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  1. Hey everyone! This is such a versatile engine I like it =`) Well like the subject says, the movement of mobs are "lagi", is there a way without source modification to make them walk smooth? its abit weird when its stuck after each move.. (Tried to search for an answer but couldn't find any)
  2. Its been a long and havy road for you fox! You did so GOOD~ Peace and Lov
  3. q bonito el planeta girando

  4. That so great man!I have a question that im pretty sure the answer is no but... If I use this for the server can I work on the game via my Android phone ?
  5. This is Amazing. Nice Progress guys! I like that you always keep up with bug fixes Im currently traveling New Zealand and it is exiting to see what has been going on after a while...
  6. Looks amazing, Would love to see more
  7. Well i have set up a Windows server VPS and I cant Change the Security setting in my browser to below "High" so I cant download anything 0.0" Anyone have a clue why and how can it change? ------ Fixed Just add the sites you want to download from at the Trusted Site in the browser settings.
  8. Ariel

    World Of Ghoul [PL]

    Far from finish mate . Dont make it boring! Good luck
  9. Ariel


    In this Engine (Intersect) the animation works like this: Think of it like a Table of content, each row is the deferent movement direction and each column is the frame of the animation. A SpriteSheet of a player have 4 rows with 3/4 columns. the 4th column is useally the attack Frame. First row is direction down ETC. Hope it helps
  10. I think you should lower the opacity of that "FOG" a little Looks Good Man!
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