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  1. I'm offering my animu-style art for cheaply (I think). Faces/Heads are 4 USD$/each and Busts (Breast-up) are 6 USD$/each. I won't do full body right now (it takes me a long time). I'm only offering anime-style cel-ish shading. My style has a hint of those 2000's anime, but I am flexible with styles so I can probably do what you need. I'm decent at emulating styles especially Toriyama's artwork. My work will be good for face-sets for NPCs in your game, or for promotional artwork for the game, etc.! Below is an example of a bust~ which would be 6 USD$ each. If only the expression changes (the eyes, mouth, nose, tiny details that doesn't change pose) then it's an extra 2 USD$ per expression. If it's a whole new pose then you'll pay the price of a new full Face/Bust. I hope these are fair prices. ^ u^ I always show a sketch before payment! Then you pay and I line/color the art. ^^ You are allowed 2 free changes. Then I charge a lil extra per additional change. I can do blinking and talking animations for 3 USD$ extra. Payments are via Paypal. Price Chart * Faceshot/Headshot - 4 USD$ * Busts (Breast-up) - 6 USD$ * Extra Expressions (face and minor detail changes only) - 2 USD$ per expression * Blinking/Mouth Animation - 3 USD$ per Face/Bust needing animation I WILL DRAW * Male or Female characters * Human or Non-human characters * Mecha * NSFW/Gore/etc. * Fanart or OCs is fine * Emulating other anime styles I WILL NOT DRAW * Realistic, cartoony, or any styles that are not anime-like. I'm sorry I'm just not good at those. * Offensive materials (racism, hate-art, etc.) Please message ON THIS THREAD if you want my services. I will then CONTACT YOU via PMs. Thank you. ^ u^
  2. ShiEksdee

    Today I did this on my project...

    ~ Found a pixel artist who will help make custom artset for the game. ~ Advertised for musician/SFX designer on many places (cause yay all custom stuff because I am picky XD) ~ Started drawing portraits for in-game non-pixel gfx, working on Baramos-sama's and Moore's right now. I JUST now got my tablet since moving in to new apartment. < .< less than a few hours ago.........so yeah! I went on a sketchy spree. ~ Wrote out 2 quests: one for Human and one for Estark/Jewel Monster races. I guess I'm not THAT productive but we just started, so I'm still pretty proud of any progress even if small. ^^
  3. EDIT: I've found a composer. If that falls through I'll reopen this position. I still need a SFX designer. Hai all! I'm making a Dragon Quest fan game, and I'm looking for a composer/sound designer to join the team. This is to make ALL of the OST and SFX. I'm not looking for any style in particular, but I'm a fan of prominent melody lines and synth stuff. Maybe like something from the SNES-era, although not required. ^^ Just show me what you've got. Here's an example of Sugiyama's music, though, in case someone wants to emulate it~ I'm not the biggest fan of his compositions overall, but this one I love (and getting someone who can emulate it would make the game more "true to the series") In return I'd like to provide face/bust artwork for whatever you need (I may can pay a little later, but I'm disabled and had to move recently and money is tight right now). My styles are anime-like, and I can't really draw anything outside of things that look Japanese animation-like. Here's an example. The team is extremely lax by the way! So no hard deadlines. Just a fun hobby project. So you won't feel pressured to hurry or whatever! All our assets are going to be made from scratch, so it'll take us time anyway. <3 Thank you for looking and if interested, reply here with music examples or PM me. Whatever works best for you.
  4. ShiEksdee

    Looking for a logo and a header image

    I guess I had more creativy thing in mind than taking chibis from the game and making them stand there in a group. XD But that one is cute!
  5. ShiEksdee

    Looking for a logo and a header image

    Uh it was a sort of life threatening emergency move and was stressful actually XD but enough about that. I was going to draw up a bunch of chibi characters from DB/Z/any OC's your game may have. Make up the Logo text (probably first), and create all the normal Dragonballs. I probably won't do Shenron cause that may be out of my skill level right now, but I could try when I get confident. But have it where you can mix/match and change out the chibis with text/Dragonballs every now and then (maybe to correspond with any events or updates you may have going on). For the header textures, I'll probably do a couple, from dragonball textures to nimbus clouds and more. That way you can keep Logo and header fresh during the game's lifespan?
  6. ShiEksdee

    Looking for a logo and a header image

    I could probably. I'm practicing drawing chibi styles so this is a good excuse to keep practicing. XD Is it alright if it takes me a bit? I finish moving into my new apartment today FINALLY.
  7. Chibi is my hardest style to do, but I am determined to get guud at art this year (learning anime animation as well) XD This was something I drew on Valentine's Day few months backies. And here's something I'm working at.