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  1. varinyc

    API v1

    On top of this, I was thinking maybe intersect chat could be abstracted out to IRC and loaded in as a web element? Like how twitch does it, so you can use IRC client to perform commands underneath the ingame chat. Then you wouldn't even need to remote commands, as it'd be in IRC already xD But that's just me window shopping.
  2. varinyc

    API v1

    OHHH! Okay, good enough, I will work with all the GET stuff then, just for funsies. As for the console, I was just looking for a way around no SET endpoints. Wouldn't need a SET endpoint at all if you could remote all an admin's commands out. Like set player sprite, set player class.
  3. varinyc

    API v1

    Are there any plans to implement SET or PUT endpoints into the API for player objects? Is there a way to utilize the API to push remote commands into the server console? Maybe through admin user token? Will character sprite be added to the API? I was hoping to utilize Intersect API with Aseprite's API to allow real-time customization of base sprites. More questions in this thread as I think of them. I'm really excited to start getting my hands dirty here
  4. Last items for B6 list documentation, and a great bulk of what RC1 appears to be is guides and documentation. What is the process moving forward if someone would like to contribute? Is it a team or can anyone participate? Will you force us to post everything on the forum then have someone else port it to docs? Who can edit docs? Who's guides will go down in documentation? What kind of format will all of it need to follow? Just wanting the general details on how it's gonna work. TL:DR: What's the documentation on documentation? ~Question asked not too early & not too late~
  5. what about chat commands that tie to permissions? or the manipulation of a commands list? Is this possible through api/json?
  6. Petition for delay of Beta 6, till the API includes permissions, roles, ranks, etc. Or for introducing a Beta 7 before RC1.
  7. Can you screenie what it looks like when it works?
  8. Whindy


    I thought I made this up, but apparently it's a really creey looking game... :148_no_good:


  9. Nooooooooooooo, how did I miss this? Came to respond, so hurrying up so I can read o-o Edit.1: So Mirror uses Sqlite! That's pretty legit, and since it's one code base, this could totally port to phone/tablet/anything, over breakfast xD Edit 2: Big fan of Stardew, picked it back up recently. and what you got so far looks really interesting and thrilling. Definitely will be following along. If this released tomorrow, I'd drop Stardew to try it PS: Nice to see you again Marshmallow.
  10. You do sales of this system? I'd buy one from you. Total hardware costs plus roughly 40%, before you include shipping. The whole idea sounds really cool, and I'd def put it in a car. Have you tested it in a vehicle yet? A video would be pretty cool too.
  11. https://titanembeds.com/ I've held on to this link for a year :) I think it deserves a home here.

    1. Mighty Professional

      Mighty Professional

      I believe the problem is that it doesnt integrate into the forum in any way. Its a completely separate system of accounts etc. 

    2. varinyc


      From all I heard, the only issue we had to begin with was dividing the community. I never heard anything about accounts. (discord uses OAUTH2)

      Community not devided, solved. It's also a dirty implementation, but open source. This could be used to establish an integration project.

      But I gave up trying to convince anyone here, reasons being listed are easily refuted and it's not worth my time to argue.

      I'm just sharing to share, for anyone else interested in the same resources I am. Also, for clarification, when I said "it deserves a home here" i meant the link, on my wall. :)

    3. varinyc


      There's also this one, think it might be better:


  12. From Mirage Source, Elysium Diamond, to Eclipse Stable. Hopefully this is the year to add another great legacy marker.

    1. Mighty Professional
    2. Phenomenal


      You forgot Orion!

    3. varinyc


      Yes to konfuze, and never touched Orion lol.

  13. If the game does go open, I hope it's on a repository.

    I think it would be cool, seeing as "how to code this" is just replace x with y, the whole tut could be replaced and automated specifically targeting the changed code.
    This could be turned into a plugin feature that's as simple as "click here to add and enable this mod" in the forum to launch a base client to add the changes in through an API.

    If a user would like to learn the specific differences, they could reference the documentation overview of the changed code (via author, but boilerplate or automated with bikeshed) and implement them in themselves with a git-pulled base.

    But lastly, that would save up the forum space, less on delete this copy that, but actual content on educating maybe the when where and why. Or at the very least, separates the two forms of information, so just looking at it doesn't feel like drowning.

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