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2 hours ago, Dashplant said:

Pls I need a small baby server again 


Updated the stock, we actually have plenty of slots available.


Also, after the B5 launch my services will be upgraded to provide MySQL databases automatically and secure/encrypted connections to server api ports via ssl.


Prices for all tiers will be rising a little bit after those changes are live to make hosting these games a little more manageable.


Purchase your server at the lower prices now and you will retain the current/cheaper rates even after access to the new features are live as a reward for being loyal customers and helping this service take off.

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My services have been updated and are ready to support B5!  The upgrade process is still manual, and the easiest route is to download your server via the control panel, do the migration on your local machine, and upload the migrated server to my platform.


If you have any trouble please let me know, I'm happy to help!

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Orake is very different from Intersect. Orake was based in vb6. Vb6 apps only use a single thread. They probably had a dedicated sever with a good cpu with many cores (like all PCs these days) and Orake could only ulilize one of them. Things have changed a lot since then. 

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On 12/30/2018 at 2:18 PM, feder said:

so this means intersect engine can use cheaper servers with less requirements and get good quality?


Not necessarily.


CPUs are made up of cores.  Older computers had processors with a single or dual cores.  Today, a lot of cpus are at least quad core, but some have upwards of 8. Each core can generally process 2 or more threads at any given time.


If I had a 4 core processor, and my Intersect server had 40 active threads then the work load could be split between each of my cores so each core only handles 10 threads a piece.


If I had a 12 core server processor and my Intersect server had 40 active threads then each of my cores would only have to handle 3-4 threads a piece.  More work is done quicker making the 12 core processor a good idea.


For VB6 apps which are single threaded the work cannot be split up over all the other cpu cores.  If you have a 4 core processor and you run a vb6 app than your vb6 app will only use 1 core and the other 3 cores are a waste.


If you try to run that VB6 app on a nice dedicated server with a 12 core processor and that VB6 app only uses 1 core then the other 11 cores are wasted.


So what I'm trying to say is that on more expensive dedicated servers Intersect will have an insane advantage over the vb6 engine alternatives, but on the cheaper servers the advantage won't be as significant.


It's also funny because if a gaming pc has 4 really fast cores and the expensive dedicated server has 12 decent cores that are slower than the individual gaming pc cores then the consumer pc will actually be better for vb6 mmos. (Which is counter intuitive and really messed up!)


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I wanted to host my game on your EU servers but I just saw that they are not avaible now. 


Is it wort it to host my game on your NA servers although my players live in France? 

100ms would be OK for us. 



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25 minutes ago, Melow417 said:

Hello, I want to purchase a server but currently I get a critical error


i also get this error so we'll have wait until jcsnider fix the issue on this sub domain. The game hosting is still working though.

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Europe hosting has returned and North American servers have been restocked!


Click here to browse hosting plans in Gravelines, France!


Click here to browse North American hosting plans!


For our current customers, if you're server is located in NA but you'd like it to be hosted in EU I can make that happen, please open a ticket on my site or send me a PM. Thanks!

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Only files you need to upload are your config.json, playerdata.db, gamedata.db from your server/resources folder into the resources folder within the hosting panel. 


Be sure to shut down the hosted server before deleting and replacing those files. 


When the server boots your local game data will be live ^^

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