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  1. the client

    Any screenshot or video ? What's the exacte error ? We need more details !
  2. Event on player disconnect

    Maybe it is possible to keep the player online (server side) untill the end of an event. This way, the event is still owned or tied to that player. For example, DayZ Standalone did this : when a player disconnect, an avatar of the player stay online for 30 seconds. That way player can't log off to avoid being killed.
  3. It would be pretty handy to be able to raise an event whenever a player disconnect. Atm something similar is done, stating in global chat the name of the player leaving the game.
  4. Removing MP and XP

    You can modify the GUI as you wish ! Just modify InGame.xml and MainMenu.xml files in "Client and Editor\resources\gui". In your case, you need to modify InGame.xml, and search for the following nodes : <MPBackground>, <MPBar>, <MPTitle>, <MPLabel>, <EXPBackground>, <EXPBar>, <EXPTitle> and <EXPLabel>. In each node, change the <Bounds> (values are : xPosition, yPosition, Width, Height). Just turn the last number (by default 25) to 0. I'm unsure about the use of <Disabled> and <Hidden> properties, seems like it does work on labels, but not on bars (background image?). You will no longer have the two last bar, but the player box will still be too tall. You'll need to change his height to match your new UI. I guess you'll also need to modify a couple of other things to match the changes (like buffs and so on).
  5. Change tiles picker background color

    @Crest That's the idea I also got, I just couldn't find the name of it. I'm gonna update my suggestion to add "duotone light grey checkerboard". Thanks
  6. Change tiles picker background color

    Done ! You can find it here : That's the idea I got, you can find my suggestion above !
  7. I was asking if it was possible to change tiles picker background color because I couldn't see shadows in my tilesets (shadows are black with 50% transparency, tiles picker background is black) and panda asked me to post a suggestion here. It might be usefull to be able to change the background color of the tiles picker to whatever we want, ether with a color picker, or in a config file (something like <TilePickerBackgroundColor>255,255,255</TilePickerBackgroundColor>) Even better idea why not a texture (duotone light grey checkerboard) instead of plain color similar to what photoshop, or piskel already do ? Live example here :
  8. Is it possible to modify the background color of the editor's tiles picker (black atm) ? I'm having troubles selecting shadows as i cannot see them (black with 50% transparency on black)
  9. What's the format of that image ? Any example ?
  10. Cannot type '@' in client

    That worked with this version !
  11. Cannot type '@' in client

    Thanks @panda ! Last version that worked was 4.2 (02 september)
  12. Cannot type '@' in client

    I'm using a standard french keyboard. So I tried with an US keyboard layout and it worked. Strange thing is that it worked for french keyboard on the previous version of Intersect, but it doesn't anymore.
  13. Arcwyre Community Weapon Contest

    Here is my contribution, hope you'll like it ! Hard to see, but there's three gemstone in the handguard. You can remove the two at the end, I couldn't make my mind between the two versions As I'm pretty bad at giving name, you can name it whatever you want to.
  14. Cannot type '@' in client

    *Bump* Did any one of you guys have the same problem ?