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OU! I skipped this section. I'm Ilya. I'm 33 years old. I'm from Russia, I live near Baikal. Siberia in general. I work in medicine, in the laboratory. I create games, programs. I'm a fan of visual programming and methods that simplify life and are aimed at the future. Just a little artist and designer. Sometimes I create websites. With English I'm not very good. But I'm trying to teach. Basically, Google translates for me or Yandex translators. The latter does not translate at all, but bears some kind of nonsense. So now only Google. In creation of games is already 10-15years old. 

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Greetings, I go by the name Rapiero and I am myself a Linguistics and Law student and also an amateur artist. My practices are composed by writing, drawing, sprite editing, and music composing.


I, as a creator, aspire to make 2 projects: one Visual Novel with two settings and some kind of online multiplayer game with rogue-like mechanics.


As for personal aspects, I am a fencing lover and pretty much all culture derived from the scientific sword combat developed in Europe, most noted by works of people like Camillo Agrippa and Capo Ferro. Therefore, I love games that have strategic melee combat.


My musical sense is heavily inspired on progressive rock keyboardists like Rick Wakeman and composer like Motoi Sakuraba. Although I do not actually make music as good as theirs, they sure tend to have some influence. I'm also fond of Baroque.


It is going to be a pleasure to know and work with you all and if you need anything, please, just get in touch!


Até mais!

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Hey, I’m Souliousery. I make games.

About me

I’m 11 years old, and I live in Canada. (No, we don’t drink maple syrup every day.) I have always wanted to make a game, and I am finally starting to make one. (actually another one.) (as soon as my laptop comes back from the repair store. Getting a GTX 1050 Ti installed.) My first game was from this summer, from a 4-day day camp at Carleton University, down in Ottawa. It’s called Dreamscape Boredom Buster, and is literally Dreamscape playing in the background with an overstretched background, with a guy with a gun that does nothing but put it above and under his arm. It’s on GameJolt, but please don’t get it. I am now starting on a new project with Intersect, called MMO Legends, and development is starting soon as the laptop gets upgraded and comes back. I’m looking for some help, but i’m not asking here. I hope you will like it when a playable build comes out. Anyways, I usually come back from school around 5PM, so if your bored, we can hang out on Steam. My username is in the description. Anyways, that’s me.

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