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  1. moscano

    Ulna Online

    updating the page.
  2. hp 120x lv36 = 4320 + HP level 1 is calculated
  3. moscano

    Ulna Online

    Thank you for the words. I'm trying to do my best.
  4. buu: You just summarize what I said and showed in the video. There is nothing difficult there.
  5. I would only put 2 types. Male and female. just to show off the clothes. usually the sprite is the same, you would not need to create 10 sprites for each class. it's easier to create 1 paper doll that fits into 10 classes instead of creating 1 paper doll that fits in 1 class. I do not know if they will understand.
  6. only make a clothing store when the character clicks on some clothes, it changes the appearance. when he leaves the store. You make him go back to normal.
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