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Intersect Beta 2 Released!

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Intersect Beta 2 Released!

January 14th 2017



Tons of Beta 1 bug fixes and the new combat overhaul is here. Welcome to Beta 2 everyone!!!


Combat Overhaul is Done! Formulas can now be changed! 


Upgrade Instructions (Required for Beta 1 users!)

1. Make a backup of your game!!!!!

2. Open the Server folder. Delete the libs directory!

3. Download the Beta 2 Installation. Extract the files into their respective folders.

4. Open the Server folder and run the Intersect Migration Tool. Once that is done you are good to go!



Click here to visit the download page.

As always, feel free to post comments and questions below!

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20 minutes ago, kapu said:

everything works well on Windows 10, but neither the client nor the server is not running on Windows Server 2016. What could be the problem?

Not running how? Does it generate any error logs or warnings?


I don't think many of us have a Windows 2016 server license laying around to really try this out on on a whim. So any additional information would be more than welcome. (I could probably boot a VM with an evaluation version of the OS, but it might be easier to just have you post your logs/messages)

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