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  1. Well that's strange indeed... Maybe your computer is not powerfull enough?
  2. Laggy like this? If so I guess it's normal.
  3. Actually you are not supposed to use the arrow keys, but the mouse. Also you cannot edit a map you are not in. You have to double click a map to get into it.
  4. Shenmue


    What's the roughest background?
  5. Shenmue


    Damn looks like everybody is harsh in your game lol
  6. Yeah you can. For the tiles resolution 1) go to "Server\resources\config.json" 7) Go to the "Map" section 3) Change the "TileWidth" and "TileHeight" options to 256. About the resolution of maps 153) Modify the "Width" and "Heigth" option of the "Map" section. For the size of your player you need to have a bigger spritesheet (with bigger sprite) and it should be ok.
  7. Looks like everything is fine on the second picture. I guess you have images in the "resources/tilesets"? You mean when you have a selected tile + the pencil option and you click on the map editor nothing happen?
  8. Maybe it's related to the Hosts field? You may find more information in the official API documentation (link below). Go to API doc
  9. A more complete tutorial with Xampp can be found on the link below: Go to Installation tutorial with Xampp
  10. First of all, be sure to be on the latest official working commit with the patch. The branch must not have any modification or there may be conflicts with the mod. You must download and apply the basic mod patch first. If you want more features like diagonal projectiles or easier attack when a player has a target, you can download and apply the patch files related to these. The zip file is not needed, but if you download the zip file, then you must apply all patches in order. Be sure to build your project after installation. In the setup section of the first post you have useful links like the official AscensionGameDev tutorial on how to apply a patch and a tutorial that explains how to deal with patch conflicts.
  11. I think it's now stable, because all features seem to work and there's no known bugs. If we don't take in consideration the updates I've done to make the mod compatible with the latest dev branch, there've been two months without any modification.
  12. Hello guys, if you have the easier attack on focus mod, I just realized I messed up "IsDisposed" method of "Intersect.Client.Entities.Entity". You can download the fix in the link below: Download Easier Attack on Focus fix You have installed new mods and now have conflicts trying to install the fix? In the spoiler box below there's what you can do to solve the issue (easy fix) Easier attack and zip file download links have been updated.
  13. What are you using if you don't mind?
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