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WIP Exorcia (working title)


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Please Join the Discord! https://discord.gg/pcQsZQW







This is an alternate world to ours where malevolent spirits called Wraiths wreak havoc in the world. In this reality, the military force and law enforcers are made primarily of Exorcists, individuals with the abilities and training to battle Wraiths. Wraiths are spirits that have been corrupted by strong negative emotions like Rage, Despair, and Jealousy. When a spirit turns into a wraith, it suffers from an uncontrollable hunger to consume other spirits, including those belonging to the living. Wraiths can posses objects, places, animals, and even people.


"Come, gather round children. Let me tell you a story."

This is a story of a time when humanity was almost no more,  when the spirits were so angry with us, they welcomed in the darkness. A little over 400 years ago, the old world order came to a sudden halt in an event we call the "Spiritual Collapse". It is the event that gave birth to the wrath of nature,  as it reclaimed the world, destroying all man made creations and covering them with new lands and oceans. You see, back then us humans ignored the fact that the spirits existed among us, and so out of greed, we drained their home of resources, and we destroyed nature little by little every day. We only realized the damage we have done once it was far too late, as the Wrath of Nature is a corruption we were not able to stop, and all the spirits were corrupted and turned into violent Wraiths. In less than a month, humanity's population was reduced to crumbs, as nations fell, and chaos has overtaken all order. We were forced to go into hiding underground, finding any shelter we can from the wraiths. The sun and the moon have not seen humanity for at least 100 years. 


Exorcia is what we call the new world order, a world run by the Meastre of Exorcists. Surviving for 100 years, humanity learned how to combat the wraiths, and how to pay respect to the purity of the spirits. Emerging back into the surface, they found Arcadia, a land filled with nature that has completely replaced what was there before. We can call this place home, not because the wraiths allow us, but because we once again are taking it by force. This time however, we work to purify the spirits, and to make amends with nature.


Of course, it didn't take long for humanity to be divided again. The Exorcists of Exodus, or Exodians, were the first ones to master the way of the exorcist, so naturally, they were the main governing body of the Meastre. Claim for power, however, continued to be challenged. Most of humanity had to live separately underground, in different colonies, creating different traditions throughout the 100 years that have passed. The Imperial Court are of the largest colony that survived under the surface, their culture and traditions predate to a time before the collapse, as they follow a total monarchy with an empress at it's rule. The Imperials demanded they receive a piece of the land for themselves, making their own territory, but the Exodians believed that humanity cannot be divided and thus refused. And just as the humans do, things became violent.


The year 188 after Collapse was the start of the First Exorcian World War. The garden of Arcadia became ravaged with war, as the Exodians and the Imperials fought a bloody battle. It was exorcists against exorcists, using all of the new abilities they should have only received to make the world better. The Spirits were not happy, and Wraiths of War came into creation all throughout Arcadia. The war ended in the year 201,  as the wraiths forced it into a conclusion, killing many exorcists on both sides, resulting in 3 separate groups of exorcists dividing Arcadia. The Imperials claimed 3 islands overlooked on over by the West of the Arcadian Coast, which they called the Empress Lands. The Exodians kept claim of the rest of Arcadia, minus the east. The east is now called Fea, or the Free East of Arcadia, where defectors of both sides came to lead a more peaceful life. 


We live in a town named Leeside, a small town within the Free East of Arcadia, that sits at the bottom of the Arcadian Mountains and north to the Spirit Forest. It was originally the Exodian War Post in the First Exorcian World War. After the war ended, the East of Arcadia remained unclaimed so defectors of the war decided to stay there and set up homes, driving the Wraiths of War away from the east. They named the town after the fact that the mountains sheltered it from any unwanted outsiders, allowing it to prosper and become a trading post of Fea, and a place for Exorcists to retire.


Soon, you too will learn the ways of the exorcist, and hopefully help forge a better future for human kind.




The year now is 407 A.C. The beginning of the Second Exorcian World War. This is the setting of the game that you will enter. 




The game will have a class-less system, allowing players to choose their path according to how they leveled their skills.

While there are 5 skills (Brawn, Agility, Mantra, Vitality, and Spirit), there are three unique combat elements that can be utilized by our Exorcists.


Combat Elements:

Exorcists are able to use Mantra Cards, Cursed Weapons and Prayers



Mantra Cards:

Inspired by the way runes used to work in oldschool runescape, Mantra cards are to be consumed in order to cast powerful spells!

Those who choose to focus on their Mantra skill will be able to unlock many card combinations to create different diverse effects.


Obtaining Mantra Cards:

Mantra Cards are obtainable by purchasing blank cards (first from the left in the picture) from an NPC, and visiting the corresponding altar of the Mantra you want to imbue your card with. The Sky Mantra is up in the mountains, the Life Mantra is deep in the forest, etc. Time and Death altars are within extremely unsafe areas, where you are at risk of killer players and powerful wraiths taking your life and your items! If you choose to focus ONLY on Mantras, keep in mind that you have to keep replenishing your deck of cards!

In the picture below I am imbuing a Blank Card with a Life Mantra





Cursed Weapons:

Weapon based combat focuses on maximizing the quality of your weapon and base damage. 

Melee weapons like swords, and ranged weapons like guns, all have a base damage. Those who choose to focus on their weapon based combat abilities will have to focus on increasing their base damage output with equipment and Skills (Brawn for melee and Agility for ranged). Exorcists will be able to find Weapon Masters around the world who will teach them special moves for their weapon of choice.


Using melee weapons require no resource input, not even energy of any sort, but they do have durability and need to be fixed occasionally.

Using ranged weapons, however, will require Ammo. Bullets for guns, and arrows for bows. A benefit of this is that Ammo can have an elemental attribute, giving you extra damage against certain foes.




Based on the idea of toggle buffs used to aid Exorcists in combat.

Prayers are toggle-able buffs that once activated, will drain the Exorcists's prayer points until the Prayer is turned off or until all the Prayer points run out. The prayers can help with increasing damage output, decreasing incoming damage, assisting Mantras, and restoring Hit-points over time; among other uses. Prayers are unlocked as the level of the Spirit skill goes up.


The Prayers that are unlocked will depend on how you build your skills, for example: if you Build Spirit and Brawn, you will unlock prayers that will allow the Exorcists to deal heavy damage with their bare fists! Another example is if you build Spirit and Mantra, you can unlock Prayers that can reduce the usage of cards when casting spells. Prayer Points increase with Spirit, but can also increase with equipment!



Character Progression:




Open World PvP:

MURDERER! yup, you can kill other players in areas that are not marked safe. Killing another player in an unsafe zone will cause their items to drop, giving you their valuable loot! However, killing other players will give you the murderer status, making you everyone's enemy. You will not be punished for killing Murderers.

Murder Status expires after an hour, during that time most NPC's will reject you, therefore you cannot store your items in the bank. Should be an interesting hour. Logging out will pause the count down on your status. You have to be online for an hour.


Dynamic NPC relationship:

Quests will dynamically change the way the world reacts to the player, as there are different npc groups that can become allies or enemies. There will be a special window that will show the relationships that the player gained with NPC groups - which can make some areas more or less dangerous for the Exorcist, depending on if they made new enemies or new allies.





The project is in Intersect Engine. Right now I am very limited with what I want to accomplish, so the game will probably not come out until Intersect goes open source... but that doesn't mean I can't prepare for it by getting everything else done :). 


Limitations I find right now are:

  • I want there to be multiple sprite animations such as idle, walk, run, sword swing, etc. 
  • The way that animations work right now is very limiting, no offset options for directions, things just don't look great without being able to manipulate the animations properly.
  • I want to create a unique PK system that punishes and rewards players in a creative way.
  • Auto targeting skills. 
  • Skill learning window.
  • Some UI features that don't exist right now. 
  • AOE skills are only surrounding the player, but would be nice to have a select area skill with the mouse.
  • No good way to create and organize status effects (will look for something like in rpg maker MV)







Writing, Story, dialogue, etc - 5% (I have a clear idea of the story, but don't really have the best writing ability in terms of writing it in an engaging way. Will get to it soon tho.)

User Interface design - 10%

Character design, Equipment, paper-dolls - 10%

Npc Design - 1%

Icon Design, Skills, Items - 20%

Tilesets - 30%

Mapping in intersect - 10%

General Design, Logo, promotion, etc - 10%




Current Staff:



Sample Content:




I'm testing combat animations below, kind of running into a creative limitation.




some cool npcs



gonna animate the environment




The UI I'm working on.



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Best of luck, looks like a promising start! I think if you added some shadows to your tilesets it would bring out wonders in your maps and entities. 


Also side note, as for a PK system when B6 is released you will definitely be able to make a complex PVP system with events!

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22 hours ago, Kibbelz said:

Best of luck, looks like a promising start! I think if you added some shadows to your tilesets it would bring out wonders in your maps and entities. 


Also side note, as for a PK system when B6 is released you will definitely be able to make a complex PVP system with events!

I agree about the shadows, just kind of struggling with deciding how I want to do it (downward shadows, or sideways like in rpg maker, etc)

And yeah I read about B6 earlier, very excited to try it!


22 hours ago, Ainz Ooal Gown said:

Love the idea of Mantra Cards and your graphics are very good. Best of luck buddy.

Glad you like it!

These are the Mantra Cards icons: 


Imbued cards are untradable, so the only way of obtaining them is by buying blank cards and imbuing them yourself. Night, Time and Death are cards that have to be imbued in really dangerous areas where pvp is fully allowed with no punishment. 

Time and Death are volatile cards, which means they can harm the user. 






This is the UI design I'm gonna go for. Kind of struggling with the Json right now s: 




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im interested with mantra cards idea. never played runescape so i dont know how they exactly work. is each mantra cards contain set of spells, or you can combine different mantra cards to cast specific spell ?

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This is how I plan to build character progression in the game:




I'm proud of these icons, made them in the middle of the night lmao.

If anyone has any questions please ask so I know to put the answer back in there.


On 8/10/2019 at 8:20 PM, Nekloire said:

im interested with mantra cards idea. never played runescape so i dont know how they exactly work. is each mantra cards contain set of spells, or you can combine different mantra cards to cast specific spell ?

Mantra cards are just items, and when using these cards will show the on top of the exorcists, letting everyone around them know which combination they are preparing.


so yeah it's like the second thing you said, you can combine different mantra cards to cast a specific "spell".

for example Sky Mantra 426b6ed2b2508e233362adfd0217e274.png x1 will let the Exorcist throw a sky card to 5 tiles, or Sky Mantra 426b6ed2b2508e233362adfd0217e274.png x2 and Sun mantra 8d2ef8d119485adf4917d1f8bccf675f.png x1 will let the exorcist throw a burning card up to 5 tiles which will apply a burning condition.

You can increase the effects of Mantra cards with equipment, but you can't increase the damage by increasing the Mantra Skill.

The Mantra skill will just make more card combinations available to the exorcist, unlocking better abilities. 


I should add that some combinations don't require much skill points in the mantra skill to be accessed, allowing anyone to use them. For example using the Space Mantra 82ac4a9df1d1a0ac6eba677ed5e8a1b0.png along side any other Mantra will teleport the player to the communal point where they can turn blank cards into the second card used. For example using 82ac4a9df1d1a0ac6eba677ed5e8a1b0.pngbfa395d6f524bd9d28d0ebc8f962726d.png will send you to the communal space of Life. This will serve as the teleport scrolls that send you to a town that other rpg's have.

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