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  1. Some issues were introduced in .NET Core 3.0 that break EF Core when used in tandem with System.Linq. The solution? Don't use them together. I just thought this was funny enough to warrant a thread, and maybe this will save someone here 30 minutes of their life down the road.
  2. this is awesome. would you ever be up to writing a guide on how you went about this project?
  3. I just graduated from university, so work is really going to be picking up on Ruinic now! A few things have changed since my last status update. Namely, I decided to can much of the game design surrounding the overworld. Instead, I've opted to return to Ruinic's roots and implemented the matchmaking and lobby system. Here you will be able to control your character, accept quests, group up with other players, and scope out your next dungeon adventure! Going this route will essentially make a Ruinic release date reasonably achievable, as I just did not have the time nor manpower for the vast project that it was turning out to be when creating a general, persistent world. Stay tuned for more information and updates about Ruinic's progress.
  4. Perhaps you could if the event system is Turing Complete, but it would be difficult.
  5. class Packet { List<Object> _packetData; private Packet(string identifier) { _packetData.add(identifier); } private Packet(string identifier, object[] data) { _packetData.add(identifier); _packetData.add(data); } void put(object data) { _packetData.add(data); } public static Packet StreamToPacket(object[] data) { return new Packet(dataStream[0].ToString(), data); } public static Packet Create(string identifier) { return new Packet(identifier); } } var movingPacket = new Packet("moving"); movingPacket.put(100); socketUDP.put_packet(movingPacket); There's some conceptual pseudo-code I whipped up really quickly at work. Not sure of the specifics of what you need to do, but the general principle should apply. If you can only send one object at a time, make that object one which contains all of the needed data for that packet. In other words, treat each packet as an object.
  6. Perhaps you heard it a few months ago when I originally posted a sneak peak of the track? Not sure in any case. I had an indie composer whip it up back in September.
  7. Today I began working on Ruinic again, picking up where I left off fixing up the interface. There are some other changes to the structure and concept of the game that I would like to talk about, but I'll save that for a soon-to-be update post about the direction of the game. https://www.ruinic.com/media/videos/loading_interface_preview.mp4
  8. SWIM recently switched to vaping THC. Really discrete and so much more bang for you your buck
  9. I am, in fact, still working on Ruinic. I'm taking a step back and figuring out exactly what I want to do moving forward with this project, however. I realized that I have so much work to do in terms of developing lore, gameplay, etc. I've focused a lot of time on the technical parts of this project, I want to spend more on the gameplay now. So, yes: the project is still active. Stay tuned for more updates on Ruinic soon.
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