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  1. The game is now officially released! If you want to try it, here is the download page: https://piratesouls.org/ Not yet, but we do intend to implement it!
  2. Thanks! Haha great, will be nice to see you in game! PS the game will launch at 7 PM UTC. I will send the download link when the time will come
  3. Thanks 🙏 Glad you liked the previews
  4. Hello everybody. Lately I've been working with few people on a pirate Game using Intersect Engine: Pirate Souls. I am pleased to announce that it will launch an Alpha Release the 24th July. For a fan of 2D pixel RPG, it's a bit sad to realize there are a lot of ninjas Online RPG compared to pirate ones. That's how Pirate Souls began. So people can play a fan made pirate game. You will be able to follow different paths. Be a pirate, a marine or just a sailor. Pirates can form a crew, recruit members and have a bounty. Their goals are to have the biggest bounty and to find treasures. Like you may have guessed they also want to be the greatest of all the pirates. Marines work for the government. Marine members have ranks and they can evolve in the marine under different ranks. Their goals are to arrest pirates and keep the peace in the world by obeying to their superiors and the government. Sailors are not related to any groups and can be a member of the revolutionary army. Pirates and marines can decide to be a simple sailor during their journey. Players will have the ability to use different skills to fight. Each of them linked to one of the three specializations available: swordsman, fighter and sniper. There are also special fruits that give strange powers to the one who eat them. Those are called soul fruits. More previews in the hidden contents below ABOUT THE ALPHA QUESTIONS SPECIAL THANKS We are currently 4 active staff members: Dona, Erox, Rosetta and me, Shenmue PLAY NOW Join Pirate Souls Discord Server Check Pirate Souls videos on YouTube Follow Pirate Souls on Twitter Read articles about Pirate Souls on Indie DB
  5. Hello. I've made a tutorial about patch conflicts. It may help you, because my solution uses more graphical interface even if more steps are needed. You can also use diffy.org to manually do the edits :
  6. For those interested, I will probably update my patch when the Intersect Engine prerelease branch will be officially released.
  7. Sadly it doesn't. I don't know when I will be back at it to be honest
  8. Oh OK I see, if I happen to update the patch I will check all that out. You may want to look the "ProcessMoveRoute" method of "Intersect.Server.Entities.Entity".
  9. No configuration to activate. I will have to check that out then, but I don't know when. It will probably take some time.

  11. Hy shenmue can you make this diagonal movement feature available with the slide key along with the _run animation to download? I'm new here and I don't know anything about programming \ = thanks for your attention





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      The problem, that I can't even get out of the beginning ... it happens to me



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      You should check tutorial links and ask questions in the forum

  12. Hey Shenmue do you've discord by chance?

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      Yes, my discord is Bandana#2165 fellow discorder

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      Ok sweet! I added you.

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