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  1. That would make it a teleport spell, not a dash spell
  2. There are no homing projectiles. You can add more spacing to the bottom of your animation to make the arrow appewr higher up(so increase the dimensions of the file)
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArzuZxol3bQ
  4. And if you save which class they were before they died? And then change them back to that class when they get back alive?
  5. Make a separate change class event in the Otherworld.
  6. Why not? If you do what bunny does, you have to make all your quests repeatable. You might have to think about the way you design your game if you don't want people to switch mid quest, but still want to make it possible to switch mid quest
  7. Make it so you can't change your class while you're on a quest
  8. Thanks! I'm using Breeze tiles still (semi-latest screenshot of worldmap): I also have some custom tiles that will work for new biomes. Probably will be used in the first dimension you can travel to!
  9. Did you do it while the server was off? Did you do it for the parts that say UP / DOWN / LEFT / RIGHT ? Did you check if your items were still the right paperdoll type? (In item editor) If not, try that. If so, please post your config and items
  10. You can set this yourself in the server files where the combat formulas are
  11. So satisfying to see this finished finally
  12. You will need to find or write a program to do this yourself
  13. Petition to ban this guy for asking for b7
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