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    I made a very basic flat black UI for my project; I thought there would have been one posted already but since there isn't, here it is! Most of the in game boxes have some transparency but I may have missed one or two. If you see any errors or have suggestions let me know! Enjoy.
  2. Awesome tool! I did notice it seems to not recognize the AdminWindow json file (and a few others), maybe that was added after you created this tool? not a big deal, just letting you know! (
  3. Makes sense, appreciate the help!
  4. Also, is it possible to change the icons without compiling?
  5. Ahh. Duh. Thanks for the quick reply!
  6. Hello, let me start by saying that my knowledge of programming / visual studios is little to none, I'm competent enough to follow the Dev guide (https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/en-US/developer/) however after that I'm pretty lost. I know it is possible to change a lot of aspects about the EXE file without actually compiling your own, but I was curious if there is a way to load my own icons to show in the window title and on the task bar (see attached pictures) . Probably super simple to do but when i tried to compile it with my updated icons i got a "Bad Version" error when attempting to connect to my server. So my question; is it possible to change icons without compiling your own EXE? If not, what is causing my bad version error? Thanks for any help!
  7. Making your ambitions possible. :)

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