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Intersect Hosting Solutions - Easiest way to host your games!


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Intersect Hosting Solutions!

Hosting with me is stress free :PP



What this service is:

You allow me to host your games on my servers all around the world.  I keep the servers online, manage security, and do nightly backups, and everything else. OVH provides us with amazing bandwidth and our servers are strategically placed to provide great service to all of NA and Europe. I'll provide you with a nice and cozy admin panel where you can login to control Intersect. (Type in server commands, start/stop/restart your server, and modify files in your server folder)



Why you should host with me:


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Edit: June 2019: EU Servers are back!


More Info:



Sign Up Now!

Click on the region below where you'd like hosting to see our current stock.



How Do I Get Started?

Start by visiting Intersect Hosting Solutions and purchasing the server that best fits your needs. Keep in mind that you can always upgrade and downgrade tiers as needed by opening a support ticket. Setup steps after purchasing are in the spoiler below:


So you will get an email with a link tot he hosting panel and your login information.


There you will see a server list:



The host is in red. The port of your server is in blue.. type that into your Client/Resources/config.json file.


Go into your server and use the Stop button to turn it off:




Then go into the File Manager tab, delete everything there and upload the "Intersect Server.exe", "Intersect Server.pdb", and the "resources" folder from your own computer.



Finally go back to the console tab and hit start:




Your client should connect and let you play the game, the editor will let you edit the game, and when you're ready to share your game you can send the client to others and they can play too.


If you have any trouble or questions feel free to open a support ticket or reply to this thread.





Waiting on a different region?

Please take a moment and fill out this form! Responses to that form will allow me to gauge interest in different regions. Regions will be prioritized by demand!



I'm happy to answer your questions!

Feel free to ask any questions in this thread, or if you prefer, leave me comments via this form and I'll get back to you privately! I hope we can do business together!




We are no longer offering free trials, but all of our servers (with the exception of Massively Multiplayer) can be cancelled for a full refund within 48 hours of your purchase.



Visit Intersect Hosting Solutions today!

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25 minutes ago, jcsnider said:

Assuming there is enough Interest prices will get better, and so will performance :)

That's more or less what I figured. :) (More users = less costs to cover per user!)


@Abyss I'm assuming that if there's enough demand he could always look into a European host. :)

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Updated OP with the new set of packages I'm planning to offer:


[SNIP] - Site is live! See updated plans/packages here!


The smaller tiers are meant for development only will be made available right away.  The lower tiers will also have instant, automated delivery. 


I'll need to acquire more infrastructure to offer the higher tiers so I'd need 1-2 days to purchase servers and get them all setup.


Anyone interested, have thoughts, or any concerns?

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1 hour ago, Rob said:

It would be nice to know the Internet Speed of each package too



I don't think there's any real limitation there, beyond the fact that it's on a shared host between all the other games on the machine on a single 100/100 line.

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And if this expands we will be getting a 250/250 line maybe even 500/500. 


That said, these servers use almost no bandwidth, the important part is how fast we can push packets out to players. (Ping and Latency) The hardware in these data centers are better at doing that than your standard isp -- and there are other benefits too like DDOS protection and more. 

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  • 2 months later...

Few quick updates for everyone:


Intersect Hosting Solutions now supports 2 Factor Authentication for the accounts that you create with us! This adds a much needed extra layer of security. In the event that someone guesses your password they will not be able to harm your account or server!


As of mid January, IHS became self sustaining, which means that existing users are covering the costs of running this. After we release Intersect Beta version 4.8 I will be reaching out to everyone who has filling out the inquiry form above and start the process of expanding to new areas. A server in France will be first!


NA East options have been mostly out of stock, they will be restocked within the next week!


If you are interested in hosting and haven't already, please take a second and fill out this form! Knowing how much interest I have in each region will really help with the expansion process.


Thanks for the support everyone!

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