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  1. It was really cool to see it on steam but the game doesn't really have any art direction or consistent color scheme so i was kinda turned off
  2. this is so awesome i almost shit my fucking pants
  3. oh fuck i suppose im a bit late to this
  4. I need to make another Texture2D using an original Texture2D like so I need to make the new Texture2D using a subregion of the original, how would I do that?
  5. omfg this is great, especially the bugfixes
  6. One more person to cry about beta 3 to :^ )
  7. just tell them to fuck off, just like i do with my cat
  8. lurv

    [VB6 Dev]

    Skill system that works like RuneScape's skill system?
  9. Here's a good starting point https://www.tutorialspoint.com/csharp/ You'll be learning C# from various different sources, whether they be guides, video tutorials, asking questions on stackoverflow, reading questions on stackoverflow or simply asking a friend. You should be taking time learning the very basics before jumping ahead and wanting to try things like making games and screwing around with source projects, learning the basics and syntax of C# is very easy and fun and doesn't take very long.
  10. Learn to sprite. If you're working on a project solo and aren't willing to pay someone for spritework, then you're out of luck. The best thing you can do in this case is to actively grow better at pixelart, and even if you're bad right now, you can trace some pixelart just like Pheno said
  11. Why are all DB games either in spanish or french? x_x
  12. Do it only in your friends clients, you should be connecting to localhost or
  13. Just go into config.ini and change it to your IP
  14. You want to change your actual IP, or the IP the clients connect to?
  15. You don't have to create a new project to stop using hamachi. To use your own ip, you have to do something called port forwarding, which is letting players connect to a server hosted on your machine through a port (Intersect uses port 4000 I think but you can change that too) Go here if you want to see what your external IP is, after that you have to open an exception in your firewall settings for the port you want to use, you can find tutorials on how to do that on google, but usually it's pretty easy, you normally type in your browser's URL bar and get to your routers login page where you have to log in(it's different login details depending on the router and ISP) and then you have to go into firewall settings and make an exception for the port you want to use.
  16. Reworking a BUNCH of tiles and textures. The difference in quality and how much I've improved is crazy. Learning to draw and realizing how important colors and shades really translated well into pixelart. Grass tiles reworked, road tiles reworked, buildings completely reworked and created on the overworld map instead.
  17. Try giving the bat a bit more damage, it should show significant damage decreases.
  18. Go into formulas.xml in /resources/, you can see how the formulas for damage works in there.
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