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  1. Dashplant

    NPC equipment

    Hi, It would be nice if you could give NPC's equipment so you don't have to create a new entity for every NPC that you make. It also helps when updating your graphics, you won't have to go back to every NPC and update their clothes.
  2. Dashplant

    Today I did this on my project...

    Very good map. Kinda sad you stepped away from dbz though!
  3. Dashplant

    Resources optimization

    All my trees are resources. Did you experience any lag? Only thing I noticed is that loading the map takes a little bit longer the first time when warping in.
  4. Dashplant

    Pixel art tool for mac?

    Thanks for the suggestions guys! Will check them out.
  5. Hi guys. My work laptop is a mac and during downtime Id love to be able to do a bit of spriting on my laptop. What are your top suggestions for mac? I am currently using paint.net on windows and I want something similar to that! Please dont suggest photoshop.
  6. Lol @ pet system suggestion.
  7. c03214b36ae08df6ddfebf4ccca6ad42.jpg


  8. Just think about it..

    1. OddlyDashly


      Because like Dash

  9. Dashplant


    Isn't that what the API in B5 is going to be for? To make leaderboards and such? Although, those will probably be displayed on your website then.
  10. Dashplant

    [Asking] For ressource

    You should put waaaay more detail in your post if you want people to help you out. What is the style? Do you have some examples of your in game assets? What do you mean every asset can be moved? Etc, etc. You can also try and look online to find a cool GUI you might like! Good luck!
  11. Put hair in the last slot
  12. In light of recent events I deem it necessary to release a statement on the current status of Dash 2.0:


    Dash as it is right now, but even better. That is the power of Dash 2.0.


    Please be aware of the consequences of being in the possession of physical or intellectual knowledge regarding Dash 2.0.


    With great power comes great responsibility. 

    1. OddlyDashly


      Cuz like, if you think of dash, and than you think of Dash 2.0

  13. Dashplant

    Making ground animations deal damage?

    I think this was added in B5. You will just add an event that takes away a certain amount of HP on walking on it. Gotta ask to be sure though, otherwise you will have to wait for source release to be able to do this.. @jcsnider @Kibbelz was this added in B5?
  14. Dashplant

    Safe Zones

    How is that a creative idea? That's the normal way to do it..
  15. Dashplant

    The trading system

    Wait for source to do that properly.