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  1. Could you post the full error? Because that doesn't really show us anything that's happening.
  2. This is not possible in a plugin because it's handled in areas plugins can not touch. (plugins can add code, they can't change existing code) You'd have to change the editor form inputs to allow higher values and the validation methods in the server.
  3. Unfortunately there's no real reliable way to filter damage from just one player. The engine does not support and isn't made for pet combat by default.
  4. I believe that it should be included in the resources folder of the client for the full download. Assuming you haven't added any custom changes it should be a case of copy pasting the folder across. If it doesn't work after that there could be something else going on.
  5. I think that's the music folder. Did the sound and music work before this?
  6. Are you sure the client and editor (or the folder you're using to generate the update from) have the same files? As for protecting the JSON files, possible in theory we just haven't implemented it. Same with any protection that strict. I guess you could keep a hashlist of files to compare to the server.. but that seems pretty extreme for a fairly minor worry.
  7. Right, that makes sense. Off the top of my head it works more or less like this: 1. In the editor options (File - Options) enable Asset packing and configure it to taste. (The default values are likely fine as well for trying it out) 2. Go to Tools - Package update (or something like that, forgot the exact name) and have it generate an update. 3. Create a copy of your client directory 4. Delete everything in the resources folder except for these folders and files (Again, from memory. Might miss a file or two hence the copy): Fonts Shaders Gui\Layouts (the images in the GUI folder need to be deleted) Client_Options.json Client_Strings.json 5. Go into the update you generated and copy the Resources/Packs folder to your new client resources folder. If I remember the steps correctly you should now have a client with encrypted resources.
  8. There's a lot of mentions of the same item slot all over the file. Make sure to change them all to the exact same translation. For example, Helmet would need to be replaced with the translation for it everywhere you see the word Helmet.
  9. I don't quite agree with that being a cheat. But I suppose that's a discussion for another time and place. As for your question, could you not translate what I wrote to Russian when you quote stuff? I can't tell what was quoted.
  10. Seems like a somewhat minor concern all things considered to be honest. A far more pressing concern is having a game worth trying to cheat in first. No idea, I don't read (presumably) Russian and I don't understand the context of the question.
  11. Is this with a clean git pull? if so, can you try restoring nuget packages, then ONLY building the BUILDING project and then trying again? If it's an upgraded one, can you try to clean the solution and then build the BUILDING project and try again?
  12. I'm not sure I follow what you're trying to ask, but I'll do my best to respond to what I think your concerns are. It's an open source engine written in .Net, anyone can basically look into the source code and figure out how it's done to undo it if they feel like it. By default, the editor can package up all graphics, sound and music files into resource packs that are encrypted and bundled together to make it somewhat more challenging for just any regular user to grab your files. This is of course by no means a "100% safety guaranteed" situation, and frankly we'll likely never implement anything that's much more sophisticated or harder to crack. (It'd be somewhat pointless to considering anyone serious enough can crack the most complex commercial grade solutions as well). It's mostly just a deterrent for the folks that just want to copy paste your work. I'm not sure I see why asset encryption is scarier for an online game though? All the modifications made to the client will only ever be on the client that was modified. By default and what we are likely to provide? Yes. Doesn't stop you from adding your own method to do it to the engine though, but I seriously question if that's worth the effort. As stated before, large corporations with millions to throw at copy protection still have their systems cracked. I'd honestly be more worried about having a good game made than someone copying your files, because chances are that if they need to copy your files it means your game is popular.. and they will likely fail at making anything worth competing against you.
  13. Equipment translations are a little weird, yeah. They're basically in the server configuration. The line that defines the equipment slot is also the way it's displayed everywhere.
  14. They should be in the server translation files.
  15. In the client, server and editor resources folder there's a strings file containing translation lines for you to edit as you see fit.
  16. If by hiding you mean encrypting them, then yes. https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/topic/6035-can-i-encrypt-my-resources/#comment-51512
  17. Those are the database files yep. You don't ship those to the user though, you only need them on the server.
  18. 1. Not unless you manually do so. By default the client is exactly as you have it on your own development system. 2. I'm not sure I follow? Your server application has the games databases included in its resources directory.
  19. Leafling is a game made in this engine, it's on Steam. Unfortunately the only way to do this is to make a system like it yourself as there's no publicly available system for it. Best the engine can do by default at the moment is firing projectiles in the direction you are facing and diagonally. (On the grid). There's no homing projectiles or projectiles that can go off the grid.
  20. I'm guessing you mean a projectile that will fly at the enemy at all times regardless of angle? That's not possible by default, though people have accomplished things like that by changing how they work themselves. (For example in Leafling the projectiles do basically what you're asking for)
  21. I'd be fine with the option, however.. this should also mean that there needs to be a block sprite animation and not just the functionality.
  22. If it's just about where your sprite is rendered, that would be in Entity.Draw on the client. However, this would change how you make and block maps because the single tile of space you occupy does not change. If you want your sprites to occupy more space then that's a bit of a difficult situation with many options.
  23. Helllo! Could you please report both issues separately with an example over at https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/issues ? This allows us to keep track of running issues!
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