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Introduce Yourself Thread!


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Hi everyone!


This thread is a simple way to say hello when you join the site. You can share as little or as much about yourself as you would like. I am going to start with a little info about myself.


I'm JC. By the age of 8 I was creative enough to use my initials and my last name to form a username of jcsnider and I've just stuck with it. (-_-)


I joined the Eclipse community back when I was 11 with the ambitions of creating an online Pokemon MMO, several years later I had one, it was buggy, easy to hack, and I got my home internet shut down not one, but twice due to sending mass update emails and hosting websites on residential ISP plans. I won't go much into that, but those were my roots and that is also what led to me to gain an interest in programming.


I've now been through school, have had a few jobs.. still love to game dev and work on engines like Intersect in my free time. You'll see me around here a lot providing game dev support and working on my own projects.


I am extremely happy to meet you all and I hope to see you around!


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Hello everyone! Oh where to start.

About Myself & My Presence:

My name is Richard, most family & friends call me Richy. Funfact; I was called 'Pork chop' in the neighborhood as a teen. :P

I'll be 34 years old, this March. Not to brag but yes, I am the wrong definition of a basement dweller, but only because I'm not in a basement. :P

I am a care taker for my Father which is a blessing that he's still kicking. He's got a medical history that fills half a piece of paper. Currently on Dialysis 3 times a week since he lost a kidney. I document BP, fluid intake, budgeting bills, filling medications and doing chores for him, in return; He gives me internet and a place to sleep. :D

Anywho, about my presence today. I joined the Eclipse Community in 2007; In fact being referred by the creator of Atu'los Online (An online game made in MMF2 that I've played and met Ambard in.) Imagine my surprise that when I joined Eclipse, Ambard was already there and was working hard on Ambardia Online.

I took it upon myself to show maps to Ambard, in an attempt to get into his project because his project really did look good to me, he was utilizing Reiners Tilesets and my time spent in Atu'los Online prior to, caught my attention and eyes. Besides, - "Why battle in a 1 vs 1 game project competition when we can 2 vs 1 and pwn?"

Ambardia Online was truly a learning experience for me, from it; I learned VB's syntax through Sadscripting - (Microsoft Scripting Control for External Scripting).

I have had previous experience in mapping (RPGMaker XP and other off-brands, games like 'The Sims' really improved my interior/exterior design.) So mapping wasn't really a problem for me on Eclipse from the start, so Ambardia Online really was productive, I dabbled into everything known to game developing on Ambardia, I tried my hand at pixel art, music composing, story writing, game balancing, coding, mapping. Hell, it was fun to just switch on/off different areas, it didn't matter how good I was in those areas. My attitude was and still is; This doesn't make me or break me. Meanwhile, on Eclipse; We were the most active project on its engine. We had put 3 years of development in Ambardia Online, peaked at around 50 players online at one time! But, the engine it was built on personally could not handle all that. Packet flooding prevention was kicking everyone offline lolol. Server lagged like crazy, constant & random crashing. I was not fluent in VB6 at all during this time. So off to Eclipse Support we went, and we've met people like JC, GodLord, Robin, Mellowz, several others god knows I can't name them all here lol. They were all willing to help fix the bugs for us and they did but the core of the network was still trippy, the coding was just too overpowered. :P

JC stayed around to add some features for us, which is how I met him, but it was towards my end as I did not want to develop anymore on that engine, it was just too bugged for me to keep motivated in.

So with that, soon after; Ambardia Online reached its end on Eclipse Evolution. We wanted to rebuild (Ambardia Reborn) on EO 2.0 which was the milestone engine by Robin derived from Mirage Source. But sadly we felt we lost most of our playerbase when Ambardia Online dropped. From then, I personally lost interests as Ambard lost his time due to his new business - I hope the best for him and his work.

I personally stopped being serious after Ambardia, I noticed first hand how long it took to add content that can be finished by a player in less than 5 minutes, something that took me hours to make, but my boredom was eating me alive, time is the devils workshop and I ain't trying to fall into evil temptations. So I was looking through Eclipse Projects and saw Labyrinth Hearts. This dude; Agoraphobic... Has passion and dedication, is as hungry as I was in Ambardia; (If not moreso!). He needed a mapper and I was free and bored so, hell yeah I'll jump in on it. I liked his progress and the graphics He is using.

So where am I today? I am on EO4 with Agoraphobic, making Labyrinth Hearts: Funfact, we've been getting it in for almost 2 years now, and our down time is pwning noobs on League of Legends. Huehuehue. I'll reprt u for feeding if you die in LH. <3

Then I'll sulk it off.


I'll conclude this book with a tl;dr.

I like Bone Thugs, coffee, cigarettes, games and hoes. :D

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Walls of text is not my style. I'll keep my bio short.

Yo all, My name is Joe and I'm 18 years old. I started out by playing a game by sheer chance made by a member of a forum called eclipse. I thought the game was pretty smooth but I disliked the in game maps. Later I realised that the game was made via an engine on the internet and I thought to myself, 'Hey I could do this, but a lot better'. So of course I started back in the old EE days. This was around the age of 12. Over time, this developed my passion for programming and affected the choices I made in life to persue software development as a career. I started out as a n00b and little did I know I would one day end up as a developer of the engine. Then later due to disagreements of views of the old community, I created this community with my long time friends such as JC. I would like to be in a community that one day will guide and not shun n00bs that I once was because without those old days of projects, I wouldn't be the man I am today.

I look forward to being on this new forum and I hope we can build a new community together.

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Hi everyone. My alias is Murdoc. Here's my story:

I started using RPGmaker around 1999. Shortly after I found an online RPG called Nexus: Kingdom of the Winds (2D mmo) which sparked my interest in making an online RPG. So, around 2000 I started looking for an "mmo creator" and ended up at Elysium community (now Eclipse), where I joined in the continual effort to improve the community and engine, including some minor code additions like text boxes with RPG portraits.

Eventually my interest in creating games would lead me to the artistic side of game dev and I began creating in-game sprites, interfaces and website layouts. For roughly 8 years I studied pixel art in-depth, and then transitioned into painting to speed up the process of creating larger sprites and textures.

In this time-frame I also started a small game company with a couple buddies. In it I've established my role as a writer, artist and content developer primarily. However, since I also have a background in business communications, I also throw business proposals and discuss ways to better our operations now and again.

That's me in a nutshell (as far as my interest in game dev anyway). I'll be lurking the forums quite often, so If you want to know more, don't hesitate to ask. :)

Murdoc - Mad Monkey Labs ©

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I am thirty years of age and a recovering agoraphobic. I greatly enjoying anything related to the English discipline, and I consider myself a writer. I recently gotten married and started going to school full time. Besides writing independently for individuals; I am working full time, with Richy, on an Eclipse project: Labyrinth Hearts.

My goal is to finish Shawnee State University and work for Riot games after I graduate. During that time I also plan on pursuing my Master’s Degree and hope to help restore Riot's community, which was destroyed by toxicity.

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Guest SherwiN

Sorry for the late introduction even if i just joined today, I already posted some few topics Ehe

About myself

Excuse my Grammar

My Full Name is Sherwin Salonga, 18 yrs old, male. With the same reason as Jcsnider, i also started programming/developing games just to make a Pokemon MMO game. but time passed and i learn the basic syntax of the first Programming Language that i learned (Vb6). i give up developing it, It's not that i can't do it. it's just that i give up halfway through it. I made alot of projects but haven't finish any single of them, it's because when i think of a unique feature, i started the project and once i finish that feature i got tired of it.. Well at least i learned :D

I've been a VB6 user for 3 years, i started using a Open Source engine called Eclipse Origins but now i learned how to make my own engine from scratch. Now i'm inspired to create my game on VB.Net since this wonderful forum release a open source engine created with it. I've been waiting for someone to release a open source engine that was created on different language for me to learn new things :D

I'm also a Pixel Artist. When i was 7 years old, drawing was my hobby. But i decide to do pixel rather than a Graphic Artist.

That's all, i hope you understand what i said :D

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Hey everyone,

Just a quick intro about myself. Glad to be here.

I have been making RPGs since I was in elementary school with the english ripped versions of RPGMAKER95, and RPG MAKER 2K3. I happened to google "Make your own MMORPG" after playing several small mmos such as Tibia and some graphical based MUDs. I found the Elysium engine this way and created a small project called Escape that I hosted over Hamachi for me and ~5 friends. I was hooked on making MMORPGS. Elysium was very buggy back in the day and not great if you didn't know how to program so I eventually found the other communities of Xtremeworlds and Eclipse.

I am not a coder/programmer like most here but my skillset I believe is a vital addition to whichever team I am currently working with. I have a bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a focus in marketing so I like to apply those skills to my game design. I consider myself a developer and am very proficient in mapping/GUI creation/Quest Creation/ Ect.  I also own a Wacom tablet and do a decent amount of pixel work.

I suppose I can have a slightly different mindset as I do not plan at any point in my lifetime to become a professional game designer. I have always treated it as a hobby, creating virtual worlds brings me alot of hapiness. I however still maintain a rigorous ethic when I go at a project and respect people who maintain thier word and get projects done :)

Thanks for the great additions to the hobby!

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Hello... I am your resident ditzy succubus Gwendalin.

Get ready... I think this is the first time I've given out my full back story! Most likely its just going to bore you guys! :P

I started my online life with a game called Priston tale. I roamed around in that game by myself, never really making friends. It might come as a shock to some of you that know me, but I am actually very shy. I've played online games before, like battlefiled and stuff, but those are mostly just one off team matches.

One day i was reading the forums for PT, and i saw a post from someone to join a private Ragnarok server. It looked pretty cool so I signed up. My first night playing i ran into a few friendly people, and started talking to them in the forums. This is where I met Anna Comnena. Some of you might know her on the Eclipse forums. Anna and I hit it off really well and from that day on we were always together. Despite my reputation for being a scary dominatrix, I followed Anna around like a puppy dog. Our Ragnarok server was fairly small, and I eventually became friends with the people that were running it. One day the server was going to have to be shut down, so I offered to host the server at my company. My boss didnt care and let me host it. From hosting the server I learned how to set up a private server, and modify it. I started writing scripts for Ragnarok, and built a nice set of casino games for it. Eventually I ended up taking over the the server. We had a nice player base, we were constantly updating the server with new scripts, and items, but then i lost my job.

I fell out of touch with everyone for a long time. Finally I got a new job, and got in contact with Anna again. She moved to Eclipse, and was working on a game. I joined and helped her with scripting. Early on I was back to being shy, and didnt really talk to anyone. Then one day I guess some people noticed me and started talking, and from then on your lovable psychotic queen emerged from her shell. Somehow I got a reputation for having a dungeon, and being a drama queen. I've also had my own army of followers. Pretty much you name it, its probably been said about me.

Anyways... as for my skills.

I know the basics about programming. I've done some VB, Java. I am trying to learn C#. I've been trying to work with the Unity engine. I am not creative at all. I can't even draw a stick guy!! But I do have good ideas. I have an idea for a survival zombie game... yeah yeah... zombies... but its really more about the survival and interactions with others.

Unfortunately I am too air headed to concentrate and stay focused on a project... ohhhh butterfly!.... umm... so yeah I dont really ever get anything finished. And probably by reading this far you have noticed that I dont really string my thoughts together so eloquently.

Oh well I can feel myself starting to lose track of what I want to say, so I'll just finish up real quick. I like role playing... i miss my rp buddies on Eclipse. I dont take things seriously so feel free to play with me.... just dont be suprised if i play rough. If you ever want help with something let me know and I'll do my best to help you.

I guess that's it for now. If i remember stuff later i'll let you guys know! :)

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I'm 24. I watched cartoons and played video games all my life. I found a computer. Then I found computer games. THEN I found the internet. AND THEN I found Online Computer Games. I wanted to learn how to make one, so I spent years trying to learn programming. Ended up learning Web Development, made a game, but scrapped it when I got better and realized what I had made was a mess. Now I freelance for a living, still hanging on to the dream of making the perfect little game. o_o;


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tl;dr: I'm a programmer, and my favorite languages are C/C++, Javascript, Java, C#, Python and Netwide Assembler. In addition to that, I use or have used Typescript, Dart, PHP, Coffeescript and Ruby. Actively working on the otaku* family, OpenORPG and glfw-net.

tl;br: I'm a programmer, who started with VB6 and VBScript in 2007 when I discovered Eclipse (wanted to make games). I did not participate much in the community, and instead I spent my time at XtremeWorlds (R.I.P.) and Mirage Source (R.I.P., but not, and I quote the current XW website, "Error establishing a database connection"-style R.I.P.).

I started with computer games at the age of 2, but I didn't rise to the gamer nerd level until middle school with Runescape and MapleStory, and I subsequently left said level when I got more serious with programming. That being said to anyone who wants to challenge me to making a game, 2D, 3D or otherwise, I'm politely declining now, as I don't make games (I suck at content creation in general, no exceptions), I like programming lower level than features and content creation, more along the lines of base mechanics, networking, configuration and memory management (I'd include graphics too, but I'm pretty shoddy at that). Basically, I like programming game engines (actual engines, not feature rich almost-games like Eclipse, I feel like people miss the distinction).

My language of choice is C++, but much of my code ends up being valid C code as well. I also really like Javascript, Java and C#, but because of the existence of WebGL and LWJGL, C# comes in last place out of those three. I also use Python for some things, and then there is Netwide Assembler, which in conjunction with pure C, I teach myself how to write bootloaders and kernels (that being said, I haven't spent much time on this in the last two years, this was my focus more at the end of high school). I use TypeScript for  OpenORPG, but especially with the dawn of ECMAScript 6, it's likely to remain the only project I do that on. I use Dart from time to time as well as PHP, but they've essentially be substituted with client- and server-side Javascript. I've also used Coffeescript and Ruby, but I haven't used either in a very long time nor do I care much about either one. Lastly there are the languages I've abandoned with every intention to never revisit, as I'm fairly certain they're marked for certain death by Microsoft: COM Visual Basic (VB6 or earlier) and .NET Visual Basic (VB7 and later, known as VB.NET).

My current active/on-hold projects are the otaku* family (waiting for ECMAScript 6 to hit 80% support in most major browsers as well as node.js/io.js, which depend on Chrome's V8 engine, before I continue), glfw-net (active, but basically on-hold since I hit a roadblock with some data-type marshalling and...) and OpenORPG, a game engine originally created, and still maintained by Vaughands, and despite "joining" in the past, I've actually joined and begun contributing -- mostly because I want to help people in the game development community circle that this forum is in create games in something that isn't antique, and thus my time is better spend on it than staring at my screen trying to will C# to make marshalling easier.


Not computer related:

Everything above has been about computer programming or games, but there's slightly more to me than just that: I'm a native English speaker, but my life goal is to be at minimum fluently quadrilingual before I die. The three languages that serve as my will-be-fluent-in are English (obviously), Japanese and Italian. Spanish is likely but not guaranteed to be the fourth. One of my passions is travel, but I also believe that to visit another country respectably I need to observe and at least partially blend with their culture, and at least speak enough of the language to not be a nuisance tourist -- and since as I said one of my passions is travel, it also means that I'm going to be learning a lot of languages before I die, the exact number and the number I achieve fluency in are up in the air however. Currently I can carry on mediocre conversations in Japanese and Italian (having studied Japanese officially for one year, and three years of little progress self-studying prior to that, and having learned my Italian mostly by ear from my Italian and Piemontese [this is a regional dialect in Italy, and while I intend to learn enough to pass it on, I have no intention to achieve fluency] speaking family), though my abilities are always stunted when I'm speaking to a native speaker of either outside my family (so any native Japanese speaker) because I'm too uptight to want to get anything wrong, and too nervous that I will, thus being too scared to open my mouth.

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Hello. I'm John.

Thank for keeping it simple +1


-fair warning, the size of my ego might be too much for your database-

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My name is Steve, I am 25 year old software developer currently in college working on my associates degree. Ive been programming since I was 14 starting with Visual Basic. Ive developed games using Mirage, Konfuze, Player Worlds, Eclipse, RPG Maker, custom engines, you name it!

Currently my language of choice is C#, but Ive done work using Java, C++ and many others. My current project is a Client/Server in C# using the Lidgren API. My last game was a tile based zombie shooter in C# using SFML for rendering. I'm looking to finish creating my Client/Server and converting it into a Lobby/Game using SFML for rendering. Still haven't decided on a UI API yet. Im just looking for some developers to talk code with and share programming knowledge. I'm no pro but know my way around Visual Studio and the languages it offers (VB.NET,C#.NET, C++, ASP.NET, etc), also of course VB6.

Looking forward to learning more about what goes on here and perhaps share some of my projects for learning purposes. Any questions or what not send me a PM.

C# Lidgren Client/Server


I may start development on this if anyone wants to player. Other than that its a good reference for Java developers.

Runescape Private Server




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I'm always late to the party. Always. Better late than never though!

My name is Rob (Janes) primarily I go by Benwick as a handle on most PC games, while I go by MaritimeMedic and FrenzyFatboy on Xbox and PlayStation respectively.

I am an older fellow at the ripe age of 30, and in my second professional career, as a full time Paramedic. I work at an industrial site where a hydro-dam generation station is being built. I provide onsite medical coverage to our large staff in the middle of nowhere (Canada). Prior to that I worked for several ambulance services in a couple of provinces in eastern Canada. I also own a car wash in town and an opening up a gaming store in the coming months as well as holding my full-time paramedicine career. I also hold diplomas/certificates in Fire Fighting, Network Administration, Desktop Technician and IT with a focus on computer programming, albeit from 2004 when VB6 was still used quite frequently, and newer languages didn't exist. I worked several careers in IT, ranging from Desktop Support Technician, to Network Administrator, Application Developer (.NET), and Operations management. I also worked as a sub-contractor for Microsoft on the Windows XP Support and Windows Vista Beta support teams for a short period.

I had taken over the role of Lead Developer on Eclipse a few years back but had an issue with the site owner, a creative falling out as it were; people wanted deadlines, and computers have become a hobby now not a career, so I only dabble when I feel like it.  I am still very much an advocate of Eclipse and engines like Intersect and Orion, it gives younger people a feel for game and software development and encourages their creativeness.  Though it's from the late 90s, I am a VB6 fanboy, and that'll never change, it's what I was educated on, it's what I grew up with (Vb4,5,6) and it's what I know most intimately. I find change is hard, so keeping up with the latest technologies are hard for me, as I only do this as a hobby.  But I digress! I am a huge Orion fan, it's nice to see the Eclipse structure move into a more modern language, I look forward to seeing where Intersect and Orion go!


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Hey Rob, nice to see you coming back around! (Congratz on the new job?) -- Last you were here you were still running with the ambulances, do you like this one better?

Steve, I don't think we've met either here or at Eclipse. Welcome! I'm glad to see some new faces around here!

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Thanks jc! This job is much better, I'm still a Paramedic, but I get to sit in a clinic; read, program, do whatever (so I've made my way back to game development forums - soon to start coding again) but it's a six-figure job, so needless to say it's amazing. Then I have a car wash and a new store opening soon, which helps!

I have a vision for a game in my head but haven't decided how I plan to tackle it yet, I have my second game out on iOS and Android (vomit dodge www.vomitdodge.com). I want to tackle a small scale multiplayer adventure game, but I really want it to be cross-platform. I could likely tackle it in C++ with the AGK Tier 2 but haven't decided yet, I don't want to end up having to build it all from the ground up /le sigh Hah.

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My name is Socuine (real name is Glenn). I'm 26 years old and I live in The Netherlands. Mostly here should know me, if not .. Hey! Nice to meet you!

I'm a designer, developer, photographer, IT engineer and I love games!

Nice to meet you! :)


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