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  1. Some issues were introduced in .NET Core 3.0 that break EF Core when used in tandem with System.Linq. The solution? Don't use them together. I just thought this was funny enough to warrant a thread, and maybe this will save someone here 30 minutes of their life down the road.
  2. I've been busy working on the editor suite through which much of the content for Ruinic will be developed. I'm really happy with it so far, especially since the potential to use these tools to develop further titles is very well there. Most recently, I've gotten dynamic layers to work. This allows me to create specialized layers for each map, on the fly, without changing anything in the source code. This will be super useful from a mapping standpoint, allowing for much more complex and lively world creation. Just another screen shot of script editing working in the game engine. These scripts will drive the majority of game play. Finally we have perhaps my favorite addition: map objects! These little buggers allow me to create custom objects in the map which I can animate and hook up to scripts which customize their functionality depending on player interaction (collides, interacts, leaves, enters) or some other general functionality.
  3. Implemented scriptable map objects in the editor suite
  4. Began working on the editor suite for Ruinic's engine
  5. Runescape - It's the last game you'll ever play.
  6. New progress with the Intersect interface. Also implemented a loading screen. Courtesy of @Aesthetic
  7. https://www.ruinic.com/about.php New About & Media sections on the website have been implemented. This is a WIP, especially the About page, but please let me know of any issues or suggestions!
  8. https://pastebin.com/V0F1N6Vn when you really need to get on top of implementing XML loading...
  9. What's the license for these? I like the chatbubble animations
  10. Thanks for sharing this experience by the way. I know it'll be extremely valuable for Ruinic as it moves closer to a Steam release.
  11. I'm unsure of the longevity of any engine based on the now extremely dated VB6 language and technology beyond serving as a means to establish proof of concept. Now that ya'll have been able to prove that and are on Steam with relative success, what plans do you have to address this?
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