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  1. Are you talking about that game? Because that game is made by a studio
  2. That won't work because people will be able to get stat points still. It's not possible. This is why the engine will be open source at some point, so you can create this functionality properly, and not with some hacked non-working event system
  3. That's the wrong guide. @nvh Just post your server config finally so people can help you out
  4. It's basic math, not programming. So instead of bitching at me for trying to help you, open up a high school math textbook.
  5. In the formulas.json you can create your own 3 damage formulas (physical, magic and true). So it's all up to you.
  6. Show the equipment part of the server config settings (Last time)
  7. Show the equipment part of the server config settings
  8. Show the equipment part of the server config settings
  9. They are pretty amazing. Tell your artist to hit me up if (s)he is ever bored!
  10. To set the sprite, you have to double click that square above the animation dropdown. I suppose you can make some hacky way to create custom bars with images and variables. My advice is to wait for source with that and keep your hunger and thirst as numbers
  11. You just put the sprites in the right order and the engine will automatically adjust
  12. Dashplant

    error sever

    Nope. Only means that you will have to portforward yourself.
  13. Sadly not. You could do it with the event system if you have like 4 crafting recipes, otherwise it's not possible.
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