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  1. Yeah my tiles are 48x48, so thats gotta be whats making it more obvious. Alright,well thanks for the info, I appreciate it. Its not so terrible that i have to switch to non seemless maps but hopefully one day it could be fixed or at least minimized lol. Thanks panda!
  2. Well its just me using dual clients to run around and test stuff. I can record a video of it if that helps. Could it be a bug that happens when u use dual client? in the video u can see that each time i pass into the next map there is a weird warp that happens that breaks the smoothness. Its seems like it warps you a space foward.
  3. I noticed when walking around seemless maps that on my screen everything looks normal, but on other players screen my walking animation pauses each time I enter a different map, making it look kind of unnatural. I assume this is known but I couldn't find any posts about it. Is this something that could ever be fixed in the future?
  4. Ok great thanks for the info. I'll consider all of that going foward
  5. Another question i have is, since all servers cap eventually, would it be possible to host, say, 3 different servers of my games current version? Like have 3 different clients to download on my website (since the current client can only connect to 1 server) that each connect to a separately hosted server?
  6. OK thank you for the answer JC. Ill most likely end up using ur $50 service when im going into alpha and beta testing, i was just wondering about the long term capability, but it seems u guys havent had a chance to test higher than 300 players which is understandable of course. Just trying to get as much info as i can about the engine because in my opinion its absolutely amazing and i could see myself going all in on development with it. Cheers!
  7. If someone were to use an expensive server that was like $1000 a month (like amazon servers), would it be possible to support a high player count or does this engine have a cap on how many concurrent online players it can support? When i say high player count i mean like close to 1k online.
  8. @Shenmue any chance of updating this in the future?
  9. Really liking the instance feature alot. The fact that only party leader can start an instanced map made me so happy ;')
  10. Ok thank you for the info. ill download the prerelease right now and try it out today. I know this isnt the place to ask this but is there a way to transfer all your data from a stable build to a prelease build? Like maps, classes, common events, etc? or do i have to remake my whole game?
  11. That will definitely be amazing to have, but for what im doing Im locking other parties out of the Dungeon maps instead of trying to make multiple instances of it, which is really easy to do but I just need a way to change variables on players logging out or disconnecting which is why i was hoping Cosaki could talk about how he handled the "-Logout / Death / Idle / Server Crash - the instance will reset." part. Death and Server crash is easy but the logout/disconnecting is tricky for me. EDIT: I think i figured something out, thanks for the instance info tho ill definitely be looking foward to it!
  12. Ok thank you. I see alot of trigger commands for common events but is there a trigger for On Logout? That would solve the issue for me as well. EDIT: I figured it out haha. Thanks for the info of events being player owned, that helped me think of a workaround.
  13. Hi! To keep things short, im trying to run an event on a map that detects if any players on that map have a certain item, and if not, some variables get reset. I know i can get it to run while players are on the map, but im wondering if its possible to autorun an event on a map that has no players on it. (Basically the map is locked when a party is inside with said item, and if they log out or d/c, the event can reset variables to unlock the map and let another party in.) Thanks for any info
  14. It could be a long time before thats out though right?
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