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  1. Capivarinha

    Global Quest

    Got it!
  2. Capivarinha

    Global Quest

    Yop! So, we have a way to create a kind of global quest/task without the source? For example: A quest wich appears on everyone's log, and have a task like, "kill 10.000 orcs", and when anyone kills an orc, the tasks counts for everyone.
  3. - Tonight 21pm (brazilian time)- 

    Project ASN 1st open alpha test. :')


    All the game and infos are in pt-br. I'm so lazy to write a topic project here. But anyways, take a look at 

    www.projectasn.com :')

  4. Capivarinha

    [Tutorial] Creating a minigame lobby

    Thats nice, let's add a test version of it on ASN. @Khaikaa, thanks for contribuition, bro!
  5. Already solved? What kind of problem?
  6. Capivarinha

    Spr Creator VX

    I've bought this, just what i need, thanks for the info, @Agoraphobic
  7. Capivarinha

    Spr Creator VX

    Thank you guys, i'll take a look when i'm home! <3
  8. Capivarinha

    Spr Creator VX

    Don't match with my world style :v
  9. Capivarinha

    Spr Creator VX

    up ;_;
  10. Capivarinha

    New Gui Free Download

    Looks nice! But the dragon statues seems to be a low res picture haha. But still nice, Tibialike :')
  11. Capivarinha

    Intersect Tutorial - Simple path puzzle

    That just simple and works perfectly nice, thanks for contribuition
  12. Capivarinha

    Spr Creator VX

    Yop, anyone knows if i can download this version of Spr Creator ? http://www.geocities.jp/kurororo4/looseleaf/ Or do we have a tutorial/how to add resources on the Spr Creator ? :o Ty!