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  1. Bon logiciel de tâche?

    Bonjour à tous! Quelqu'un at-il des recommandations pour un bon logiciel de tâche, comme Trello, etc? Merci.
  2. Project/Task Management?

    Hello everyone! I'm looking to make task management on an online service like Trello, etc. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thank you :). ps. Sorry if this is the wrong section! The Questions part looked like it was for the engine only!
  3. Rap Battle

    Own, bro, sit down. You're embarrassing yourself. Can't you see that you've just crowned yourself the clown of Ascension town? I've seen better bars spat by MC Lars, and let's face it, he's not got much to shout about. Come to think of it, you're not just a clown. You're a poor dev, why are you even around? Hands down bro, truth be told, I don't know you and I'm not sold you're even old enough to control a Wii controller, never mind your peepee pole - c'mon, get the fuck out of Ascension before I get ahold of some gold acapella and go to town on your ass tenfold, it'd be a best seller. You're better off with BASIC, stick with it, trust me - you might actually finish something that doesn't involve your sister or your mummy. Failing that, go to the Lake District, get some goats and have a tumble with a Kid, dressed like Barnie Rubble whilst the bleaters expletively beat your lid like I just did, save me the trouble of doing it double.
  4. Introduce Yourself Thread!

    Hi! My name's Labrynthia and I'm working on an MMO set in antiquity :).