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    Is it worth spending time?

    I wouldn't say source is coming out "soon" nor "in a few months", that's all subjective. In my opinion source release is still not in the near feature. But again, its subjective. Beta 6 progress is coming along very nicely though. No matter the pace of development, I have faith in this engine. There's no official release date, but anything worth while is worth waiting for.
  2. Shilo

    Beta 6 - GUI Part 2 (By JCsnider)

    Huh? Kind of feel like you are purposely insulting Intersect Engine. Or maybe posted on wrong topic. Either way, you gotta work on your spelling and grammar, buddy. If that was a joke, it went way over my head.
  3. If you master AutoHotkey, in theory you can have it use mouse and keyboard macros as well as executing shell scripts. So that it will automate whatever you want as a robot. https://www.autohotkey.com/ AutoHotkey tries to give you the flexibility of a native developed windows app, while making it easier and more accessable through scripting and a couple clicks to compile.
  4. Shilo

    AGD Hunger Games!

    WOAH! Sometimes I surprise myself. Welp, Intersect is canceled. Everyone can go home now. DARN YOU KARMA! @jcsnider has been avenged by the police monkeys!
  5. Shilo

    Dev Blog 5/3/2019 - Combat + Event additions

    +1 I know this isn't meant to for suggestion thread. But I entirely agree. I don't remember the details, but I recall the transformation combined with paperdolling had much to desire. Also I believe there was no way to cancel spells which was a huge bummer.
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    So this is what these forums have resorted too!
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    I miss this show :(. Psych is one of the best shows ever. Those two main characters are so entertaining.
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    DarkStory Online

    I am excited to try this. Is it 100% translated in English yet? If not, is there a status/roadmap on the progress?
  10. Shilo

    Javascript framework

    From my experience, it seems to be missing key features (in my opinion) that Phaser 2 has. I believe the ones i noticed: - It doesnt have a scale manager - There is no video object. I needed both of those features at the start of one of my projects, so it was a pretty big turn off with Phaser 3. There is probably other features that are missing. I am confused at why Phaser 3 is still lacking features from Phaser 2. Phaser CE is run by the community and still being updated, so i assume it is pretty up to date with Phaser 3 as far as features go.
  11. Shilo

    Javascript framework

    As far as javascript frameworks go: Phaser and PixiJS are the leading frameworks. PixiJS is just a graphics/render engine while Phaser is a game engine (which includes extra features for gaming). I am mixed between Phaser and PixiJS. I prefer PixiJS as far as the API goes, but Phaser has added features for gaming. If you wanna try Phaser, I recommend giving Phaser CE a try. As far as game engines that offer HTML exporting: Unity Godot GameMaker Theres many others engines. But I think the main concern is to figure out the network library to communicate with your server, and that is where im uncertain. I believe figuring out what route to take for the networking should be the first step. I believe you are wanting to communicate via sockets? It's been a long time since ive done socket networking. I know Socket.IO is very popular but i believe thats just websockets? I have to admit I don't know as much as I should know for networking.
  12. Shilo

    App software.

    I just had a chance to spend a couple hours with Flutter and its very impressive. The Dart language is very odd to me and will take a good amount of time figuring out how to use Dart and Widgets, but I can tell Google put a lot of thought into Dart and Flutter. I will definitely be giving Flutter another try when I can. I'm mainly impressed with the small amount of code needed, build times, hot reloading, and allowing the use of VS Code (my favorite editor). But as others have said, find a method you are most familiar with already. If you are familiar with web development, try creating a web app and then you can even port it to mobile with little effort via Cordova. If you are familiar with C#, then give Xamarin a try.
  13. Shilo

    App software.

    I've used a range of tools, from native to hybrid development, for both iOS and Android. I would suggest using a hybrid solution that allows cross platform. As @jcsnider said, you may have to install Xcode and/or Android Studio depending on what platform you want to build for, even when building for hybrid apps. In most cases (all of the cases ive had) you will need to have a Mac to be able to build for iOS. The hybrid solutions (such as React) are very popular and somewhat easy to use due to being web-based. If you want to create an app from scratch, you can try Cordova: https://cordova.apache.org/ If you'd rather have some kind of UI already implemented, I suggest Ionic (which is built ontop of Cordova): https://ionicframework.com/framework Both are free. (I've never used nor needed Ionic Pro, which is the paid services they advertise) Theres other solution that I havent entirely tried that are worth mentioning, that i havent had the pleasure to use yet: https://reactjs.org/ https://facebook.github.io/react-native/ https://flutter.io/ https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/visualstudio/cross-platform/cross-platform-mobile-development-in-visual-studio?view=vs-2017 Theres no "right" solution, but overall my suggest will probably be Ionic until I find a solution thats better then Ionic. TBH, id love to try flutter and it looks very promising, and I may love it most. I don't want to bother suggesting native development because it's not pratical to develop for multiple platforms. But for native, I suggest the following: iOS: https://developer.apple.com/xcode/ (only way to natively code for iOS) Android: https://developer.android.com/studio/ (Windows phones are dead to me!)
  14. Shilo

    New resources RPG MAKER

    That's nice of you to share your work! I like the overall design of it, but if you'd like my advice, id say its lacking shading on the clothing specifically. It looks flat and mainly one color in my eyes. I am definitely not a professional artist and color blind, but I do think it could use a lot more shading on the clothing for all directions.
  15. Shilo

    problems with my ports guys urgent.

    +1 I was going to suggest this same thing. I have a router that doesn't have NAT loopback feature and I use this solution.
  16. Shilo

    Unstealth a stealthed player?

    Personally, I think the spell effect system should definitely have an event action that will cancel spell effects. Also if spells were activated via events also, ontop of having spells deactivated via events, would open up a whole new level of freedom and creativity. I understand that the response to this will be "after release", but I think this is something relativity small that would open up a huge world of in-game features. Example: Activated and deactivated transformations via events would be a huge thing for me. (Although on that note, hiding/changing paperdolls is a must too for transformations to be really useful) Welp, now im going deeper down the rabbit hole of useful features and off topic.
  17. Shilo

    Screenshot support?

    How do you screenshot from Intersect client? (Yes I know how to screenshot via third party applications) I found this topic (no thanks to the unsmart search bar, which is a topic on its own, the search function has much to be desired! I guess Google spoils me.): I tried F12 and I cant seem to see any indication of a screenshot being taken. Also I see no hotkey settings for the screenshot function. Is screenshot support implemented?
  18. Shilo

    need help with quests!

    I was told directly by him that he solved his issue, the problem was that the event had a condition for a level requirement that wasn't met.
  19. Shilo

    Failed to load options

    It sounds like its telling you that the "Client and Editor\resources\config.xml file" is improper (something about whitespacing, I assume). Unfortunately the error trace doesn't explain much that the general public can figure out, so developers can explain more. As far as the config file goes, It should be something like the following: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?> <!--Config.xml generated automatically by Intersect Game Engine.--> <Config> <Language>English</Language> <Host>localhost</Host> <Port>5400</Port> <RenderCache>true</RenderCache> <MenuBgm /> <MenuBG>background.png</MenuBG> <Logo>logo.png</Logo> <IntroBg /> <Font>arial</Font> </Config> Maybe compare or attach your config.xml file.
  20. Shilo

    Pixel art tool for mac?

    I love Aseprite: https://www.aseprite.org I haven't used it for Mac yet, so I cant vouch for it on Mac (I didn't even know it supported Mac). But I love using it for Windows. Try the trial before buying it.
  21. Shilo

    Tileset max size?

    Thank you very much! Very informative and covers a lot of my wonders.
  22. Shilo

    Tileset max size?

    Whats the max tileset size that intersect supports? (I tried searching the forums, but its not easy to find topics.)
  23. Shilo

    Mapping Our WIP Map

    My girlfriend is creating a map in Intersect. She's a beginner artist and mapper and we would like some constructive criticism from the community to improve the map. We are aware that it needs more details and feel like there is a bit of a creativity block. It's still work in progress. Is there any tips/tricks and/or tutorials to help with designing maps in general and making them professional and attractive? How do we know when there's too little or too many trees and so forth? Is there a general distance we should use between trees? Any other suggestions is welcome! I'm sure all of this is vague, but art and creativity is definitely not my strong suit and it's hard to help her with mapping. I am a programmer and logical by heart, so I lack creativity. Any help would be much appreciated by both of us, thank you very much! Here's the map: http://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/4dce8f345bf5bfce5ace45adee711cb5.png
  24. Shilo

    Our WIP Map

    Thank you guys for all the great advice! I very much like the idea of closing off the map with natural environment like cliffs and water to minimize the focus on the map and be able to focus on the variety in a smaller set of tiles. She decided to scrap the map and work on it again with the new goals and suggestions in mind. We will update this thread when we feel we have something worthy of showing. Thanks again!
  25. Shilo

    Tileset max size?

    Thank you! 2048x2048 isn't the real max right? The editor just gives a warning about older systems. What technology/specs are limited to 2048x2048? Also you recommend width at 512 but height at 1024. Doesn't textures get loaded as squares powered by 2 (or something like that), so it would be loaded as a 1024x1024 texture. I have to admit I don't really understand how it all works but I believe it's worked that way in a few engines ive used. So wouldn't it be best to stick to squared assets? So if the height is 1024, then it will load the width as 1024. Previously, we had over 130 tilesets, and we decided to remove all of the Mack tilesets and other tilesets to keep consistency and easier development. It dropped it down to below 130 tilesets. Then we started combining tilesets and dropped it down to nearly 100 tilesets. Managing over 100 tilesets is really hard when mapping, so we think combining tilesets is a must. So if we can have large tilesets while also minimizing any big memory impacts, woudl be great. I also know that having as many tiles in one tileset also improves frame rate performance. So not only is it easier to manage in the editor, its also better performance in the game. Any recommendations on how to manage it all better? I feel like the real suggestion will be start removing tilesets, but we've tried to trim it as best as we can while also having as much variety as possible. Overall, id like to know the true memory impact vs performance impact based on the sizing of tilesets. Can you give more details on the true impact of memory vs performance when loading assets? I know this is a really detailed topic but any details would be great. I think our goal would be tilesets between 1024x1024 and 2048x2048, but if memory is that huge of an issue, then we should probably rethink it. Sorry to go into so much detail. This stuff becomes OCD for me. I'm always shooting to optimize everything while also not limiting our game.