Is it worth it?
  11. But you can make the best smileyfaces with it, if you wanted to. Unless, @jcsnider knows something about Paint3d that we dont
  12. I really like it myself. Been using it instead of blenders actually! But I agree, I'd like to see a definitive answer from @jcsnider before I make my final judgement
  13. That's looking really cool man! Love to see talented people coming to the community! Would be cool to start seeing some concept art for games too!
  14. Looking for Work

    No sadskript, no quiche
  15. Gotcha fam: Kibbelz also worked on Intersect for a bit guys! He is one of the main reasons JC was able to create this engine all by himself!