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  1. Hello, there are a lot of great posts and resources to help with making animations, but I wanted to compile some of them together and try to touch on everything in one post. The basics: The first step in creating an animation is the actual animation itself, Intersect comes with some out of the box so I will use one of those as an example. To find them; open your game folder, navigate to Client and Editor, resources, animations, and you should see some .PNG files there. Before we get started in the Intersect editor lets first look at how the animations are laid out. Now they we have a basic idea on how the images look, lets go into the Intersect editor. The animation editor can handle large animations with a lot of frames, here is an example of an animation that is 9000 x 200 pixels in size, and 49 frames. When creating animations it is important to remember the spacing matters, between and around frames, and the size of the frame is one to one how it will show on your game. If your player sprites are 32 wide and 64 tall and you wanted to create a teleport animation that sort of engulfs the player and takes them away, your animation would need to be at least 32 wide and 64 tall, or it wouldn't cover the whole player causing it not to look the best. To quickly summarize how to create a sheet for your frames I can explain how I do it with simple math. Hopefully this helps someone, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.
  2. I wanted to make a simple tutorial for those that don't know how to make an automated backup for their server. Backups are very important, but I find myself forgetting to do them frequently, so here is the solution! First off is the batch file, I will post mine and explain a little about it. xcopy /i /e /f C:\Users\*\*\Server \\*\*\Backup\"%date%" The *'s are put in place of my directory, you should replace "C:\Users\*\*\Server" with the directory to your server files, and "\\*\*\Backup\" with where you want the backups to be saved. The reason my second file path doesn't have a drive letter and only two slashes is because it is a network drive, which is ideal for backups. It would work if you saved your backups to the same machine that the server is running on. but it wouldn't be much help if that computer broke somehow, external backups are always better. Now, there isn't much else to explain because its very simple. Xcopy is a windows command, more info about it can be found here. The %date% section grabs the current date from the computer and makes it the files name, in conjunction with the /i parameter It will create a new folder named the current time whenever the script is run. Once you have a text file with the script typed it, and the correct file paths, save it with the extension .bat instead of .txt, then run it and see if there are any errors. One common one may be the file name. Another common issue is the fact that the xcopy command doesn't like when there are spaces in filenames, if you have any files in your path that include spaces, replace them with something else like an underscore. After you verified that the script works as intended, you can set up the task scheduler to actually make it run automatically. To do this open task scheduler by pressing the windows key and typing in "task scheduler". Once open, on the right side of the window you will see the "Actions" tab, in there select the option to create a basic task. Give the task a name, select how often you want the back up to occur, select the time and day you want it to happen, and finally choose the "start a program" option. After clicking next, select browse to find your batch file and select it. After that It is complete and should run the script at your selected date and time! I have mine backing up every week, It is fine to run a backup while the server is running so no need to shut it off first. If you have any problems post a comment and I'll try to help, but google knows all, and this is a relatively simple script, it shouldn't be hard to fix any errors after a couple minutes of searching.
  3. If you haven't already already manually resized them all, check this handy tool out!
  4. _Zano

    Black UI

    Version 1.0.0


    I made a very basic flat black UI for my project; I thought there would have been one posted already but since there isn't, here it is! Most of the in game boxes have some transparency but I may have missed one or two. If you see any errors or have suggestions let me know! Enjoy.
  5. Awesome tool! I did notice it seems to not recognize the AdminWindow json file (and a few others), maybe that was added after you created this tool? not a big deal, just letting you know! (
  6. Makes sense, appreciate the help!
  7. Also, is it possible to change the icons without compiling?
  8. Ahh. Duh. Thanks for the quick reply!
  9. Hello, let me start by saying that my knowledge of programming / visual studios is little to none, I'm competent enough to follow the Dev guide (https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/en-US/developer/) however after that I'm pretty lost. I know it is possible to change a lot of aspects about the EXE file without actually compiling your own, but I was curious if there is a way to load my own icons to show in the window title and on the task bar (see attached pictures) . Probably super simple to do but when i tried to compile it with my updated icons i got a "Bad Version" error when attempting to connect to my server. So my question; is it possible to change icons without compiling your own EXE? If not, what is causing my bad version error? Thanks for any help!
  10. Making your ambitions possible. :)

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