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  1. Apache_

    Dev Blog 5/3/2019 - Combat + Event additions

    Is this something NPCs can use as well? Either way excellent addition.
  2. Apache_

    thread of nostalgic games [2010 or lower]

    I was a lvl 72 demon hunter specializing in alchemy and blacksmithing.
  3. Apache_

    [AOG] Tutorial List For Events

    Bless you kind soul.
  4. Apache_

    Systems I want

    I was reading through the thread and thought of a few changes to your request. I know this isnt a feature request thread, but one where you would be wiling to pay for someone to program these in for you so if your willing to pay might as well explore all your options. What would be a cool feature would be if on the items themselves had an option to toggle the paper doll when the player transforms. That way the sprite does change, but the player keeps all their clothes/armor. In the case of the super sayain they keep their clothes but the hair/helmet disappears when transformed.
  5. I work from home and on the road, I have a little linux mini PC that I use to teamviewer into my PC that I have at home. This is not the one I had, just the first one that came up when I googled it. I had one of these that I could put in my luggage and when I got to wherever I was going I would just buy a screen and then return it when I was done. I dont use it currently because I just bought a laptop instead. If you just want to control the other computer get a little chromebook and use a free program like teamviewer or splashtop.
  6. Apache_

    Single Player Map

    I apologize that I was incorrect about that being a thing. I have not have any experience with the events system, but I think you could do something similar to Khaikaa's mini-game tutorial where you have one map that is blocked off by an event if it is in use. You could do something like if map x is in use then the next player would be sent to map y (which is an exact copy of map x). You would have to create multiple maps and if your game is really busy then you will need more and more.
  7. Apache_

    Dev Blog 5/3/2019 - Combat + Event additions

    I did a quick search earlier, but I could not find any posts on it, I do believe there is already some way to make a map or quest or event that works like a single player instance. You may want to ask or make a post so someone with more knowledge can answer how that's done.
  8. Apache_

    Dev Blog 5/3/2019 - Combat + Event additions

    I think depending on what you are doing its going to be the same answer. I believe there is also a way to create events so that only one person sees them at a time, but if you want a single player game it would be way less work to go with some other engine. If your not trying to make a 100% single player game then I think all this does is allow the player to become invisible so they are not on the map during the cut-scene. If everyone is invisible then its still a multiplayer game where you just can't see the other players.
  9. Apache_

    Dev Blog 5/3/2019 - Combat + Event additions

    Yes and no, the Intersect is only a multiplayer engine. You could release it as a single player game, but you would have to release the server and the client to players. The players would have to launch the server and the client every time they wanted to play.
  10. Apache_

    How to Add Equipment Slots 5.0

    Paste in you .json file.
  11. Apache_

    Best way to set up PC as media centre?

    Plex is super easy. Shoot me a message and I'll give you a login to my server so you can check it out. Edit: Did not realize this was from like 6 months ago.
  12. Apache_

    Overlapping Tiles

    The mapping intro help file is pretty good. Hopefully the rest will come shortly after B6.
  13. Apache_


    Played it for an hour last night. I was able to run around on the opening cut scene as pointed out earlier. Made it to level 10 with what felt like no grind at all. Mimic kicked my ass for a little while.Overall it was really great, the biggest disappointment I had was not seeing the scythe when i equipped it. Everything else, like the maps, sprites, animations, and experience was awesome. I really think anyone using intersect should play your game first.