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  1. Hello, a question, does anyone else experience the guild bank on 135?

    1. Neeknog


      I'm not a dev, I believe this bug was addressed though.

  2. maybe this is the guild bank bug again?
  3. Any screenshots of your game?
  4. I don't believe that for a second marsh...
  5. ahh, that's right. My bad.
  6. I think she means riding your horse. From what it looks like the mount system is just an item that he paper dolls the horse sprite over top. I'm sure the item provides a boost to speed when player equips it.
  7. I'm going to start making more of these videos. I created a new channel called neeknog which is where any of my content will be posted including intersect tutorials. I wanted a more generalized brand/concept for the channel because I will be posting a wider array of content than just tutorials. If you enjoy the videos I make please subscribe to the new channel. Thanks. With that being said, any suggestions of non coding intersect tutorials?
  8. I never did understand the tutorial, is this still up to date?
  9. Thanks dude. More coming this week, would like to get to a point of releasing 1-2 per week
  10. Only time will tell if we stand the test of time.

  11. There is actually a way of doing this. Create an npc with no sprite and make sure to remove the name completely so it is blank. Then make an event that auto runs to spawn a single npc on a desired tile and have it spawn the npc you created. Give the npc the spell you want. Make sure you have the npc blocked into an area inaccessible to the players so the player cannot walk up an attack it (maybe a blocked wall inside a dungeon). You could also make a self switch in the event that as soon as is spawns one npc it turns itself off by linking to a blank event page. This way you will not spawn 100's, not sure if this would do what you want it to.
  12. Hey guys! I just created a new YouTube channel and am in the process of making some game development tutorial YouTube videos. These videos will vary from graphics, sounds recording, and music to tutorials on how to use Intersect Engine. I figured I would make one topic to post them all instead of making a topic every time I post a new video/tutorial. Video 1 : How to cast shadows from objects in your game world: NON VIDEO TUTORIALS: Spin the wheel event tutorial: Feel free to post feedback, comments and suggestions. We can use this topic as a way of keeping track of witch videos you guys really want me to make as well. Feel free to subscribe
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