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  1. I'm not sure I follow your question. Hosting the game would work the same regardless of which server you put it on. Be it local or remote? It will never work on a webserver through shared hosting though. Those can't run executables like this server would require.
  2. Personally? I'm quite a big fan of exploring the concept of the Megaman Battlenetwork games as an ORPG. The idea of having a normal social overworld and then diving into location based ''related'' areas with a combat avatar you can switch around and customize just seems interesting, and you can add features for all kinds of players in both ''sides'' of the game, as well as have wildly different locations in your game as they dont nessecarily need to be connected or make sense if you give it a "VR" spin rather than how Battlenetwork did it. Not really a specific genre per say, but just going by genre is fairly generic and can go any direction.
  3. Basically, any application that can download patches from the web and apply them will work. (Be it file based, or actual patch based) After all, it's just an application with resources files that require to be kept up-to-date from time to time. There should be a few of them around the resources board that several people have written over time, I would suggest trying a few and seeing which ones you like best. Bare in mind that most will require you to have some webspace going though. I've mostly been having considerations about the back-end lately, given how the current system is not very flexible. Though I've had little time to dedicate to doing much as of late and have been without a laptop for the past month or so waiting for repairs. I've got some plans I might execute soon though! (Involving some data migration to a new server and structural changes on the backend)
  4. Adding this here: It's been up and running for a while, been rather busy with other things in my life though. Currently working on something on the site's back-end but might have some news ready on it soon. Regardless, it works as it is to have patches for your game.
  5. I'm pretty sure that's Intersect, not Orion. A lot of the limits in Orion are on the editor forms themselves, if I recall. You might want to look at those.
  6. Any chance we'll see chat tabs with configurable channels on them? Or is that something we'll need to do ourselves?
  7. There is, but I've never finished the documentation around the API. I was planning on getting that done this weekend but I ended up doing other things. If you want to know how it works I can explain it. Just PM me.
  8. Having the know-how of hosting and maintaining servers myself I don't necessarily need something like this, though sometimes it is nice to hand off the boring side of things to someone else.
  9. Added the ability to delete repositories from your account, note that this is a FINAL decision! You can NOT undo deleting this, and I can not recover the data.
  10. Chronos

    Items not saving

    Did you create any specific items, with specific characters in their names or anything that might be out of the ordinary?
  11. Awesome! wish everything was that easy to fix.
  12. @Kibbelz Could you check again, I've just updated the page layout.
  13. Oh dear, I'll have to look into that! It shouldn't do that. And yes, it'll run whatever file you set it to run in the config file after X miliseconds. {"LauncherTitle":"GoPatch.It Update Application","ClientFile":"Client.exe","LocalVersion":0,"StartDelay":5000} Alternatively, you could use the GoPatchItApi.dll file and write your own updater, though I may have to explain how downloading files works. (Or you can write your own from scratch if I document the entire API.)
  14. What device is this on? I see roughly what I expect to see on my Lumia 650. EDIT: I've just fixed a glaring fault on my part in the patching application, new version available here: http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/4bb64656d9e2c4e5efcf8c6567f50795.zip I was trying to use the display version as the internal version number, this caused my cast to an Int64 to go awry when saving the current version to a file. I've not received many questions regarding the use of the API to make your own patcher, is this still something people would be interested in? I might write something up about it this weekend.
  15. I've found an issue with the patching application earlier today, I'll get it fixed after I get back from work. My apologies. I've not seen the issue before, oddly enough and it hadn't appeared until just now for me. But I'll make sure to fix it just in case. I've also been told that uploading files doesn't work for everyone, but thus far nobody has provided me any specific information besides possibly disabling adblocker. I'd really like to get this fixed so it works for as many people as possible. Any information you can provide about what happens, what your browsers or adblockers are blocking and what the browser consoles are telling you would be much appreciated.
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