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  1. Sfortune

    VS 2017

    Greetings, I was looking at Visual Studio 2017's features and bugfixes, and it all looks great. I am sceptical about upgrading my project to the new version. No real reason as to why. Has anyone else installed it and conducted any work? Maybe migrated a solution to it?
  2. Sfortune

    UI Library

    Hello again, Im currently looking for a UI library that is compatible with MonoGame. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  3. Sfortune

    SFML vs MonoGame

    Looks like I am switching to MonoGame. Thanks for the opinions fellas.
  4. Sfortune

    SFML vs MonoGame

    I'm considering switching my graphics library to MonoGame. I know it has a lot more to offer and my biggest reason is cross platform support. I have been working with SFML since I discovered it via Ascension. Its a great library that I have had to do some minor work too but still met my needs. Now I am finding it lacking in a lot of areas that MonoGame doesn't. I haven't rewritten anything yet but was curios at the experience other users have had with MonoGame. Also was it easy to switch over to the pipeline and did the pipeline make development easier and more efficient. Im just really wondering what are the pros and cons and issues that the community may have ran into using it. Any and all opinions welcome.
  5. Sfortune

    SQLite BLOB

    Awesome just the answer I was looking for. I create my byte array, convert my data to it, then write it. The issue i'm having now is retrieving it. I'm going to try as you said and store it in a field for reconstruction. Figure it out. I was saving an array of classes and its properties too. I serialized it but needed to deserialize it and cast it to and object. After that I can assign it to the array with the correct properties. I think defining the length of the array helped too. But so did you guys! Thanks you can mark this one as answered.
  6. Sfortune

    SQLite BLOB

    I have seen images, excel files, word documents, etc. Im just wanting to store the data of my class into it and of course read it back as needed in the proper order. I will continue to adjust the code and see the outcome. Thanks Chronos.
  7. Sfortune


    I was wondering what file type you store in your data BLOB. Are you storing a specified file type or can you write the data in bytes directly to it? Please advise.
  8. Looks great! Ive always enjoyed working with SQLite and DB Browser, same program I used in school. Keep up the good work!
  9. Sfortune

    Gwen and Multiline textboxes

    Thanks for the help guys! This works perfect!
  10. Sfortune

    Gwen and Multiline textboxes

    I've tried about 6 fonts now, 3 different sizes for each as well but nothing. I've noticed that multiline textboxes don't really work that well in Gwen in the first place. Hopefully I can figure something out. Thanks for the help!
  11. Sfortune

    Gwen and Multiline textboxes

    I have tried a few different fonts. I've done quite a bit of debugging on both client and server. I'm going to try a few other fonts tho and see what happens.
  12. Sfortune

    Gwen and Multiline textboxes

    I'm not sure if anyone here can help but I figured I would give it a go. I've been messing around with Lidgren/SFML/Gwen and have run into an issue with my multiline textbox used for chat. Whenever the message is sent there is no modification until it reaches the server. Than once it is there we get the players name added to it and a nice colon to separate the username from the message. Then it gets sent to all clients currently connected. Once is reaches a client I take what's in the old textbox and add the new message to the old and separate them with "\n" or Environment.NewLine (\r\n). I'm not sure whats going on but I get a little [] box instead of them added together with the new message on the next line. Ive included the packet that handles the data below and well as a screenshot. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks all! string msg = incMSG.ReadString(); string cMsg = svrGUI.outputChat.Text; svrGUI.outputChat.SetText(cMsg + '\n' + msg);
  13. I've now developed an interest in MonoGame...But still enjoy SFML. Nice work, enjoyed what I've seen so far.
  14. Sfortune

    Network Library

    I'm not wanting to move away from Lidgren. Actually I'm working on a program that uses it now. But I guess there is no real reason for my post other than conversation. You should definitely give Lidgren a looksee. I haven't found much documentation but then again I haven't really looked.
  15. Sfortune

    Network Library

    Lidgren is nice and is what I currently work with. System.Net.Sockets is something I haven't put much time in. But I'm not looking to replace my current network library, just curious if there is anything other users prefer. Can't wait to check out your engine by the way.