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  1. sounds good to me. If it seems as though enough interest comes in I may follow through on this.
  2. Neeknog

    Concept Driemmo

    your little guy is so wittle...
  3. Just for reference, nothing on the flyer is 100% actualized. Obviously the kinks will have to be worked out if enough people want to join in it. The more likely approach would be for me to check the resources folders and see what's lacking. Then manually add in graphics that fit the vanilla ones to make the set more complete. The problem is that I will have no way of determining weather or not the graphics used in a submission have been being crafted for 10 years or during the game jam week. So this was my idea on how to even the playing field and allow players to vote based on game mechanics, design, story and events etc.
  4. I understand what your saying, and I'm not against posting it around. What I mean is someone who has been using intersect for years would likely have the advantage right? EDIT: Here is a little mockup of a flyer! I also added a poll to the top of this thread.
  5. Well the game jam would be making a game with intersect engine. Not sure how many people would know how to use it over there, would definitely skew the results in intersect community member's favor.
  6. Who would be down to do a intersect game jam? I could organize it and setup a thread for it. Set the perimeters and theme and a start and end time. Comment Below if you would join this.
  7. Remember to upscale with nearest neighbor interpolation method or your images will be blurry and loose details.
  8. This looks good!! Make this as a wordpress theme/plugin
  9. Got a website up and running for my game Arcanist Online. www.arcanistonline.com
  10. Neeknog

    WIP Usatsune

    Your game is looking great, good luck!
  11. Hmm, maybe I did not understand the question. Do you mean. Like a chest that all players can add things into and take things out of? Don't bileve this is possible without code. Though guild banks do exsists.
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