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  1. No, you have to go through all your sprites and paperdolls and increase the margins. The engine just divides the sheet in 4x4 so it should fit in there
  2. You will have to either make the sword smaller, point a different direction or make the margins in your sprite and paperdoll sheets bigger
  3. Yeah. Like when it's open source and you can do that + a nice visual interface
  4. Maybe it seems that way because you're trying to make a system that the event system wasn't intended for
  5. Use adept / pro / master / etc instead of levels
  6. Small thing to make this slightly less bulky is by dropping levels altogether. Just need exp in the backend
  7. A wheel of fortune that gives you the reward you land on!
  8. But apparently they DO drop their equips in Arena maps. That's what people are saying at least.. Seems like a bug and also, that system is in dire need of a rework. Just make it a checkbox: 1. Can pass through players 2. Can attack others 3. Drop items on death That way everyone can set up a map how they want to
  9. Why are we not allowed to ask for pets and guilds? 0. Hair layer 1. Dash 2.0 2. Guilds 3. Guild Houses 4. Guild Wars 5. Pixel movement 6. System to make beams 7. Better transformations 8. Achievements 9. String variables 10. Option to use a variable as an amount in events
  10. It could but you will never make an mmorpg without a studio
  11. So it will automatically replace the current GUI settings and graphics when upgrading?
  12. What should I do if I have a custom GUI but I want to upgrade to B6? A. What do I do when I want to use the stock GUI B. What do I do when I want to use my old GUI still?
  13. Pretty cool idea! The mix of graphical styles is pretty jarring, is that something you will work on? How will you stop people from randomizing until they have a 'good' roll? Will you add randomized weapons and stuff too? Honestly, this might work nicely with a perma death system!
  14. Ah, I see. Then it's good how it is I suppose! Cool stuff!
  15. It will be included in the editor?
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