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  1. moscano

    sound client

    Thank you, it worked.
  2. moscano

    sound client

    Hi, I'm trying to put sound into the game client, but I can not. I wanted to know if there's any way to put it. https://prnt.sc/kob0w1
  3. moscano

    Paperdoll layer

    I do not know if I understand correctly: I may be wrong, if that is so. https://gyazo.com/498baa19908b2629d3cfb3d7747b96d0
  4. moscano

    Paperdoll layer

    I think this should help. http://prntscr.com/kjj1q9 http://prntscr.com/kjj1x4
  5. moscano

    Ulna Online

  6. moscano

    Ulna Online

    I understand, I'll change server later.
  7. moscano

    Ulna Online

    the game is difficult to gain level, level 1 with class you have healing magic, the average monster that has to kill is 30+ to gain 1 level, at level 25 it takes about 20 minutes to level one level, the items are 1% chance to drop, as the game is empty the difficulty doubles because it does not play in group or buy / win items from someone. After you get the 1st weapon of your class you get the easy kill. you only begin to realize that you are getting stronger after level 10. A like I said the points are very important if distributing wrong goes weak.
  8. moscano

    Ulna Online

    Thanks for the comment. the game is based on Tibia, Mu and Albion. 1- The elf class is imitation of the MU, the game is a bit tricky even to understand. to do 2 type of elf, damage based on strength and damage based on defense. 2 - The initial island, do not scale the damage, is similar to Tibia, on this island you are obliged to be alone until level 5 after you can leave, what will make you strong on the initial island is your livel and weapons. when you leave the initial island, your level will reset, goes on with the points gained, life and items ... example. if you leave the initial island at level 5, you will have 120 blood, 5 points to distribute. if you leave the initial island at level 15, you will have 220 blood, 15 points to distribute. After you leave the island you will have a class and you will be level 1 and points will escalate, every 1 point on power or on power increases 1 damage, and each point is important to use weapons or armor.
  9. moscano


    Hello. wanted to know if there is any way to make the paperdoll not appear on the body while it is in the water. https://gyazo.com/e6dea524bfe323a4002f8cf6bb1e2988
  10. moscano

    Ulna Online

  11. moscano


    Hi, I'm making a little big map, I do not know if there is any mistake in the game in the game. http://prntscr.com/kfky57
  12. moscano

    Ulna Online