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  1. Thanks. I kinda had mixed feelings about leaving the fury one up. It's one of my biggest and most involved projects, so Idk. Perhaps once I'm done, I'll make a less controversial copy and use that. I wanted to do a regular fantasy game, but I lost that vote. Thanks for the feedback. Aesthetic design is a bit of a struggle, or maybe my brain is just stuck on minimal design. I might just cop out and get a good designer on the team. Lol.
  2. I like to do most of my designing with WordPress. However, I still develop lots of shortcodes for client websites. My inspiration has been low, so I don't have many templates. http://erikai.com
  3. Intersect is looking really good. I was wondering if there was any chance of having an API to connect the game to websites for things like registration, item malls, or character info.
  4. Sup.. I'm 24. I watched cartoons and played video games all my life. I found a computer. Then I found computer games. THEN I found the internet. AND THEN I found Online Computer Games. I wanted to learn how to make one, so I spent years trying to learn programming. Ended up learning Web Development, made a game, but scrapped it when I got better and realized what I had made was a mess. Now I freelance for a living, still hanging on to the dream of making the perfect little game. o_o; Freaky..
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