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  1. Nekloire


    if you added "apache" as third gender i'll definetely play your game
  2. im interested with mantra cards idea. never played runescape so i dont know how they exactly work. is each mantra cards contain set of spells, or you can combine different mantra cards to cast specific spell ?
  3. why its always Light vs Darkness ?
    why not Lightness vs Darkness ?

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    2. Oddly


      Why not Lightening vs darkening?

    3. Agoraphobic


      Why not lighter vs darker?

    4. Oddly


      That would make too much sense

  4. free, as long as you give me credit thanks
  5. post updated with new jellyfish sprite. touch it nvm
  6. thank you, such appreciation is valuable for any artist thanks for the advice
  7. hello, ive been a silent reader on this forum for a while and finally decided to come surface. im sharing my own sprites and intend to update this post weekly (reality can hurt ) with new sprites. the sprites are created by me, i got passion in making animated sprites lately and i want to keep practicing my spriting skill. 1. Rose Worm 2. Neklod Powered Slime 3. WIP Ghost Armor 4. Jellyfish (requested by @Khaikaa ) 5. Community Suggestion placeholder (available)
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