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  1. Matho

    Changing the whole map

    Thank you JC, just did it and worked!!!
  2. Matho

    Changing the whole map

    Hi there guys I was wondering, my game has something like 700+ maps in the main continent and I was thinking about changing the system making warps from maps to maps, is there any way to backup my maps and start it all over without losing my other resources? Like npcs, items, and etc?
  3. Matho

    fishing system

    @moscano, it was a very nice idea to make each direction, congratulations! @Capivarinha, take a look, very interesting and similar to what I was thinking for our game.
  4. Matho

    SKill Veneno

    Na realidade o 'tick' é a frequência do dano/cura por segundo, já o stat boost/effect duration é o tempo de duração do efeito. Se colocar 500 ms no tick, vai curar ou dar dano a cada 0,5 segundos, e assim por diante.
  5. Matho

    Banco de Dados

    Podes tentar usar o SQLite Studio para fazer algumas edições direto no banco de dados.
  6. Matho

    [Tutorial] Creating a minigame lobby

    EDIT -- can't I delete my post? XD
  7. Matho

    Disabling PvP?

    Yeah, that was what I thought... Thanks anyway!
  8. Matho

    Disabling PvP?

    Hello guys, So, I don't know if I'm really dumb, but I'm not being able to find where to disable the PvP for the whole game. Is it possible? Or I need to put safezone everywhere to forbid the PvP? Also, it still not able yet to punish players for PKing, like "Red Skulls from Tibia" or something like that, right?
  9. Matho

    [Tutorial] Creating a minigame lobby

    @Capivarinha, take a look at this tutorial. @Khaikaa, thank you for your contribution, it seems pretty nice, will test and edit this post.