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  1. NPC dies, hit animation shows up a tile under where the NPC died.
  2. Kasplant

    damage increase with level

    Yes, This will add 10% of the attack stat to the damage. If you want it to do more, just up the scaling amount to like 100%
  3. Kasplant


    Beautiful new forum guys! In case you are interested in following all the latest news! http://dragonbreezee.boards.net/
  4. Kasplant

    Intersect Development Road Map

    Does this also work with seeing why the server is not accessible to the outside world? Port forwarding works for me, but I cant seem to figure out how to stop my firewall from blocking the intersect connections!
  5. Kasplant

    Play sound when casting?

    Any way to play a sound when casting a spell/shooting a projectile? Right now I have it bound to the animation, but that doesnt really work when the projectile flies for too long or too short. I dont want it to repeat or get cut short! If not possible, you can move this to the feature request part
  6. If an attack reaches negative damage values, it will heal the target. Please make it so that damage below 0 for attacks will not heal.
  7. Kasplant

    Damage Calculations

    Okay, setting the crit factor to 0 when there is no crit will mess up the formulas even more I just realised. My suggestion: Link crit factor to crit multiplier (Also name them the same to avoid confusion) So in config you set the multiplier and then you can use that multiplier in your damage formulas
  8. Kasplant

    Damage Calculations

    Okay so: Part 1: In the config you have crit chance and crit multiplier. These do nothing AFAIK and should be removed. Now its only confusing, but it would be nice to be able to set the critical hit multiplier Part 2: I have this formula: Random(((BaseDamage + (ScalingStat * ScaleFactor))) * (CritFactor * 2), ((BaseDamage + (ScalingStat * ScaleFactor))) * (CritFactor * 2) Second, according to the documentation, the critfactor is 2, but its actually 1,5. Third, this formula doubles my damage output because I think the server sets the 'no critical hit' to 1 instead of to 0 NOTE: Add in the documentation that the server crashes if you dont put your formula in parentheses
  9. Kasplant

    Damage calculations

    At the moment, the critical hit chance and multiplier can be set in 2 ways (server config and Editors/formula) Which one overrides which one? I tried to test it some, but I feel like the damage calculation is messing up somewhere. At the moment I have the damage formula as: A_Attack Only the damage takes the base damage, the base damage multiplier and then the attack stack still into account. Also the critical hit chance in config gets overridden by the crit chance in class/NPC editor. So I would suggest getting rid of the config crit chance? Seems only confusing now. However, when I get a critical hit, it doesnt take the multiplier into account either, Im very confused!
  10. Kasplant

    Damage calculations

    Okay so that is weird, since we set Crit Chance in the config and we can set it in class editor and NPC editor We set crit multiplier in config, and then in the formulas its called crit factor?
  11. Kasplant

    Damage calculations

    In config: What is crit chance? Don't we set that per class/NPC? In damage calculations, what is crit factor?
  12. I set it to an animation on attack and it doesn't work when attacking.
  13. Kasplant

    Animation light flickers

    Did you add the light to every animation frame?
  14. Kasplant

    New Changes!

    I want you to make a GUI for me! Love it!
  15. Kasplant

    Cooldown on Potions and NPC's AoE

    I think at this point you're just better off making potions rare enough that people wont spam them, and then wait until a consumption cooldown is added.