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AGD Ownership Update


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Hey Everyone,


I am announcing an ownership update for AGD. There is a TLDR at the bottom.


For those that don't know, @Kibbelz and I started Ascension Game Dev and Intersect Engine together seven years ago. While we have been partners the community has seen several major redesigns and it has grown to be the home of over 7,000 members.


With significant assistance along the way, we were able to successfully develop and open source the Intersect Game Engine. We met our goals of creating a cross platform, modern, c# 2d orpg engine with a larger feature set, better performance, and significantly more stability than any of it's predecessors.


We have an amazing team of developers who are continuing to work on Intersect who are introducing new features, exterminating bugs, and working on expanding to new platforms over time. There is still a long road ahead but someday I hope that we can reach a stage where we'd feel comfortable releasing Intersect as a tool for the general public on platforms like Steam.


The goal for Ascension Game Dev is to continue grow as a hub for all game devs and Intersect users to collaborate, get support, and share their creations. There are several updates and changes that we will need to make to AGD in order to support a larger influx of users that we hope to see in the future, not all of which I felt comfortable committing to with a shared ownership structure.


So as of today I am happy to announce I have come to an agreement with @Kibbelz to buy out his stake and take full ownership of the AGD forum and Discord communities.


I really appreciate and am grateful for all the help and support @Kibbelz has provided in getting us to where we are today. He will still be around working in Nightmare as an AGD member/contributor instead of an administrator going forward.


As for site/discord changes nothing will happen for now, as official plans are made more announcements will come.



TLDR: JC is now the full and sole owner of AGD and the AGD Discord Community. Nothing is really going to change for a bit. Thanks to @Kibbelz for all he has done to build up AGD and Intersect to date, and more announcements will follow as plans are made.

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Hello all, thanks Kibbelz for all your work, may you succeed with Nightmare. Thanks to the development team we have a great tool to achieve our dream to make the perfect game. Look my avatar is dancing, it's too excited to see what intersect will become (greater for sure).

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Good stuff! Glad to hear you're making moves.

Is there any hints on what we might expect to see coming?


I'm new to C# and this game dev kit. But It would be nice in a way to both support this project financially and get support similar to QuasarJS's model.

Links to what Im talking about for the uninitiated- TLDR is that if you pay a reasonable amount, in certain tiers every month, you get premium access to help from the experts in Discord & your name mentioned on different pages as a form of advertising.




some other wishlist items would be tutorials, etc. I may write them myself where appropriate as I noticed the wiki pages seem to be editable if you fork it on github.

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