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  1. Dashplant

    Making a skill level up

    Sure, but that's just for show. In the backend it's easier to just stick with experience.
  2. Dashplant

    Resource Skill Mining

    Nice tutorial. However, you don't need to have a mining level. Just work with experience alone. Keeps it easier and cleaner.
  3. Dashplant

    Making a skill level up

    Levels aren't even really necessary. Just the experience is enough
  4. Dashplant

    Command to delete events

    You could have the clues be event items where it takes the item after using it? That way you can make them 'read' the clue and it disappears right after
  5. Dashplant

    Command to delete events

    Could you give some more detail? What exactly do you want to do? Do you have an example?
  6. Inventory window
  7. Dashplant

    Formula's / Attack Damage

    Can you show your class and weapon setup? Also only one part of your damage formula has defense taken into account
  8. Dashplant

    Generating Combo Points

    I think only spells casted by the player can trigger events
  9. Dashplant

    Suggestion: Interactions with Friendly NPCs

    I did, don't know what you want to do what events can't do in this case
  10. Dashplant

    Suggestion: Interactions with Friendly NPCs

    Use events with NPC graphics my friend
  11. Dashplant

    Problem with variables

    You have to put a check that if skill points is 0 or less that they cant do it
  12. Dashplant

    Character customization

    You can, it's called a paperdoll
  13. Dashplant

    NPC's Safety

    You can. If you make an event and give it a sprite. You will be open chatboxes, start quests, etc.
  14. Dashplant

    What can you say about my mapping?

    To add to Kibz: The trees and map decorations could be placed in a less repetitive pattern. Try to play with some height difference in the maps, helps a lot! There is no path to the house next to the cemetery. Try to use taller grass further away from the paths. Good luck!
  15. Dashplant

    Need Help [PAID] Animations

    Hi all, I am looking for someone to create me some spell animations. You can find my game here: I am looking for someone who can create spell effects in the style that fits the game. Spell effects such as: Explosions Buffs Debuffs Healing effects AoE spells We can go over the details later, but hit me up! Thanks!