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  1. sounds good to me. If it seems as though enough interest comes in I may follow through on this.
  2. Neeknog

    Concept Driemmo

    your little guy is so wittle...
  3. Just for reference, nothing on the flyer is 100% actualized. Obviously the kinks will have to be worked out if enough people want to join in it. The more likely approach would be for me to check the resources folders and see what's lacking. Then manually add in graphics that fit the vanilla ones to make the set more complete. The problem is that I will have no way of determining weather or not the graphics used in a submission have been being crafted for 10 years or during the game jam week. So this was my idea on how to even the playing field and allow players to vote based on game mechanics, design, story and events etc.
  4. I understand what your saying, and I'm not against posting it around. What I mean is someone who has been using intersect for years would likely have the advantage right? EDIT: Here is a little mockup of a flyer! I also added a poll to the top of this thread.
  5. Well the game jam would be making a game with intersect engine. Not sure how many people would know how to use it over there, would definitely skew the results in intersect community member's favor.
  6. Who would be down to do a intersect game jam? I could organize it and setup a thread for it. Set the perimeters and theme and a start and end time. Comment Below if you would join this.
  7. Remember to upscale with nearest neighbor interpolation method or your images will be blurry and loose details.
  8. This looks good!! Make this as a wordpress theme/plugin
  9. Got a website up and running for my game Arcanist Online. www.arcanistonline.com
  10. Neeknog

    WIP Usatsune

    Your game is looking great, good luck!
  11. Hmm, maybe I did not understand the question. Do you mean. Like a chest that all players can add things into and take things out of? Don't bileve this is possible without code. Though guild banks do exsists.
  12. Hey, if you want all the players to be able to open the chest the same chest at different times you would create a player event with player variables. If you want the chest to be emptied for everyone and no longer full of loot when someone opens it you would create a global event / variable.
  13. It lands on the item on the spinner if that's what you mean, it does do that. Then it places the item in your inventory and gives you a message letting you know you received it.
  14. Hey, I made a tutorial for this way back when.
  15. Are these custom sprites? They look great, as for the mixing of the tile sets I'm not too fond of it.
  16. I'm not sure this is a feature you want to tackle with the events system. What happens to a player when their in a premium zone and their premium hours run out? What happens to premium items in the players bank and inventory when their hours run out? Can players trade premium items to players who have not paid for a membership? How will player pay for premium membership with real world cash? I'm assuming the owner will have to accept payment on a website then manually give a premium membership activation item to the player. Also giving membership based on a large pool of hours that only count down when a player is logged in is a method I'm not sure many game owners are looking for. It is cool that you have a small prototype for this idea created in via events, not sure its sustainable for a real release.
  17. This post hits me deep in the core. I spent a around 2k usd on custom features for my game that I thought were essential to make my game unique and stand out. Looking back I really regret doing this and do not suggest it for people who are not efficient programmers. That is unless you have a big budget which I'm assuming most do not have. When the big intersect update came out that fixed a bunch of stability and vulnerability issues I knew I had to upgrade if I ever wanted to release my game. There is no easy one click way of upgrading major releases like this. This left me with two options, try to migrate everything or start over. I obviously didn't want to start over so I went the route of hiring someone to migrate my features. The programmer got close to fixing most things but the whole process was convoluted and painful. Some features where never truly debugged which was mostly my fault because I failed to stay in contact with the coder. I also knew that I would end up crossing the same path again one day soon and couldn't stomache the thought of it lol. My suggestion is if you can't program to try and base your game idea around the current features of the stable engine. Just work long and hard on your minimal viable product. The core that makes your game your game. Worry about the fine details when your close to a real legitimate release. I say this because you could be working on your game for 2-3 more years before a real release is possible. In this time the engine could go through some huge rewrites and your plans could be spoiled multiple times. Also if you don't have a programmer on your team it's probably best that you focus more on the talents you are bringing to your game. This could be art, music, story telling ECT. Take it from someone who has restarted his game like 4 times. Just forget about custom features until much later in your games development. Build an audience, get some eyes on your game so you can justify spending some money on it. Also note that if you can't fix a bug within a custom feature yourself, it may never be fixed.
  18. The green leaves of your trees completely blend in with the grass tiles, try making them different greens.
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