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  1. Hi, I saw your sprites on the forum, do you sell them? or do you do paid work?

  2. Nekloire


    if you added "apache" as third gender i'll definetely play your game
  3. im interested with mantra cards idea. never played runescape so i dont know how they exactly work. is each mantra cards contain set of spells, or you can combine different mantra cards to cast specific spell ?
  4. why its always Light vs Darkness ?
    why not Lightness vs Darkness ?

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    2. Oddly


      Why not Lightening vs darkening?

    3. Agoraphobic


      Why not lighter vs darker?

    4. Oddly


      That would make too much sense

  5. free, as long as you give me credit thanks
  6. post updated with new jellyfish sprite. touch it nvm
  7. thank you, such appreciation is valuable for any artist thanks for the advice
  8. thats a good idea, ive rarely (or never) seen any jellyfish sprite. i'll keep that suggestion in mind
  9. trial and error basically. if i dont feel satisfied with some part, i redid it.
  10. thank you. im still imroving, so my art style might change overtime
  11. just updated my post with new slime sprite. *edit reupload the image, the previous one had wrong frame order
  12. if only Indonesia got nuked too during WW2. it will become a better country like Japan. no more "farmer" stereotyping. LOL
  13. i hope this is not count as necroposting. my name is Firdy, but in reality my friends never called by my real name. i was called "Pale" from elementary until high school and "Mayan" since College. i had passion in making my own game since i was 10. at that time, i draw monsters on a card and battle with my friend's own drawn monsters using dice as available turn action mechanism, so silly. When i was in high school i discovered Eclipse Origins and started mess around with it. i already know VB6 since junior high school, so finding Eclipse Engine to me it was like "what a coincidence, i found open source rpg engine written in VB6". but not for so long i realized that i cant make big game all by myself so i stopped play around with Eclipse and living my life as student. I am currently studying Computer Engineering in College. oh by the way i am from Indonesia, i know by the time you heard this you must be thinking "oh, this guy just another farmer from lesser country who recently found internet". lol. but if you feel pity about me, you can support me by PM me your credit card number, email password, wifi password, steam account info etc. just joking. i am not very good with english, especially when it comes to understanding tenses. because in the 3 languages i spoke in Indonesia , not single of them use tenses. during college i realized that VB6 is an outdated language and i need to move on, so i am learning C. again , i googled for rpg engine written in C and somehow i found Intersect which is written in C# (i hope this not too different from C). i know the source is not released yet but i always keep an eye on this forum as silent reader from time to time waiting for the source to be released. until someday i decided to create an account. I play DOTA 2, Yu-Gi-Oh!. you can add "Nekloire" on steam if you want to play DOTA 2 together with amateur such as i am.
  14. i agree. only slight movement made to make the animation frame. i'll try to make the animation more obvious next time.
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