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  1. Its been a long and havy road for you fox! You did so GOOD~ Peace and Lov
  2. q bonito el planeta girando

  3. That so great man!I have a question that im pretty sure the answer is no but... If I use this for the server can I work on the game via my Android phone ?
  4. This is Amazing. Nice Progress guys! I like that you always keep up with bug fixes Im currently traveling New Zealand and it is exiting to see what has been going on after a while...
  5. Ariel

    Diee's item box

    Looks amazing, Would love to see more
  6. Well i have set up a Windows server VPS and I cant Change the Security setting in my browser to below "High" so I cant download anything 0.0" Anyone have a clue why and how can it change? ------ Fixed Just add the sites you want to download from at the Trusted Site in the browser settings.
  7. Ariel

    World Of Ghoul [PL]

    Far from finish mate . Dont make it boring! Good luck
  8. Ariel


    In this Engine (Intersect) the animation works like this: Think of it like a Table of content, each row is the deferent movement direction and each column is the frame of the animation. A SpriteSheet of a player have 4 rows with 3/4 columns. the 4th column is useally the attack Frame. First row is direction down ETC. Hope it helps
  9. I think you should lower the opacity of that "FOG" a little Looks Good Man!
  10. lol mate, That why im trying to code! to change that:) For my taste and i guess some other it will be cool to be able to make Casting sprites, Attacking sprites ETC.
  11. I want the attack frame to be a deferent row with animation (Changing the attack sprite does not work ) I have to change somthing cuz now it is dividing by more frames (Right?) Hope i understed it currectly
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