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  1. Kasplant

    Add extra hotbar slots

    You can see it in the pic. Skywyre engine. Pretty decent engine, but in VB6. I'm sure @SkywardRiver will tell you all about it
  2. Air and Heart would like a word with some guy over here...

  3. Kasplant

    Add extra hotbar slots

    And he is not using intersect in that pic either. ..
  4. Kasplant

    Pet !

    Why does EVERYONE want pets?!?! But at the moment it's not really possible to create a proper pet system.
  5. Kasplant

    NPC Scaling

    I honestly think this is one of the more challenging parts of game design. Also, it is impossible to give you exact numbers because it all depends on your damage formulas. I have no idea how much a +1 in strength affects the damage, so I can't tell you what the exact numbers need to be. So, I can't give you a magic formula but I can give you some tips. 1. Think of how hard you want your game to be. Do you want people to grind while watching anime or do you want every fight to be a struggle? If you want the NPC's to be challenging, it is probably better to make the exp rewards higher. On the other side, if you want people to grind to the next level in your game, it is better to have weaker enemies that give less experience points. 2. Work with larger numbers (at first). It is easier to fine tune your values and balance the game with larger numbers. If the max damage is 10, lowering the damage with 1 point is a 10% difference. With the max damage 100, this is only a 1% difference. 3. Split. Start with (for example) levels 1 - 10. You are in the (pre) Alpha stage, you most likely won't have any content after the first few quests anyways. Make sure that your existing spells and NPC's work and are balanced properly. 4. Slowly introduce new NPC's and Spells. Don't try to balance 50 spells and 200 NPC's at once. Start with like 5 spells and NPC's. Once you have those down, you go on to the next batch. 5. Same as the NPC's and Spells, slowly introduce more complex damage formula's. Don't start with 20 values that all affect each other. Start simple and slowly introduce more to the damage formula so you know exactly what affects what and what you need to change. 6. Test, test, test. This is what an Alpha or Beta version is for. Get people to play and try to break your game. If some class or combination is overly OP, just nerf it. If an NPC is easily beaten but gives too much EXP. Make him stronger or lower the EXP gain from this NPC. Now these are just some tips from the top of my head. Personally, I will introduce a battle tech demo. Before the actual story and whatnot I want to work out the combat and power of spells by giving players max level and all the spells in the game for free. That way they can play around with creating builds and trying to break my combat system. That way I can slowly introduce spells, NPC's and see how they work + players can start in PvP and I can see if any build or class is overly OP. Now for values, I would imagine that a player must be about 1,5 times stronger than an NPC their own level. But that is purely a guess , but it might be a good starting point. I hope this helps!
  6. Kasplant

    Free 16x16 RPG Icon Pack

    Very nice looking and amazing work! Too bad I can't really use this for my project, but I have been using your GUI, so thanks for that too!
  7. Kasplant

    Theme Facelift

    The button to make the SB bigger is gone!
  8. Kasplant

    Today I did this on my project...

    I made a housing system over the past 2 days! Houses are not instanced but actual locations in the world, this means that there are a limited amount of houses available and that it will be possible to create an actual market for real estate. Some houses will be bigger or in better locations, but they will cost more too! Features of housing system: Buy and sell a home (Due to engine restrictions it is now only possible to sell the house back to the server) Only allowed to own 1 home Lock the house (Only the home owner is allowed in) Open the house for everyone Require a key to open the house In the house you will find your personal doorman, with him you can manage your home. Ask him for keys to give to your friends Kick everyone in the house Upgrade the house Upgrading the house is very basic for now: For a price, the doorman will arrange extra living space for you! Add up to 3 extra rooms Lounge Training area Shop With every house upgrade, your doorman gets upgraded too! When the house is fully upgraded, you have the opportunity to reset the house and get all your invested money back Later it will also be possible to upgrade the rooms, but the above are the features that are actually implemented. Will post some pictures once I figured out a good way to show off the features!
  9. Kasplant

    Be creative, work hard and don't give up

    Very nice post @Khaikaa! Also your English is good (better than 90% of people here in Madrid at the very least ), enjoyed reading it! I actually had an idea for a DBZ fangame 10 years ago, and this is the first version that has made it close to a level where I can think about a release. Just to show that it can take a very long time before a release
  10. Kasplant

    Today I did this on my project...

    He's got something to hide for sure!
  11. Kasplant

    Today I did this on my project...

    Couple more guys, not many new ones as Ive been focusing my attention elsewhere. Supreme kai looks too big because of the hair, will fix that. Supreme Kai, UI and MUI Goku hairs thanks to @Refur! Thanks buddy! Also working on SS4: Needs the hairs still, but going to need someone to do that for me
  12. Kasplant

    Event System upgrades

    Added more
  13. Kasplant

    Event System upgrades

    Added more
  14. Kasplant

    Theme Facelift

    I want my tab icon back