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  1. From your previous post it did seem like you lack knowledge. I will ignore your comments about your current knowledge. What I think matters in your statement is how you say that you "have to give all your code back to the community". What do you think these generous programmers have done for YEARS developing this engine? This was all offered for free, something id gladly spend at least a hundred dollars on, even after the fact that ive donated. I don't know what the license is, but if we are required to open source any edits we do to the engine, by all means I support that. Anything a single one of us developers do will most likely never compare to the amount of work the Intersect team has done for us. On top of that, sharing code with everyone just helps make this engine even more amazing. It's kind of sad that you complain that the engine is not mature enough, but seem unwilling to share any code additions for the engine. Open source is such a healthy thing for programming communities and some of the biggest projects have been open source, undoubtedly because of the sole fact that it was open source to help contribute to it. Also since when does "opensource systems" mean that you should own it? If you could simply take the code and sell it, that would be entirely unfair and spitting on the face of the developers open sourcing it when they could make profit also.
  2. Unity Engine is a great choice to pick up programming and general game development. I use the engine regularly. Plus C# is a very enjoyable and well rounded language and learning Unity development will help you to work with Intersect Engine in the future. There is also a couple good 2D MMORPG assets for unity (such as uMMORPG 2D). Alternatively, Javascript is also one of my favorite languages because its very easy to use and widely used in tons of platforms. Unfortunately from my experience after everything ive used, whether is old VB6 ORPG engines, Unity MMORPG assets, Unity network assets, RPG Maker MV plugins, EOSERV, networking from scratch via web or game engines (you name it ive either tried or researched it). My experience has taught me that I require particular knowledge and skill-sets that I dont entirely have yet and I always end up back with waiting for Intersect Engine to mature enough. Now I just need time to dive back into it. I wish you the best of luck on your project! It's so exciting to learn new things such as Unity Engine.
  3. You are assuming things bud. At no point did I state that RPG Maker MV had no multiplayer plugins. As multiplayer games is a must for me, I have researched far and wide for decades on game engines with multiplayer functionality, well before RPG Maker MV and Intersect Engine existed. I have both used RPG Maker MV and followed the development of a few multiplayer plugins for years. There only seems to be one RPG Maker MV multiplayer plugin that has potential, and that is "Alpha NET". The majority are for past RPG Maker versions and the functionality is skeptical for all of them. If he uses RPG Maker MV for multiplayer, he will most definitely run into more difficulties. But if that's his choice then best of luck to him! But that's besides the point of my statement. I love RPG Maker MV I think its very possible to extend it with multiplayer functionality. However, due to it's focus on single player and turn based, it will prove to be an insanely hard task to create something even nearly on par with Intersect Engine. If Julian isn't happy with Intersect Engine, I fear he will have no luck with any engine given his current knowledge. That's why I simply suggested he should rethink his goals if he's not up for the major task at hand. I could have stated my RPG Maker MV comment better, but in truth, it was basically my backwards approach to the following: The limitation is not with Intersect Engine or any engine for that matter. It's all about knowledge, time, and dedication. The limit is ultimately in ourselves. With my decades of research and development with MMORPG engines, i've realized that even though there's no perfect solution, the real problem always ended up being my lack of knowledge and commitment, as it still is. You can do anything you set your mind too. Intersect Engine is merely a tool (amazing one at that) that helps you with your goal to creating an ORPG, whether we succeed is all on ourselves. Hope that makes more sense.
  4. @Julian Lets be real. This is far from a review and just straight complaints. Every point you made was negativity. Also a lot of what you said sounds like lack of knowledge on your end. Everything has pros and cons, but you seem to avoid looking at the pros, one of which would be saving a massive amount of time on creating your own 2d MMORPG from scratch. The fact that this is open source makes it practically limitless. One of the biggest giveaways to your lack of knowledge and openness, is the following statement: It would take a single developer well over a year(s) to develop something on par with Intersect Engine, and that requires knowledge and tons of free time that very few people have as programmers. Sounds like you should go back to RPG Maker MV and stick to using pre-build plugins and no multiplayer. I hope you take more than 4 months to learn how to do proper coding to know the shear work thats involved in this project. Heres my review: There isn't a single 2D ORPG Engine that compares to the scale and functionality of this engine. The dedication and effort shows very clearly. Thank you for making my life easier.
  5. Keep up the great work with this great custom version of Intersect. I am very interested in it. THAT LOOKS SO COOL! I love the stylish dark look. I am very excited to see the results of it. Keep up the great work. Very neat idea and art you have.
  6. I'm super amazed that the second set seems to have no artifacts. The generators ive tried had really bad artifacts and/or deformed. I like it so far. Not bad human output either. Well done.
  7. I'm a bit confused. The first set looks like AI generated portraits. I am impressed with the second set though. Did you draw it all yourself? Do you have a portfolio and are you for hire? Keep up the great work!
  8. This is one of the most exciting news to me. I feel like the development will be smoother and more rapid now because of these new systems and because the major features are implement. I can't be any more excited for Intersect future atm. Thank you so much @jcsnider and team.
  9. This guy is an amazing artist and person. His art has always impressed me and he's very friendly. I recommend checking him out! @Zetasis I intend on supporting you again when I can afford it. I think your prices are too low though. I wish you the best of luck.
  10. Thank you so much JC and everyone involved! I can't say enough to express my gratitude for this engine and everyone in this community. I feel like joining this community was just yesterday and its been a long ride. I think this engine is finally worth using for me personally based on my high standards and requirements. The 1.0 release and open source will be a dream come true and unlock the full potential of the greastest 2D ORPG engine. I can't wait to dig my hands into beta 6 and await the exciting release of open source! Thank you again and I wish you all the best. <3 @jcsnider I'm also excited for the networking improvements, especially when it comes to adding new packets as a developer. Does the networking improvements also mean there will be better latency and/or smoother networked gameplay? I personally never noticed any abnormal lag with Intersect, but I'm sure there's always room to improve networking in any aspect of games. I like networked games to feel as realtime as possible. I've played some popular MMOs where there is a considerable amount of lag between actions thats not noticable unless you run both clients at once and then the results is depressing how out of sync they are. Is there also client side prediction with the movement so it happens before the server receives it, or does the movement get handled entirely server-side? Any details is greatly appreciated. Sorry if this is the wrong thread to ask on. But I thought it'd be appropriate since the "Network Optimizations" doesn't specify if theres gameplay improvements directly. Also, I absolutely love that its possible to "unlock equipment slot locations for the character menu". Can you give any details on how it works? I assume there's no setting to toggle it on/off and its just editing the JSON file to move around positions and add slots. Is that correct? Maybe a sample JSON file that shows how this specific screen is laid out, would be beneficial to people that are new to JSON. Thanks for all your hard work! Im very excited!
  11. I wouldn't say source is coming out "soon" nor "in a few months", that's all subjective. In my opinion source release is still not in the near feature. But again, its subjective. Beta 6 progress is coming along very nicely though. No matter the pace of development, I have faith in this engine. There's no official release date, but anything worth while is worth waiting for.
  12. Huh? Kind of feel like you are purposely insulting Intersect Engine. Or maybe posted on wrong topic. Either way, you gotta work on your spelling and grammar, buddy. If that was a joke, it went way over my head.
  13. If you master AutoHotkey, in theory you can have it use mouse and keyboard macros as well as executing shell scripts. So that it will automate whatever you want as a robot. https://www.autohotkey.com/ AutoHotkey tries to give you the flexibility of a native developed windows app, while making it easier and more accessable through scripting and a couple clicks to compile.
  14. WOAH! Sometimes I surprise myself. Welp, Intersect is canceled. Everyone can go home now. DARN YOU KARMA! @jcsnider has been avenged by the police monkeys!
  15. +1 I know this isn't meant to for suggestion thread. But I entirely agree. I don't remember the details, but I recall the transformation combined with paperdolling had much to desire. Also I believe there was no way to cancel spells which was a huge bummer.
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