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  1. Once I get gud with the programming, I can likely migrate back over to here, which is my intention, cause I can customize and tailor to my specific taste. I don't plan on learning JS, at least, it's not on my trajectory. My ORPG is a hobby project and most of my interests in commercial games are single-player games (learning Unity engine). There are hurdles, but the plugins so far make for fully functional 2D ORPGS. Parties, guilds, pets, crafting, chat, auction house, global events, etc. it's got it all almost - still in dev, but what's there works in a fairly non-buggy way. Cause I ultimately agree that if you program, this is the better engine (designed from the base to support ORPGs). But if you want to pull in new people who want to learn programming without it being too daunting to make stuff that almost all ORPGs should have at the core, and then moving away from it because they can't get a basic ORPG, it's gonna take more time in the oven for the dev and community to expand it to such. I hovered around here wondering if I should migrate back and make a "need a lead programmer" thread, but I'd be afraid of the cost for what I want to do (turn based battle systems, pet systems, guilds........) lol
  2. Well, note that i say fully functional ease-of-use, which is one of OP's main critiques. I more commented to the fact that someone thinks there's no MMORPG functionality in MV, when there is, and being consistently updated. I switched to the MV engine specifically for the turn based battles alone, which is a big pull to my specific project. My downside to MV is that it's JavaScript and I'm currently learning C# and not that, so when all is said and done, I could customize faster/better in an engine using C# than the latter. But for now battle systems are too daunting of a task for just an upper novice in programming. XD; And I'm too poor to hire anyone. So I'd say for ease of use, MV beats it out as far as "ton of nearly out-of-box" features", as most plugins come with clear guides for customization and you learn programming logic by altering code and tweaking here and there without having to write from scratch~ Hm, there's the "editor mode" you link to with the one plugin I use, but I am the sole eventer/maker in that regard so I haven't tried out collaborative tools on either engine. You do still need a little technical knowledge and some elbow grease to get it working completely as you want, pull it online, etc., the engine is just an easier engine to use as of now, if it has the plugins you want. EDIT: And yes, the cost, but it does go on sale for 50-75% of pretty frequently. In terms of cost though, this engine will always beat. Also i think more guides/tutorials/etc. could take it a long way as well. RPG Maker has a whopping community behind it, too. But it's too be expected since this one is still in its infancy yet.
  3. Incorrect. There are plugins to make robust, fully functional MMORPGs in MV, plus you're able to use nearly all the existing plugins to customize with, making that plugin effectively "the most fully functional, ease-of-use, 2D MMORPG Maker". So far. I check back here for updates in case things are added, though. And do appreciate the work of these developers.
  4. I'm offering my animu-style art for cheaply (I think). Faces/Heads are 4 USD$/each and Busts (Breast-up) are 6 USD$/each. I won't do full body right now (it takes me a long time). I'm only offering anime-style cel-ish shading. My style has a hint of those 2000's anime, but I am flexible with styles so I can probably do what you need. I'm decent at emulating styles especially Toriyama's artwork. My work will be good for face-sets for NPCs in your game, or for promotional artwork for the game, etc.! Below is an example of a bust~ which would be 6 USD$ each. If only the expression changes (the eyes, mouth, nose, tiny details that doesn't change pose) then it's an extra 2 USD$ per expression. If it's a whole new pose then you'll pay the price of a new full Face/Bust. I hope these are fair prices. ^ u^ I always show a sketch before payment! Then you pay and I line/color the art. ^^ You are allowed 2 free changes. Then I charge a lil extra per additional change. I can do blinking and talking animations for 3 USD$ extra. Payments are via Paypal. Price Chart * Faceshot/Headshot - 4 USD$ * Busts (Breast-up) - 6 USD$ * Extra Expressions (face and minor detail changes only) - 2 USD$ per expression * Blinking/Mouth Animation - 3 USD$ per Face/Bust needing animation I WILL DRAW * Male or Female characters * Human or Non-human characters * Mecha * NSFW/Gore/etc. * Fanart or OCs is fine * Emulating other anime styles I WILL NOT DRAW * Realistic, cartoony, or any styles that are not anime-like. I'm sorry I'm just not good at those. * Offensive materials (racism, hate-art, etc.) Please message ON THIS THREAD if you want my services. I will then CONTACT YOU via PMs. Thank you. ^ u^
  5. ~ Found a pixel artist who will help make custom artset for the game. ~ Advertised for musician/SFX designer on many places (cause yay all custom stuff because I am picky XD) ~ Started drawing portraits for in-game non-pixel gfx, working on Baramos-sama's and Moore's right now. I JUST now got my tablet since moving in to new apartment. < .< less than a few hours ago.........so yeah! I went on a sketchy spree. ~ Wrote out 2 quests: one for Human and one for Estark/Jewel Monster races. I guess I'm not THAT productive but we just started, so I'm still pretty proud of any progress even if small. ^^
  6. EDIT: I've found a composer. If that falls through I'll reopen this position. I still need a SFX designer. Hai all! I'm making a Dragon Quest fan game, and I'm looking for a composer/sound designer to join the team. This is to make ALL of the OST and SFX. I'm not looking for any style in particular, but I'm a fan of prominent melody lines and synth stuff. Maybe like something from the SNES-era, although not required. ^^ Just show me what you've got. Here's an example of Sugiyama's music, though, in case someone wants to emulate it~ I'm not the biggest fan of his compositions overall, but this one I love (and getting someone who can emulate it would make the game more "true to the series") In return I'd like to provide face/bust artwork for whatever you need (I may can pay a little later, but I'm disabled and had to move recently and money is tight right now). My styles are anime-like, and I can't really draw anything outside of things that look Japanese animation-like. Here's an example. The team is extremely lax by the way! So no hard deadlines. Just a fun hobby project. So you won't feel pressured to hurry or whatever! All our assets are going to be made from scratch, so it'll take us time anyway. <3 Thank you for looking and if interested, reply here with music examples or PM me. Whatever works best for you.
  7. I guess I had more creativy thing in mind than taking chibis from the game and making them stand there in a group. XD But that one is cute!
  8. Uh it was a sort of life threatening emergency move and was stressful actually XD but enough about that. I was going to draw up a bunch of chibi characters from DB/Z/any OC's your game may have. Make up the Logo text (probably first), and create all the normal Dragonballs. I probably won't do Shenron cause that may be out of my skill level right now, but I could try when I get confident. But have it where you can mix/match and change out the chibis with text/Dragonballs every now and then (maybe to correspond with any events or updates you may have going on). For the header textures, I'll probably do a couple, from dragonball textures to nimbus clouds and more. That way you can keep Logo and header fresh during the game's lifespan?
  9. I could probably. I'm practicing drawing chibi styles so this is a good excuse to keep practicing. XD Is it alright if it takes me a bit? I finish moving into my new apartment today FINALLY.
  10. Chibi is my hardest style to do, but I am determined to get guud at art this year (learning anime animation as well) XD This was something I drew on Valentine's Day few months backies. And here's something I'm working at.
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