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  1. using the version beta 7.2.21 my question is, why i cant type on intersect server right after open? im trying to put ADM on a second account but the server cannot let me type for the 'make admin' stuff i've already tried to open with admin, not worked
  2. i made the post on the github as you say, and today i've made this video as well for you to understand whats really is happening, thanks! https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/499b21841f309fc62155c0c5061b5d4a.mp4
  3. Yes the announcement has been made from server panel and i was in combat, the print says it, the bear was hitting me at the time and my health bar does not appear
  4. whats that means? ''The argument 'reiniciando' is not a valid shot or long form argument'' i have tried to do a announcement on my server but i cant do it with portuguese words? lol ------- since im here i have another question, why the health bar does not appears on my character in game when i get hit? did i disable it that function without seeing? it comes to happen from version 119 to 120.
  5. I've found whats happening, seens like the npc event close to the 'map border' become duplicated when he walk to other map for some reason, changing the event to the center of the map and get the npc to move 'not very often' seens like 'solve the problem'. Thanks to Ainz, Push and Weylon
  6. Im using the latest as well, with the diagonal movement. Maybe so can be our servers config differences? Maybe can be some bug from my database that is too old idk...all that i know is that bug come to happen when i updated my intersect version of 119 to 120.
  7. Here is the NPC Event: But this is happening with ALL npc events from the game, in all maps. Look's like the npc event become mirrored at the map next to him, something like that. And im NOT using npc as monsters spawning, just events.
  8. NPC's made by event are appearing twice at the maps, the event have been made just one time, in the left map, but is appearing at the right map at the same time as well. I think this started to happen when i activated the diagonal movement from the server but not sure...any idea?
  9. My question is simple, i was playing my project until this scene appears: The 'ResetClass' should be in the second red circle, but where and how can i make this right? my though is that can be found at resources/gui/layout/game, but which file is the one? and what is the logic that can work? Sorry about my ignorance, my country doesn't have good education
  10. looks very original, keep it up!
  11. 2-5 seconds on your high eng computer, for me takes 2 minutes to the fog appears, no exaggeration at all...in previous versions of intersect this do not happened, have started on this one, but i understood and i'll report this properly, thanks
  12. My complaining is about the fog bug that happens when you come to a new map and the fog waits 2min to appears in the screen, it should be 1sec, i mean, this feature from the engine makes total difference to some projects, makes part of the beauty of the game, please i hope it have a fix in the next version, thank you. I also witnessed a bug from the shop when players can't buy certain itens from the shop...
  13. i have deleted characters of certain account with the server online when players was playing days before the error starting to happen (now i know that is wrong), maybe the player database was been corrupted 'cause of it? ;-;
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