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  1. That so great man!I have a question that im pretty sure the answer is no but... If I use this for the server can I work on the game via my Android phone ?
  2. This is Amazing. Nice Progress guys! I like that you always keep up with bug fixes Im currently traveling New Zealand and it is exiting to see what has been going on after a while...
  3. Ariel

    Diee's item box

    Looks amazing, Would love to see more
  4. Well i have set up a Windows server VPS and I cant Change the Security setting in my browser to below "High" so I cant download anything 0.0" Anyone have a clue why and how can it change? ------ Fixed Just add the sites you want to download from at the Trusted Site in the browser settings.
  5. Ariel

    World Of Ghoul [PL]

    Far from finish mate . Dont make it boring! Good luck
  6. Ariel


    In this Engine (Intersect) the animation works like this: Think of it like a Table of content, each row is the deferent movement direction and each column is the frame of the animation. A SpriteSheet of a player have 4 rows with 3/4 columns. the 4th column is useally the attack Frame. First row is direction down ETC. Hope it helps
  7. I think you should lower the opacity of that "FOG" a little Looks Good Man!
  8. lol mate, That why im trying to code! to change that:) For my taste and i guess some other it will be cool to be able to make Casting sprites, Attacking sprites ETC.
  9. I want the attack frame to be a deferent row with animation (Changing the attack sprite does not work ) I have to change somthing cuz now it is dividing by more frames (Right?) Hope i understed it currectly
  10. Lol very cool, let us know if you seccseed with the test!
  11. So i started working on my Attacking Animation so that I will be more prepare when Intersect engine come out and I have encounter a problem. This is my DrawPlayer sub(there are EDITS): Public Sub DrawPlayer(ByVal Index As Integer) Dim Anim As Byte, X As Integer, Y As Integer Dim Spritenum As Integer, spriteleft As Integer Dim attackspeed As Integer, AttackSprite As Byte Dim srcrec As Rectangle Spritenum = GetPlayerSprite(Index) AttackSprite = 1 If Spritenum < 1 Or Spritenum > NumCharacters Then Exit Sub ' speed from weapon If GetPlayerEquipment(Index, EquipmentType.Weapon) > 0 Then attackspeed = Item(GetPlayerEquipment(Index, EquipmentType.Weapon)).Speed Else attackspeed = 1000 End If ' Reset frame Anim = 0 ' Check for attacking animation If Player(Index).AttackTimer + (attackspeed / 2) > GetTickCount() Then If Player(Index).Attacking = 1 Then If AttackSprite = 1 Then Anim = 0 Else Anim = 3 End If End If Else ' If not attacking, walk normally Select Case GetPlayerDir(Index) Case Direction.Up If (Player(Index).YOffset > 8) Then Anim = Player(Index).Steps Case Direction.Down If (Player(Index).YOffset < -8) Then Anim = Player(Index).Steps Case Direction.Left If (Player(Index).XOffset > 8) Then Anim = Player(Index).Steps Case Direction.Right If (Player(Index).XOffset < -8) Then Anim = Player(Index).Steps End Select End If ' Check to see if we want to stop making him attack With Player(Index) If .AttackTimer + attackspeed < GetTickCount() Then .Attacking = 0 .AttackTimer = 0 End If End With ' Set the left Select Case GetPlayerDir(Index) Case Direction.Up spriteleft = 3 Case Direction.Right spriteleft = 2 Case Direction.Down spriteleft = 0 Case Direction.Left spriteleft = 1 End Select If AttackSprite = 1 Then If Player(Index).Attacking Then Select Case GetPlayerDir(Index) Case Direction.Up spriteleft = 7 Case Direction.Right spriteleft = 6 Case Direction.Down spriteleft = 4 Case Direction.Left spriteleft = 5 End Select End If srcrec = New Rectangle((Anim) * (CharacterGFXInfo(Spritenum).Width / 4), spriteleft * (CharacterGFXInfo(Spritenum).Height / 8), (CharacterGFXInfo(Spritenum).Width / 4), (CharacterGFXInfo(Spritenum).Height / 8)) Else srcrec = New Rectangle((Anim) * (CharacterGFXInfo(Spritenum).Width / 4), spriteleft * (CharacterGFXInfo(Spritenum).Height / 8), (CharacterGFXInfo(Spritenum).Width / 4), (CharacterGFXInfo(Spritenum).Height / 8)) End If ' Calculate the X If AttackSprite = 1 Then X = GetPlayerX(Index) * PIC_X + Player(Index).XOffset - ((CharacterGFXInfo(Spritenum).Height / 8 - 32) / 2) Else X = GetPlayerX(Index) * PIC_X + Player(Index).XOffset - ((CharacterGFXInfo(Spritenum).Width / 4 - 32) / 2) End If ' Is the player's height more than 32..? If (CharacterGFXInfo(Spritenum).Height) > 32 Then ' Create a 32 pixel offset for larger sprites Y = GetPlayerY(Index) * PIC_Y + Player(Index).YOffset - ((CharacterGFXInfo(Spritenum).Height / 8) - 32) Else ' Proceed as normal Y = GetPlayerY(Index) * PIC_Y + Player(Index).YOffset End If ' render the actual sprite DrawCharacter(Spritenum, X, Y, srcrec) 'check for paperdolling For i = 1 To EquipmentType.Count - 1 If GetPlayerEquipment(Index, i) > 0 Then If Item(GetPlayerEquipment(Index, i)).Paperdoll > 0 Then DrawPaperdoll(X, Y, Item(GetPlayerEquipment(Index, i)).Paperdoll, Anim, spriteleft) End If End If Next ' Check to see if we want to stop showing emote With Player(Index) If .EmoteTimer < GetTickCount() Then .Emote = 0 .EmoteTimer = 0 End If End With 'check for emotes 'Player(Index).Emote = 4 If Player(Index).Emote > 0 Then DrawEmotes(X, Y, Player(Index).Emote) End If End Sub I set the start frame to be 0. Its now drawing the other "row" of sprite that I want from the new sprite sheet BUT! The animation play only if I keep on moving (pressing the key) How do i make the Player stuck in place? The idle is that when CTRL is press, Attacking become TRUE, Then the attack animation which is the 5th row(depend of direction) from the top play. attach is the sprite for development uses. Hope you can shed some light on it
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fejPee35-g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqf85YF1aaI NICE! I really like the idea of this game! Well I have some experince with trailers of MapleStory Server back in the days: https://youtu.be/7fejPee35-g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqf85YF1aaI If they look cool I can help you ^^
  13. Im a bit confuse.. How is the character animation looks like? Can you upload a shot video of the game just running and stuff..
  14. Well, that some short feature-list and a hell of a lot work to be done.. To early to name a price for my opinion. (some pictures will help though) You should also change the font size as I did ^^ (easier for the reader) Hope to see some update from you
  15. Yet anather GREAT Update, Thanks Any way I can help?
  16. Looks like we have a winner ?;)
  17. Ariel

    [WIP] Life Forge

    I want to try it Looks amazing SKY!
  18. Is it only me or Im the only one who didnt get what you want...? Explain yourself mate
  19. We are finally THERE! YOU TWO! GOOD JOB! gonna play with this for hours:P
  20. Keep up the good work man. that helping to the new people!
  21. Getting really close to the beta
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