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  1. Hey all, If I want to change the main menu for the games client, the art background, etc. - Is there a user friendly way to do this or a simple process to follow? EDIT - I don't know if normally people would just clone the client source code and edit from the source or not.
  2. Good stuff! Glad to hear you're making moves. Is there any hints on what we might expect to see coming? I'm new to C# and this game dev kit. But It would be nice in a way to both support this project financially and get support similar to QuasarJS's model. Links to what Im talking about for the uninitiated- TLDR is that if you pay a reasonable amount, in certain tiers every month, you get premium access to help from the experts in Discord & your name mentioned on different pages as a form of advertising. https://quasar.dev/ https://github.com/sponsors/rstoenescu some other wishlist items would be tutorials, etc. I may write them myself where appropriate as I noticed the wiki pages seem to be editable if you fork it on github.
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