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  1. Shilo

    Rebirth Fantasy Online

    Thank you! Any chance you can give me details on your developing platform? Like what engine you are using. Games like this make me interested in how it was made.
  2. Shilo

    Rebirth Fantasy Online

    This game looks beautiful. It's really polished. Any news on a date for open beta? I noticed SkywardRiver has played it, but i assume he's in closed beta?
  3. Shilo

    PokeOne - 3D Pokemon MMO (Beta)

    @Kasplant From what i played so far, this is what i gathered: The "player level" is the "soft cap" for the pokemon in the specific region you are in. You are allowed to use pokemon cross-region, but if the pokemon is lvl 99 and you are lvl 50 in that region, your pokemon will be lvl 50 in battles. It's a really neat system, but i kind of prefer the old system of starting fresh everytime I go into a new region.
  4. Keep up the good work. I have always respected you and your work. I may be interested in your hosting in the future.
  5. Shilo

    Intersect Beta 4 Released!

    Could you please explain what animated sprites are used for and how exactly its used? The XML value makes sense, I just don't understand what its used for. I tested it out and I can see that if i set 1.png to an animated sprite, it will auto loop through the animation frames on my character. What practical solutions could this be used for? I assume an animated non-moving npc maybe.
  6. Shilo

    Intersect Beta 4 Released!

    I'm excited to try this version! My favorite feature with this release, is the dynamic UI. This will be very useful. It is possible to give us more details on the "faster networking" and "fixed combat"? I'm wondering what interactions will be faster with the networking (maybe everything in general due to a change in the networking library?) Also, combat is a huge thing for a game engine, so I'm interested in what "fixed combat" means. Thank you and keep up the good work!
  7. Shilo

    Best website for tile sets

    Just in case someone has trouble finding it, the website is https://opengameart.org/
  8. Shilo

    Isometric Support

    Thank you! You are always helpful. I kind of feared that it would require a lot of core changes, unfurtonately I have no experience with isometric either, so I was hoping to get more of an insight! What you say makes sense though. As far as when the source code is released, I know it will be released when you guys are ready. Thanks again!
  9. Shilo

    Isometric Support

    Sounds fair enough. But I do think one of the hardest tasks would be implementing isometric for the map itself. Just hoping to get comments and ideas on how I might tackle full isometric support.
  10. Shilo

    Isometric Support

    This question is directed towards the development team: When the engine becomes open source, in your opinion, how much of a difficulty would it be to convert to or add support for for isometric? Also, in general terms, what would be the steps to add isometric support? I only ask because Intersect is the best engine I know of, and there's no really popular isometric mmo engines. I plan on trying "Isogenic Game Engine", but I still feel like this engine is the best option available as a 2d MMO.
  11. Thank you for the quick response and the useful link! Sorry, I didn't find the post when I searched for an answer prior to posting this.
  12. Hello, First, I would like to say that I love this engine and can't wait for it to be open source! Thank you for all your hard work! I want to change the tile size to 48x48 to mimic the tile size for RPG Maker MV. I may also like to change the map size to either be smaller or bigger. I have a few questions: - Is the map and tile size virtually limitless within reason? - What are the problems with changing the map and tile size? I saw that the config.xml file has the following: It makes sense that changing the sizes would corrupt existing maps, which is not an issue for us, since we will creating the maps from scratch after changing the values. I am, however, worried by the severity of the comment itself. It seems like there might be other immediate or near future issues when changing the size. Is there anything I should be worried about? Thank you for your time!