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  1. Did some cloud stuff for fun... Embedded Video Link
  2. Got short video of an npc I've worked on today! Embedded Video Link
  3. T-Rex ready for action, what y'all think! Embedded Video Link
  4. There is technically no calculation, but you just have to line everything perfectly for each frame from top,bottom,left, and right.
  5. The images are not lined up perfectly, right side has more space and left side has less space.
  6. Have to change the color, double click the white box.
  7. Got even more enemies done and with a video... Embedded Video Link
  8. Fog effects and some dirt roads, I cant decide which dirt road looks better? Embedded Video Link
  9. What are you trying to do? Hosting a server others can get into or just to work with it on your own?
  10. Something old is something new... Embedded Video Link
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