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  1. Could you try upgrading to b7 first? There's quite a few issues with b6 some of those with the database layer that were fixed in b7.
  2. I think it'd be easier to see if you can make an overload for ItemBase.Get that allows for searching by name if that doesn't already exist.
  3. I can't say. All I know is that the following changes are ready to go into the development branch: https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/pulls Which ones will make it to prerelease I can't say yet. Depends on how stable they'll be. As for that bug, I'm aware of it. I believe I've fixed it in a rework but that has to go through some testing.
  4. I'm not sure anyone has the answer to this. Me personally, I'm primarily working on the development branch at the moment and have quite a few changes / bugfixes lined up but those would need to be backported into Prerelease for 7.0.127 is coming. Not entirely sure what Jc has in mind for versioning or moving stuff around.. Because I'm pretty sure we're still supposed to nuke 6.2, replace that with 7.0 and then create 7.1.. Whenever that happens.
  5. Yeah, I really wouldn't recommend doing this with the event system but it's your party I guess.
  6. Oh boy, I really would suggest to program in a separate ui specifically for that. The event system can't display something like that I fear.
  7. If you make all sprites and paperdoll bigger they'll have more space. But that's probably not what you want to do. You'd probably need to render the player character at an offset compared to the mount sprite. So move it up on the screen by x pixels.
  8. I suppose you could make a picture that combines the two if you want them side by side? I'm not entirely sure what the exact end goal is though. But there isn't a way to do it right now.
  9. Not without some rewriting, like how would the engine know what sprite to use more or less frames for?
  10. Personally, I would try and look into extending the Critter class to make them follow a different entity to create pets. Probably makes them a little more dynamic than a silly picture being rendered at an offset.
  11. Sorry but this feels incredibly low effort and like a "go fix it for me" topic. What have you changed? What do you do when the issue happens? What have you tried to debug it with? What do you think causes it? And providing two files out of context of the rest of the project assumes we build a project surrounding it to make it run just to fix an issue you are putting no effort in to telling us about. That seems a bit unreasonable. Could you provide a bit more information than just an error that doesn't really tell us anything?
  12. No problem! And I can see the confusion happening because we never technically promoted b7 to stable despite it basically being our more stable release. Good luck with your project!
  13. Yeah, a deadlock is essentially an issue that happens because several threads try and modify the same data locks and are all waiting for eachother slowly bogging the system down until it just stops processing and everything is waiting. I imagine it's not a common issue, though if you can find any clues I'd be happy to take a look at it because that's definitely not something that's supposed to happen. Do you happen to know which version of the engine you're running? I know 6.2 has some known deadlocks we resolved.
  14. Could you try this using the prerelease branch? I believe there were some fixes regarding password recovery in that version and 6.2 is not actively developed anymore.
  15. I'm not entirely sure I understand the question? Could you provide a little more detail?
  16. Which version are you using and have you tried to see if the packet arrives at the server at least?
  17. That's odd, does the client say the password is changed or does nothing happen at all after pressing the button?
  18. You'll have to go through the database to rename every instance of the tileset I fear. Or simply stick to the current name, that's honestly a lot safer.
  19. Sounds like a deadlock somewhere, are you able to reproduce it or did it just happen once out of nowhere?
  20. That's part of the Entity framework and if it were an issue it would be an issue for everyone. As I've said on discord, are you sure you're not somehow cloning your player entities on the server and accidently decoupling them from the database layer by doing so? Try to play without ever using your warp changes or undo changes slowly in your git history to see where it starts. (just make backups of your databases before you do for safe keeping)
  21. It relies on new sprite sheets with specific names being present, I believe the available ones and their naming conventions are mentioned here:
  22. That simply means automatic port forwarding had failed and you'll need to do that yourself. Unfortunately how that works is entirely up to your home network setup, your isp, modem etc. So not exactly something we can simply tell you how to do within a few steps. Although it is required unless both systems are on the same local network.
  23. Possibly. I really wouldn't recommend just deleting stuff from the database especially not when the server is running as it keeps a snapshot of it in memory causing stuff like this. The fix depends on what the damage to their accounts is I fear. If there's nothing of value they could just make new accounts and that'd be easier.
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