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  1. Can you post your damage formulas, NPC setup, map properties and controls?
  2. Increase the size of the sheet Divide by 4 vertically and horizontally. These are your frames. Place the sprites centered at the bottom in every frame.
  3. Dashplant

    Nation At War

    lmfao. That's not for you, it's for his game.
  4. That's the way, you gotta write some program that adds the spacing for you, or do it by hand
  5. I think the attack speed is also based on the max stat you can have. So if you play around with the min/max attack speed and max stat you might be able to balance it out in some way
  6. Change the max attack rate in the server config
  7. You should remember, or I'll sue
  8. It's all in the pack and it's free. Just have to credit me
  9. Hey all, I made this for the huge success that was the AGD community game (Soon to be released). Feel free to use in any project, all I want is credit.You have to say it was made by: "Dashplant: The Dashing Kasplant". Pack includes an Orc base sprite / Hairs / Helmets / Some armour Preview: Download: https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/e7e5e48681dbd8c02eff30550c1250ac.zip
  10. No worries. It's just a very basic system though, so you have to expand on it.
  11. Sure: Take item: Sword Take item: Sword Enhancement Stone Set PV: randomnumber: Random 0-2 If PV: randomnumber > 0 Give: Enhanced Sword Show text: You enhanced your sword! Else Give: Sword Show text: The enhancement stone didn't work..
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