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  2. Hy shenmue can you make this diagonal movement feature available with the slide key along with the _run animation to download? I'm new here and I don't know anything about programming \ = thanks for your attention





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    2. Beefy Kasplant
    3. Blue


      The problem, that I can't even get out of the beginning ... it happens to me



    4. Shenmue


      You should check tutorial links and ask questions in the forum

  3. Hey Shenmue do you've discord by chance?

    1. Shenmue


      Yes, my discord is Bandana#2165 fellow discorder

    2. Vemo


      Ok sweet! I added you.

  4. There's a source mod that add running system by clicking shift key. Here it is (you may want to read replies)
  5. Don't know what the answer is, but wanted to say that it's a pretty nice target box
  6. I don't know about that, maybe it's related to another modification? In my knowledge, every game that used this mod don't have this issue. I guess I will need more information if you want me to help like your "Intersect.Server\Entities\Pathfinding\SpatialAStar.cs" code or other installed mods you have. I may do a master version, but I don't know when since I am somehow busy.
  7. As far as I know there is no kill count variable. You can create one and increase its value by using "PVP Kill" trigger of the event system.
  8. Glad to see it now works, but I wonder, have you tried my solution?
  9. Oh I see my bad. So you want the weapon animation to have 6 frames and the shot one 13. Then you have to add this "&& item.ProjectileId == Guid.Empty" to the weapon condition "if (AnimatedTextures[SpriteAnimations.Weapon] != null)" The final result should be the code below. if (AnimatedTextures[SpriteAnimations.Weapon] != null && item.ProjectileId == Guid.Empty)
  10. Inside the block of "if (AnimatedTextures[SpriteAnimations.Weapon] != null)" you use "if (SpriteFrame >= 6)". But you should use >= 13 instead.
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